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Magic Cabin?

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I am trying to buy a few Christmas gifts from them, but the site keeps crashing, or it times out or something.  Anyone else having problems? I'll click on a category/item and then the "Internet Explorer cannot display..." comes up. (I'm no computer wiz, as you can probably tell!)  My connection is pretty good, I am able to go on Rosie Hippo, Blueberry Forest AND Hearthsong- which is the same company as Magic Cabin, so????Are they that busy?  I was having the same issues last night.  

What I am looking for is the Fairy Forest Home, which I can't find anywhere else.  If anyone has any leads, or similar items, let me know.  It is $$$$! TIA

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I was able to get on with no problems. Have you tried looking on Etsy for a similar set??

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