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12-3 Steak tips, sauteed onions & mushrooms, seasoned fries, beet greens

12-4 Bacon bleu cheese burgers, sweet potato fries, broccoli normandy

12-5 Scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast & jam, pears & bananas

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Tonight, I'm not sure.  We were going to have eggs, but dh made those for breakfast.  Probably whatever the kids decide they want, dh will be having soup again.

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1: Vegan Papardelle Cacciatore

2: Leek and Veggie Frittata

3: Off the wagon with planned dinner out with the Girls. 

4. Ravioli with spicy, creamy tomato sauce

5. Mac & cheese (Hey!  It counts!  shrug.gif)

6. Leek & potato soup, baked beans, steamed peas


Not sure for tonight...


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4- spagetti squash with tomato or pesto.

5- homemade veggie pizza

6- halibut, rice, and broccoli (dh was going to cook a turkey but went fishing instead, turkey next weekend)

7-roasted veg enchiladas

8-salmon, brown rice, and salad

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I am in!  Headed to the store with my remaining $67 of food money for this pay period.  I cleaned out the fridge and freezer and just need a few things to supplement our pantry meals. 


Tuesday :  turkey meatballs (freezer), sauce and wheat free noodles

Wednesday : frittata with potatoes and asparagus

Thursday : venison (freezer) stew with carrots, potatoes, celery, onions

Friday : Soup night - split pea and chicken noodle using whatever veggies are left in fridge 



I have a mess of fruit in freezer to make into popsicles, lots of stuff to make muffins and pintos to make into refried beans for lunches.  Oh and a mess of kale and chard in the garden that needs to be harvested, so we'll be eating a lot of that for lunch and side dishes.  


I need some eggs, tomato sauce, cheese, fruit and lunch stuff for kids.  Should come in right on budget.  



ETA :  back form the store and I spent less than I had planned!  And I even bought a little tin of Danish butter cookie and some Nutella for a treat.  We should be all set until Saturday when I'll have to reassess our supplies.  

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Ok this week:


Last night:leftover chinese hide.gif


Tonight: Lemon pepper chicken breasts with couscous and steamed broccoli

Tomorrow: leftover chicken becomes burritos with black beans and dirty rice

Thursday: pasta bake and a big green salad

Friday: homemade pizza or calzones

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Get out from under that chair!  Leftovers count.  If anything, you should get extra points for not wasting food.  After all, this is an exercise in frugality!

Originally Posted by HollyBearsMom View Post


Last night:leftover chinese hide.gif


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aw shucks, thank you!!

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Tonight I made some jasmine rice and sauteed some onion, peas, carrots, and red lentils then mixed in Sukhi's korma curry sauce. Have y'all tried Sukhi's? SO GOOD! eat.gif http://www.sukhis.com/
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Tonight we're having penne with vodka sauce, garlic bread and salad. 


I am going shopping this afternoon to pick up a few things we've run out of and some Christmas dinner food.  Should be short trip.

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7-   salmon burgers (homemade)

8 -  chinese sauce with moose steak and broccoli on rice (cook salmon for Fri nights chowder)

9-   Christmas Party - food being served (dh and I)  kids will have quesadillas

10-  salmon chowder

11-  kids will be cooking- phyllo wrapped grilled veg in a cream sauce

12-  turkey dinner with all the fixings





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Ok my plan on the leftover chicken turning into  tonights burritos is not happening!


When I got home last night I found that my husband had bought a package of chickens "tenders"- the small piece of chicken, IDK, from under the breast? not whole boneless breasts. Grrr and expensive to boot! I didn't want to dredge them in egg/breadcrumbs and make chicken fingers so what to do, right??


I ended up finding a 1/2 package of puff pastry in the freezer.  I thawed that out, browned the tenders in a pan, topped them with a cumin/apricot glaze leftover from a previous party, wrapped in puffed pastry and baked.  Served with couscous and made a salad instead of the broccoli.


Well both my husband and son DEVOURED it!  They ate every last tender! eat.gif  and I used 2 leftovers, helping me clean out the fridge/freezer! 



(can you tell I am proud of myself??)



So I guess tonight will be vegetarian burritos!

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Tonight: chicken & guac burrito bowls.
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Tonight is soup and sandwiches.  Dh's still eating mostly soup and it's cold and rainy so I think I'll make a pot of potato soup and we'll all have sandwiches of our choice.

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Soupity soupity soup soup soup! lol.gif

I'm doing "pizza soup" in the crock pot. I hope it turns out okay.
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I am hoping to find enough leftovers in thge fridge for tonight and to ignore my depression-induced Chinese cravings.


12/1 cabbage soup, salad, green beans

12/2 tofu curry with brown rice, green beans, salad

12/3 burrito style enchiladas

12/4 pigs in a blanket (applegate farm dogs in homemade dough wraps) with french fries, salad

12/5 goulash - not really goulash, but my MIL hill-billy take on it, green beans, homemade rolls

12/6 leftover "goulash", green bean, rolls

12/7 baked tilapia, cous cous, peas

12/8 baked potatoes with nut yeast sauce, broccoli, boca crumbles, salad, steamed carrots

12/9 hopefully leftovers



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12-1 veggie burgers

12-2 clam chowder

12-3 tacos

12-4 ate out for lunch and had popcorn and fruit for supper

12-5 ate like kings steak for lunch and homemade cashew chicken for supper 

12-6 ?? I forget

12-7 tacos agian

12-8 beef stew made from leftover steak

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Ohh I want to join in. Things have been crazy here for a while now and I really need to get us refocused and managing our money better again. I'm starting with trying to eat at home more. We've been having wayyy too many convenience foods and meals out. Tonight will be breakfast for dinner - eggs, grits, and toast. This weekend will be sandwiches and other quick foods but it's the last weekend I'll be working and we'll be away from dh so I'll manage. I'll work on a schedule for next week over the weekend and post back with it. I'm definitely trying to work on cooking more again.

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Late joining in here, but I want to get a little more on track with this, too.  We're expecting our new LO within the next week or two - there are *some* meals put away in the freezer, which will help...but now that I'm getting over the cold I've had this week, I'm hoping the 11th-hour-pre-baby-nesting-energy really hits, 'cause I'd like to get a couple more things in there, besides continuing to get the house in order! :)


Let's see...this week:


Saturday was our little family holiday dinner, so *NOT* cheap, but lots of leftovers.  Turkey, four veggie sides (roast parsnip, glaze carrot/brussels, red cabbage, baked sweet potatoes), mashed potatoes, stuffing, HM bread, cranberries, devilled eggs, HM pies for dessert.


Sunday - out at friends for supper (chili and finger foods)


Monday - hot turkey sandwiches and veg, all from leoftovers


Tuesday...I forget?  The cold was really raging then - I think I had some WW toast w/ pB and bananas, and DH fended for himself and LO


Weds. - quiche; used up some crudite veggies, previously cooked ham, and LO unused pie crust


Thurs - pumpkin-cranberry french toast and grilled ham


Fri (tomorrow) - will be curried turkey, rice, and peas


Not sure of the plan beyond that, but will continue to use leftovers....might make up another big batch of chili this wkend (will have to buy some ing, but not much) to put more in the freezer, and I have stuff for veggie/beef stew.  We'll see what happens.


~Sara :)


ETA: Oh yeah - last Thurs or Fri (don't remember which) was our first stab at homemade moo-shu.  Truend ot pretty good. :)

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What a great thread - I'm sorry I didn't catch it at the beginning of the month! (It might have kept me from ordering sushi takeout last week and having Wendy's :p for lunch today!).


It's funny - we have actually already kinda made that our goal for this month (even to the point of making our own bread), and after all that home-cooked food, the Wendy's really did a number on my stomach! Blech...


Anyway, I'm planning on making salmon and some of the frozen veg. we have in our freezer tomorrow night...and then I'll have to get organized and make a grocery plan for next week. Thanks for providing the accountability! :)

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