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Yesterday: Steak, rolls, veggies

Tonight: Veggie spaghetti (mushroom and zucchini plus I blend up a carrot or two into the sauce to get a little more nutrition in there).
Tomorrow: Creamy vegetable soup
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French toast and bacon
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Lasagna, garlic bread and something green.  Kids will be having spaghetti.

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We're doing pizza/movie night early this week so that's what the boys are having and dh and I will probably have leftover lasagna.

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Yikes- I am behind!!


We went away for the last 6 days so ate some on the road-crap but also had awesome meals at the relative.  All in all we probably spent less then if we had stayed home and I had to grocery shop.


Tonight: roasted pork loin with cumin/marmalade glaze, cauliflower and basmati rice

Tomorrow (xmas eve!): meat fondue, homemade bread, mixed green salad, champagne!

Saturday (xmas!!): dinner at a friends, we are bringing salad and baked brie

Sunday: roast turkey breast and all the trimmings

Monday: leftovers-maybe turkey potpie??

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Friday-soup, sandwiches at my uncle's for Christmas Eve

Saturday-ham, rolls, scalloped potatoes, bacon green beans, salad

Sunday-duck pasta stir fry


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Last night: Rosemary and Hazelnut Encrusted Tempeh (to replace the seitan called for in this recipe).

ETA Tonight: Carrot Linguine with Mexican Black Bean-Tomato Sauce

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Well the storm here put a crimp in our plans.  Spent Sunday afternoon sledding as the storm approached and then had snack at a friends, no "real" dinner.  Monday was a wash, digging out from over a foot of snow, an afternoon of sledding, then simple omelets for dinner.  Here is how the rest of the week plays out....


Tonight: mix match of different leftovers both in the fridge and in the freezer.  Finally made it to the grocery store today but still want to clean out the fridge

Tomorrow: finally get our roast turkey dinner with all the fixins

Thursday: Turkey pot pie

Friday (New years eve!!): we have no plans this year so kind of lonely greensad.gif  thinking some good comfort food.  Maybe meatloaf??

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We ended up eating out last night, but super cheap since dh wasn't with us.


Tonight is pancakes for the boys, leftover ham for me.

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we got back last night and need to go shopping today. planning to have the following over the few days until months end...


12-28 we had ww rotini with roasted tomato and garlic sauce with pureed spinach and onions(that unknowingly went in the sauce without notice)

12-29 homemade veg pizza (will be buying premade crust) kids and dh may add some homemade pepperoni

12-30 roast chicken with mediteranean quinoa salad

12-31 oil and cheese fondue (it would probably be cheaper to eat out!)


I enjoy seeing what others are eating for dinner and this really pushes me to plan my meals (as well as minimizing eating out) love it!

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Something with leftover ham tonight. 

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We ended up eating out at the spur of the moment last night (friends in town, about to leave).


Tonight will be steak, baked potatoes and a green veggie.

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Ok so last day of December, how'd everyone do?


I did terrible!  We ate out 5 times, though once was free.  December's a hard month to do this!  On to January.


Tonight we're having steak, baked potatoes and broccoli. 

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We did pretty good this month!  January will be my challenge with  the winter doldrums.  Has anyone set up a thread for Jan 2011??

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