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CM Question

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We've been TTC for a while now.  I chart and my charts look great.  I don't think I have fertile CM, though.  I'm taking supplements to help and drinking tons of water but I see nothing.  It's not totally dry so I have a little bit of hope but it's getting frustrating.  I'm on Armour Thyroid but haven't seen where that affects CM anywhere.  Has anyone ever done the egg white thing in place of fertile CM?  I think my husband might have me committed but I'm actually thinking about trying it.  Thoughts?

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I've heard of the egg whites thing, but it just seems like there would be a risk of infection or throwing of the pH or something.  I don't think I could do it.  Have you tried robutussin or pre-seed?

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I've heard of it too...  but as curious as I am I know it wouldn't work for us - or if it did work, if it would be actually worth it....  DH is highly allergic to eggs!!  


Although that's when he eats them...  not sure about getting it on his ...  ahem...  skin.  lol.gif

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I haven't tried pre seed.  Where do you get that?  Only online?  Thanks!!

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Ha! I've heard of the egg white thing too... it was big when I was TTCing my DD... Honestly, if I put that up my va-jay-jay I can honestly say I don't think my DH would ever touch me again! LOL! I'm sorry but that is just.... ew. I don't think I would want to do that ... too many risks and there is such a delicate balance in the vagina that I can't imagine introducing something like that in there.


Try Preseed... or I have heard olive oil is good too. Never tried it myself.... but I can tell you that you can still get PG without EWCM. I did with my DS. I had absolutely NONE with him... and I had very little with DD. :)

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Originally Posted by ekblad9 View Post

I haven't tried pre seed.  Where do you get that?  Only online?  Thanks!!

 I have seen Pre-Seed at one of the larger, nicer drug stores here (I think it was CVS, maybe Walgreens).  It was with the OPKs and HPTs.  I haven't tried it yet, but it's on my to-do list if I don't get a BFP soon. 

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Ive heard of the eggwhites but like some women on here said, it can cause an infection, I would DEF reccomend Pre-Seed.

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