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Would you let your kids watch Survivor?

Poll Results: Would you let your kids watch Survivor?

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My kids are 3, 5, 7 and 10. I haven't let them watch Survivor before and when I got home tonight our babysitter was watching Survivor with the kids. It's been years since I've seen it and I'm not sure if I want them watching it.

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Yep, we've watching it while my 3 year old was playing.  He calls it the "jungle show".  He didn't "watch" it but could overhear bits and pieces.  He was mostly climbing on the treadmill, playing dressup, cooking in his play kitchen etc..  Our tv is in the basement and behind the couch is his play area.


There are some less than appropriate things said now and then, but I wasn't too worried since he wasn't really paying attention.  Also it has only been a handful of times...we usually watch netflix or hulu after he goes to bed.


Oh and it wasn't this season so I dont know if anything extra scandelous is going on lol. I'm guess it is fine for your 10 year old and probably anything "bad" went over your 3 year old's head, so I guess that leaves the 5 and 7 year old...

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We're busier this season than past seasons of the show so I usually DVR it but past seasons we have all watched it as a family and all love it.  My kids are 15-6 now but my youngest was a Survivor fan at age 3 LOL

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It isnt my cup of tea but dh watching every time it is on and the kids watch it with him when they want to. I havnt seen anything on it that would make me not want them to watch it.
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Wow, I'm surprised at the responses. My DH dvr's it and watches it after the kids are in bed. There's no way I'd let my 5 and 2 y/os watch it. I don't think I'd be comfortable with it until they were in their teens at least. Why? Because we try to limit screen time, and w/ all the options out there, I don't want to waste the time on a show that glorifies backstabbing, bad behavior, deceit and meanness. Plus it's so staged and fake, yet staged to be those very things. Obviously I can't stand that show, lol. I'd be ticked if I came home and found the babysitter watching it, frankly, but then again, my kids are a lot younger, and we do limit tv.

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When I was preg last season, dd1 would climb into my lap & snuggle in while I watched Survivor...I would DVR it so I could skip commercials.  She was very interested in it because of the shots of animals, scenery, anything that involved a helicopter/airplane & then some of the challenges.  But mostly I think she just liked the time together.  Now that she is 3, she isn't as interested but I don't think it's the worst choice of "grown up" tv for a kid to catch while they are playing in the same room or anything like that.  While we do have limits, I am not as strict about screen time as some mamas here so I recognize my opinion is more liberal.  

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Sure.  I don't watch it, but sometimes I'll flip over there from what I'm actually watching during commercials.  My kids are usually there, either watching or playing nearby.  It isn't something we watch often, but I don't have a problem with it.

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No, but it isn't a major "NO!!!!!!!" just a "no."  It's not like watching CSI or some such.  I wouldn't get all upset about it happening once with the babysitter.  I would just not let it become a regular thing.


Dad let DS watch some kind of not completely appropriate show about people who remove large wild/feral animals that are posing a danger on peoples property.  DS reinterpreted it as the people "saving" the animals, and thought they were "animal rescuers" like on Diego.  Kids often just mentally edit minor details they aren't ready for if they only see something once or twice.  

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Dh dvr's it and watches, usually when I am doing dishes after dinner.  Ds doesn't typically watch tv in the evening but if he is nearby playing or wants to snuggle up with daddy, sure.  He likes to watch shows with teams competing and doing challenges, usually picks one and cheers them on...he loves him some Amazing Race.  orngbiggrin.gif

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I've only ever seen it myself a couple of times, but I would not let dd watch it. I find this whole culture of "reality" tv disturbing. I do not want dd (or myself) having any inkling that the types of things happening on shows like that are part of real-life reality.
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I agree with the "no" responses here.  I watch it but for many of the reasons listed above, I don't think it's appropriate for my 7yo and 4yo.  

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Originally Posted by ecoteat View Post

I've only ever seen it myself a couple of times, but I would not let dd watch it. I find this whole culture of "reality" tv disturbing. I do not want dd (or myself) having any inkling that the types of things happening on shows like that are part of real-life reality.

This is pretty much my thought.  I've not seen it, but I've seen ads and they "report" on it on the morning news when I'm making dd's school lunch, so it's not like I'm completely oblivious to it.  However, when we have screen time, we do try to make it quality TV.

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Nope. Reality TV is not allowed in my home, with only a few exceptions and Survivor ain't one of them. And no, I'm not actually kidding. DH and I really don't like they way most of those shows are done.

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No. But like the PP said, it's not a big NO. It's just a no. I don't watch that stuff, and I don't like it, and I don't think it's appropriate for children. But I wouldn't freak out or anything, if they happened to see it at my mom's house or something.

FWIW, though, we don't watch much TV at all, and my kids don't watch anything with commercials, at home. If they watch anything, it's a movie we've picked out to watch together.

Mine are 3, 3, and 6, though.
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Personally, I would not.  I haven't had a t.v. in years, but when I did, I watch "Survivor" for a season (and was absolutely unable to quit--loved it).  That said, it is not consistent with the values I want to raise my child with.  It is a mean-spirited show, the women are usually scantily clad, and the money that goes into a season could feed all the hungry little people in the country (not sure about that, really, but you get what I mean).  I do think there are quality shows available and do not think "Survivor" is one of them.  That said, one night with the babysitter won't hurt anybody, I don't think.  Just wouldn't make a habit out of it.  I agree with the person who wrote that reality t.v. has nothing to do with reality, and indeed only serves to distort it. 

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I dont think its a huge deal. DS10 watches on occassion (his fav is 'amazing race though).  IMO it was a 'fun' night anyway since you had a sitter and such.  I tend to be more lax when a sitter is around anyway.  A few days later, probably the only one who really remembers is the 10 yr old anyway - that was a horrible sentence sorry.

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I'd be upset if they had watched the commercials that are on during Survivor. Mostly car ads etc, but they do advertise the CBS shows like CSI. NO way I'd want my young children watching the previews for those shows.


Survivor itself not such a big deal. The language is our biggest issue. DH and I don't swear and we don't really spend time with anyone who does in front of children. They bleep out some stuff but not all of it. I wouldn't want my kids picking up on the name calling and swearing.


Not to mention I wouldn't want my kids watching tv before bed. (rare exceptions are made for holiday specials.)

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We DVR Survivor and usually watch it the following evening so we can skip commercials. DS1 is 4 and he is in and out of the room while it is on. Sometimes I am in his room playing with the kids while DH watches. Sometimes I watch and he is in their room with them. Sometimes we are both watching if the kids are happily entertaining themselves. DS1 will sometimes ask us to call him in "When they play the game."  He loves watching them play the games for reward or immunity. Then he leaves and goes about whatever he was doing before. 


It's not a big deal to me if the kids watch some of it or not. It isn't interesting enough for them to want to sit and watch the entire thing. There isn't anything that is said on Survivor that they haven't heard in real life. Then again, I have quite the potty mouth, so maybe my view is skewed a tad. Sheepish.gif


As far as reality tv goes, I don't really lump it all into the same category. Some of it is trash, some of it is quite interesting and entertaining. I feel confident in the life we are living and the examples we are showing our children on a daily basis. I don't worry that they will abandon the values we have taught them as a result of seeing an episode of Survivor, The Amazing Race or Top Chef. 


I guess everyone has their personal line. DH and I do not watch crime shows, dramas or anything with killing, murder, mystery or ghost-type stuff. We'd never watch CSI or anything similar. We'd certainly never let our children watch it.


But Survivor, no biggie.


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