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March.... taper before the spring races and there is some extra dingo energy to burn? wool.gif

JG, I hope you have many happy memories in your new home and enjoy being together again. I could really use a basement and it looks to me like your kiddos will enjoy the backyard as it is. lol.gif

We are sick. Wed was dd3, Fri dh fell ill, Sat was ds1 and ds2, today is dd2 and possibbly dd1. It could be that dd1 just doesn't want to get out of bed. winky.gif If you are following that leaves me. It is messy and voluminous in the mess. puke.gif:fever:gross I keep the kids home as needed but it is finals week for dh and the older two.
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Oh, mommajb - Yuck!  I'm so sorry.  There is nothing worse than stomach flu running through a family like a wildfire!  I hope everyone is feeling right soon, and that you prove to have super human mama immunity!


Jo - Snicker about the late winter blahs!  I always thought I was celebrating DD1's birthday!  Hers is March 11!Sheepish.gif


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Okay, switched to BB editor, but all my multiiquotes are looking like gibberish. Was there something wrong with the old MDC? B/c the smilies were so much better and the mobile thread upload rocked.

Funny how a job offer that you think you really, really want makes you look around and love how good you got it. Not sure I want to put the kids in school. They seem to be thriving and ds1 is majorly transition aversive. Thinking about telling dh that he may have to just stay home and homeschool.

Sorry, I can't figure out exactly who wrote what but my memory has it filed like this:

JenLove, how'd it go with the house?

Re: Online homeschooling websites. I know of the Waldorf one by Oak Meadow. It's accredited. You get online help from teachers. It's very personalized. I love their curriculum. You get a transcript, grades and everything. There are two online university programs that friends I know use and there's an online homeschool program that is typically used by ambassador's kids and people who travel abroad or travel a lot. I will try to find the links and post.

I agree with what Penelope said about Asthma. My ds2 had it and it was the scariest thing ever. We treated it aggressively - b/c what do you do when it looks like your child might die any minute right in front of you b/c you're trying to be wholistic? Anyway, he's outgrown it. YAY!

Penelope, hug.gif can't believe how hard that must be.

December birthday roll call - ds2 is on the 18th! It's a tough one.

Well, that's my allotment of time. Car offer got accepted. Will run this afternoon and so looking forward to it. Chopped down tree yesterday while walking thru the "propity." Did lots of bushwhacking and commando crawling. It was fun and scratchy. Rigged up dh's computer with big flat screen monitor to work as a movie player so no impulse purchase of new tv.

Enjoy snow everyone. Dh is leading svc this morning and since my boys are bell-ringers I will be hung if I stay a minute more. love.gif
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biglaugh.gif  I swear I didn't copy you!


Originally Posted by Penelope View Post

Memiles, we are tattoo avatar sisters. orngtongue.gif

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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

Okay, I made a little album of our new house!

Wow . . . it's beautiful!  

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Forgot to say: love the house, JG!
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serial posting...

forgot to say:

YES to BBM! Let's be neighbors! You always have such wisdom to lend, whether directly or indirectly. You have helped my mother ds1 so much! I def wish we could be neighbors. Sorry about the dc difficulties. I want to recipricate with words of wisdom and will if I can think of any. I think our firstborns are related.
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sooorrrrry. still posting. now that i have time, my battery is about to die, but anyway...

Nickarolaberry, this is for you.

Oak Meadow

Johns Hopkins

Northwestern Northwestern



Yes, I know how to use hyperlinks, but this new mdc isn't letting me. Have I mentioned how vexed I am over the new MDC? Just sayin'

eta: ack, they didn't post right.
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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

Okay, I made a little album of our new house!

It's gorgeous!

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Lofty, thanks! Those programs look amazing...


There are interesting things on the horizon here....did I mention to anyone that dh is developing his own triathalon? It will be called Vineyard Warrior and will be on Martha's Vineyard on Sept. 11. He took a race director course, coordinated getting all the approvals, etc. and is well on the way to organizing the race. Website goes live on Jan. 1 www.vineyardwarrior.com


So he really wants me to quit my job next year and work for him doing the race coordination stuff. He has another few things in the pipeline and is hoping that eventually this might be good for a new career, or at least a secondary career.


I am not sure that I want to work for/with him but I am intrigued by the idea of working in something related to fitness, not being out of the house 45 hrs a week, and having the potential to work from home and possibly homeschool my kids. we'd have to work out a real contract so the salary/work situation is formalized because it just needs to be, kwim?




JayGee, your house is GORGEOUS. Sending you a blessing for many happy, warm, love-filled, successful years there and that it should feel and be home right away.


If today was any indication (no run/rest day, short long run yesterday) taper is going to be wild.gif and demon.gif for me.


Mommajb, sending you healing vibes and peace! Yech, stomach bugs are a total drag.


Bec, happy birthday to your girl!


Jooj, stay warm and safe! Waiting for more info on the possible offer..... shy.gif

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My friend, her dh and their kids stopped in and helped me clean out the driveway. happytears.gif They are consistently the family that takes care of us when dh is away. They braved the scary roads and got cold and soaked in the wind to help me. I am blessed.


Dh let the kids in on the abroad opportunity today. Ds is, as expected, freaked out and dd is just like, "sure!" Also as expected.


I am disturbed a little by my ambivalence, but I'm just not one to refuse an opportunity. Dh will have a meeting a week from Monday. Thing is, it's looking to me like either he pursues it as a switch, or he ends up being sent there anyway, but earning the same (not generous) salary he makes now and staying for extended periods in hotels without his family. So it will either be more of the same or pack up the fam and relocate to the other side of the planet. I wish I could relocate my ladies, too. guilty.gif


No FM today. Going to shoot for tomorrow afternoon, and if I don't cram it in before the kids get home, I may very well drive in for an evening workout. I am learning to be less rigid in order to be more sane.

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Jo, I am also working on being less rigid in order to be more sane. It's a tough road, isn't it? For us perfectionists? Sigh.


Just want to give you a hug2.gif and a blowkiss.gif because I understand the challenge in trying to come to terms with a potential move that is good for the career/making a living of the family, but so incredibly difficult to contemplate when one is quite happy in one's present location.


Not easy. But we've got your back. And if it's somewhere they'll let me in to visit, I'll come visit somehow!

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Thanks for all the kind words things are much improved here with dd.  We are having a really nice family centered weekend here.


JayGee the house looks beautiful--is it just me or doe anyone else love the look of an empty house  all that space, I'm sure it will be filled with much happiness!


Jo and Nick sounds like some amazing possibilites for both of you, wishing you luck and wisdom as you and your families approach these choices.


Had a good 4 miles yesterday hoping for 6-8  tomorrow.

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Can I just ask a frivolous question without giving anything to any of you? loveeyes.gif

Think 8 year old girl: These: http://www.garnethill.com/suede-riding-boot-2c-sizes-9-4/kids-clothing/girls-7-14-/shoes-sizes-13-5/165019

Or these: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003BLP53C/ref=asc_df_B003BLP53C1350646?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&tag=dealt84260-20&linkCode=asn&creative=395093&creativeASIN=B003BLP53C

Jaygee - Congratulations on the house!! You're almost there!!!!

Jo - Im dyin' to know where
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sparkle, I prefer the Timberlands. The sole looks more substantial and their looks to be more room in the toe box...also, suede is not my friend under pretty much any circumstance. Love the colors, but as I said...


Nick, that is an intriguing potential future career. Hm. I could see you growing into it and making it awesome.


As much as I am trying not to be too "out loud," I can't help it! It's Dubai. Thing is, dh will probably have to do some wrangling to make it happen because he is so in-demand in his current position that he's concerned his supervisor could actually try to get hr to refuse to award him the new spot. The guy in the other dept has tried to see him @ work but been run out of the building, apparently because they don't want to lose him. I'm not that psyched about 120s and 100% humidity, or giving up farming or being out of place among expats. But I do want dh to share a roof with us more than half the time. If he doesn't go for it, or if his bosses have brains as diabolical as mine, they will probably just send him to the place to do the same work in the same place with the same people for 1/4 the salary and without seeing his family.


So he'll discuss it with the other dept while I am on vacation, and I guess when I get back we'll have more to talk about. Or not.


As I said, I hate to think about giving up farming, but his work travel is making it harder for me, and to an extent it's beginning to feel pointless to him. Just praying for clarity.

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Jooj ~ how exciting/scary!!!!  I will pray for your clarity as well.  An Air Force friend of mine has been living in Oman for the last 3 years and oh, the experiences she and her family have had!  Still, it would be so sad to say goodbye to the farm.


modmom ~ that's exactly what DH said!  My kids had a blast doing cartwheels and having handstand walking contests across the livingroom!


sparkle ~ I agree that the Timberlands look much more substantial. But my DD voted for the other ones!


Nic ~ a triathlon on Marthas Vineyard?!  I'm very intruiged!  You'd be a wonderful asset to your DH as a race director.  Sounds like a very interesting proposition.


mommajb ~ I really hope that virus exits before you get it.  And yes, the hill in the back is a ton o' fun.  The muddy feet, not so much!  Jacob rode Kirsten's balance bike down it too!


DH just left for his very last week apart from the family.  He took one of our cats with him (he took the meowy one, I still have the barfy one).  My list for the week is big, but manageable.  I'm ready for the movers to come and start boxing up our stuff!  I can't believe these 18 weeks are almost done!  Today is also the anniversary of the day I met DH, 14 years ago, at my friend's Christmas party love.gif!  One look and I was done for!!!!!

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Oh jo, what a big prospect. I have a friend who is spending the year in Dubai for her dh's job and really enjoying it. What a big change for you ds, of course he's apprehensive (which isnt to say this would be bad for him; it could be good to walk through a door he is scared of). goodvibes.gif in the answer being clear
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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post


sparkle ~ I agree that the Timberlands look much more substantial. But my DD voted for the other ones!


Oh, that's helpful (asking your dd). I get the substantial thing, but I also have a desire to get her something a little more "girly" as I have raised the biggest tomboy of all time and she has never owned any shoe other than keens - nice but a little klunky and practical. She wore keens with her skirt to the performance friday and asked "why havent I ever had a pair of dress up shoes?" (ummm, because I dont like them bag.gif) So I thought the suede boots with a skirt would be very cute .... but then I saw the timberlands and they would be cute too. Ive been thinking of asking her which she likes better, and just blowing the christmas surprise out of the water ....
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Sparkle, my 10 year old and 7 year old daughters both voted for the Garnet Hill ones...specifically the purple. lol.gif


Jo, Dubai...wow. As a matter of fact, a dear friend/colleague of mine is in Abu Dahbi now as a consultant/teacher of English. She is based in Al Aiyn. It has been more than a little overwhelming for her to navigate the culture shock, not to mention different professional norms, etc.


However one thing she said (and it could be different in Dubai, or for you/your dh, whatever) is that there are a lot of issues with immigration; that expats can only stay there for a certain amount of time and then are kicked out; and that they make it rather difficult to deal with the bureaucracy with regards to the immigration status issues (they have had to make several 'border runs' over to Oman to deal with this...not quite sure why, but it has been expensive and aggravating for them). I don't know how it is over the UAE in general. She is getting a lot out of the experience though, and says it really is very beautiful. (she has a lot of very funny culture shock kinds of stories too, but don't know if you want to hear them!  suffice it to say she has flaming red hair and is as white as could be; is from the 'hood in Philadelphia and has language and manners to match; and her 9 year old sun has very long flowing blond locks and blue eyes...the locals can't figure out if he's a boy or girl).


Should I or shouldn't I (enter the lottery for NYC Marathon?!)?  It's a whopping $196 if I get in. yikes2.gif  Or go for Marine Corps?


Or not. Hmm.

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Nick, that is a lot of $$$. Do you have to sign up if you get in?


Full disclosure, sparkle: my dd has a pair of sparkly purple boots. Apparently, someone in the house has to be non-utilitarian.


This would be an employer-sponsored thing, so I'm hoping that'd make the immigration stuff easier. We're not hoping for a long, long term, and in fact if it led to something in N Africa in a few years, I would be cool with that. I am just so not the hip, cosmo urbanite, and neither is dh. We'd be working in the upper management caste and likely socializing in the service worker caste, which would no doubt make us weirdos. Not like that's anything new.


OK, and I am just fed up now. Do I really have to wear safety goggles every time I go to the barn??? bigeyes.gif I swear, one drop of dirty chicken water splashed into my eye (yesterday? I think?) and my eye is now vaguely hurting and making oogies. Gar. I still have the bumps from the raging lid infection. Hate to think I might be getting another one. P.S. If it is worse I will absolutely call the ophth immediately. No joke.


All right. Caught up on work. Sleep tight, Dingos.

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