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Why No POO??

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Why is shampoo so terrible? Seems to me all the agony going through the no poo trial and error is just nuts. Greasy hair, scraping sebum, smelly scalp? Can you all please explain the importance?


I only wash my hair 2-3x a week, its very thick wavy almost curly and looks weird if i over wash. My partner has crazy curly hair and only washes his 2x a week w/Dr. Bronners which i tried and had dull haystack hair. SO im not a freakey have to wash everyday kind of gal but  just wondering what all the hype is about.

Thank You.



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I, personally, have had few problems with no-poo, but then I don't do it regularly. For myself, it's a challenge. It's fun. And it's more natural.

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The idea is to avoid the chemcials, especially sodium lauryl sulfate.


No-poo seems to imply BS/ACV but I think you can use real soap (not detergent - most popular soaps are detergents these days) including Dr. Bronner's, or whatever you like.


SLS is an industrial degreaser, and it's an irritant. What goes on your body gets absorbed more than we usually think. Some people think it's cancerous but it's debated.


It's just a choice, you sure don't have to make this choice.

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right, the initial trial and error makes for a lifetime without depending on products at all.  my hair is super soft and i "wash it" once every two weeks or whenever we roll around in the mud. treehugger.gif

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I'm doing the BS/ACV route (it's been about two months now), and have had to adjust the amounts now and then.  So far, I haven't gone through the greasy stage, but that may be because I have EXTREMELY dry hair that I thought was beyond repair.  It was embarrassing to me, and was due to health issues that I'm working out.  This no-poo has given me my hair back- I finally look normal for the first time in about two years.  It's soft, workable, and looks pretty darn healthy.  It's worth it to me to mess with it, and even if I go through a bad stage I will stick it out because I'm slowly trying to get rid of as many chemicals as I possibly can.

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