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Well even though I may have lost all credibility with the last post... here goes again.


IMO all those who have posted their opinions here have done so to their ability based on their life experiences, which probably covers about 2-3 maybe 4 generations. If I were you and had this question, I would read through history and try to find how being raised with God or a lack of God affects individuals and societies when those beliefs are implimented over many generations. I think either way the results of views are just as valid to your question, but maybe a longer time frame was something that you wouldn't have thought of. I definitely believe that a God or a lack of God would affect more than just the lives of self or of someones children. It's effects are exponential and may make some huge rifts one way or the other in the way history pans out from here.

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Originally Posted by AttunedMama View Post

I think it's important to decide whether you adhere to Positive Atheism (I assert that there is NOT a god) or Negative Atheism(I lack belief in anything called 'god'). And important to distinguish the two to children.

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Referring to the above I second PlayaMama's "why?" I don't really get the whole positive atheism vs negative atheism thing. Can someone please explain that to me and why its important to distinguish between them?


btw - I've really found this whole thread very interesting and really enjoyed reading it through, it's given me a lot to think about.


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