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mommajb - I'm sitting here drinking coffee as well.  Yesterday I got up too late and ended up doing my run around 8pm at the gym - 4 miles yay!


Geo - I love the coffee and beer idea.  I got DH a new copy of the Wii Sports.  He loves the bowling and our copy is badly scratched (thanks kids).

Nicarolaberry - we have the colds here too.  Runny noses and coughs galore.  It'll make for great Christmas pictures (we're celebrating tomorrow) :)


Jaygee - congrats on the move and the offer!  How exciting!  I can't wait to move someday into something nicer. :)


Thanks for all the warm welcomes and MM is fine. :)


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Nic - do you have any idea what the perfectly goofy is vs. just the goofy? Do I make sense at all?  Their website is terrible!

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BBM  I can't even figure out the spectator info for my mother. There's a perfectly goofy vs. a regular goofy? Ugh.


You'd think Disney, being Disney, would make everything smooth and easy! (well they do, for an extra $100 for a VIP Experience plus 43.99 for a diet coke. LOL)


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Another 2 miles today after shopping, wrapping gifts, and baking, and before DH went to work.  I would have done more, but I was a little bit time constricted.  We are pretty much ready for our Christmas tomorrow though.  And my first week back at running I logged in 19.5 miles! banana.gif

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real~My tights are CWX. And congrats on scoring at the Skirt warehouse sale. I read that most of the sizes were going to be small, perfect for you! I found one medium that I bought at the last one (and it was a killer deal), but I don't know that it's really worth it for me to drive up there. And SMOKING fast time on your 10k. Holy cow! Pushing that massive double stroller is whipping you into some serious shape! bow.gif

drjen~Yes! Go interview!!! If nothing else, you will start getting an idea of what's out there and what you do and don't like about other potential employers.

runningmommy~Congrats on the benign results!!

motivated mama~Welcome! wave.gif

jaygee~Congrats on the new house and goodvibes.gif for the offer on the old house!

I have now transitioned to the boonies. orngtongue.gif Made the trip from Cincinnati up to my parents yesterday. I had a really nice time in Cincinnati, so screw XH. orngbiggrin.gif I finally dragged myself off my rapidly-expanding butt today and out for a run. I have had zero motivation to get out and do anything, but I forced myself today. Mind you, I didn't manage to get out of bed to do it, but I got it done when we got home after finishing up some Christmas and grocery shopping. 3.6ish, at a rather decent clip. Winter running, with snow and everything, lol!

My sister wants me to go to Kalamazoo and spend a few days with them, but I think I'm just going to go for a day. I just kind of want to take it easy and relax, and packing/unpacking constantly doesn't really qualify as relaxing, kwim?

Still waiting on grades. I definitely got A's in pharm and research, but my paper still isn't back for med-surg...I have a 93.8%, so as long as I didn't bomb it, I think I'm safe, but you just never know!


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RR: 3 miles on the treadmill... decent but not really satisfying. I'm hoping to get out tomorrow. I'm surprisingly exhausted by a day home with the kids cleaning and finishing up the Christmas shopping - I could totally use a nap. My parents come in tonight and we're kinda semi ready, house-wise, but excited to see them.

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Had a great tri class tonight.  After feeling pretty awful all day (stomach upset, and around 99 degree temp), but started feeling much better in the afternoon.  So, I went, and we had the crud kicked out of us (I had to censor that a couple times to make it UA compliant!).  Usually, she gives us about a 45-50 minute intense interval type workout.  I expected that.  Today, however, she gave us an intense 45 minute interval spin workout.  THEN, we had to go up and run a mile around the track.  We were split into teams, so we needed to beat our other classmates or we would have to clean up the spin bikes!  As it turned out, my team mate lost count and she ran an extra lap she didn't need to, so we ended up cleaning up.  It didn't matter, though.  It was super hard, but a ton of fun.  I love that feeling of having worked SO hard!  I'm also remembering that serious brick feeling of running after a hard ride!

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The girls have written up a Christmas plan and new lists. There is still time, right?
1. Their plans involve me running and showering before gifts. jog.gif
2. Dh will make coffee while I run. caffix.gif
3. Yoga has to wait until later as we are opening gifts between 7 and 8. namaste.gif
4. Donuts on Christmas Eve as I am to have cinnamon rolls ready for the oven before I leave for my run of 6-8 miles. eat.gif

These same girls have asked for notebooks so that they can write down everything they know. Dd2 has requested college rule so she will have enough lines but thinks her younger sister can get away with wide ruled paper. ROTFLMAO.gifbiglaugh.gif:rotflmao biglaugh.gif:rotflmao biglaugh.gif:rotflmao biglaugh.gif

I think my parents are trying to cancel on account of weather. shrug.gif I guess we could drive up there. Today is the last shopping trip.

I ran yesterday and today. I feel great. joy.gif Maybe I just need to run more and maybe the girls know this but really? Before I can open my presents? eyesroll.gif
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mommajb ~ now that's funny!!!!  Have a great day and enjoy that Christmas morning run.  After all, there is hot coffee waiting at home for you! P.S. it's great to hear you so happy biggrinbounce.gif


I ended up not running yesterday with all the unpacking and tree buying and grocery shopping. This morning, I AM running, no matter what.


And the super good news ~ we accepted a buyers counter-offer on our Bloomington house!  They have to secure their financing (they are preapproved) and then we'll close between January 18-31!  We won't even have one month with 2 mortgage payments joy.gif


Will be back later to report a run, no matter how sad it may be (and after not running for at least 3 weeks, it's going to be pretty sad).

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Yay, Mommajb! Yay, JayGee!




Had a nice 5 miles this morning with my group. Have I mentioned I LOVE running with this group? Such a nice bunch of people. And the coffee and bagels after is fun too. It makes the runs go so much more quickly.


Getting a haircut today (should I say pruning? She needs pruning shears for my mop).


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Good morning all.  I would love to join despite being intimidated by the frequency of posting and the amazing runners!  I am a seasonal runner and winter cross trainer here in the snow and dark.  I run in the summer and ski and ride my bike on a trainer in the winter.  I will try to keep up, but most of my computer time when not at work is at 4 am on said trainer....... I am looking forward to getting to know this community.  Happy holidays and safe travels to all!

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JayGee - That's wonderful!  How amazing to have everything fall in place like that finally!


Motivated Mama - Congrats on getting going again with running.  Have you been doing a lot of other exercise?  If not, starting with an almost 20 mile week seems like a lot - don't want you to end up with an overuse injury right off the bat.


kerc - not only did I fail to come up with a decent Christmas gift again this year for dh, I recycled an old idea again instead.  My big plan is to smooth that over by writing a love letter, too.  I feel like I don't mention my heartfelt appreciation for him enough - so I hope he'll enjoy it!


Disney runners - a perfect vs. regular goofy?  Geesh.  I hope you can figure it out.  Maybe mamabeth would have some insight since she did Disney before?


NRR - Spent all day yesterday baking cookies and putting gingerbread houses together with friends.  We had 9 kids total running around, and it was a blast.  We even ended up with some actual houses!  Looks like my interview day is going to be January 14th.  Working out the logistics now.  We haven't said anything to our kids, figuring it's best not to stir anything up until we have some idea if we'd even consider a move.  We'll just tell them we're going away for the weekend.


RR - Sadly, nothing to report. I've been busy baking and wrapping, etc and haven't run since Saturday.  I've been so good about keeping a good schedule going recently, too.

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Hey, Dingos!  I cannot believe how this holiday week is flying by.  I have so much to do!  I am working hard at not being crabby that we are travelling instead of staying home.  I need a day with my family, big time.  At least we'll get lots of time together in the car, right? dizzy.gif


My leg is feeling much better now.  I am hoping it will continue to be pain-free.  I still have some twinges going on when I crouch, but nothing too bad.  I think regular yoga will help with that.  I need to run!  Saturday for sure!  


kerc- whew!  I am exhausted just reading your updates.  


mommajb- that's quite a list!  Donuts and coffee!  eat.gif


jo?  Is she on her trip now?  


Anyway, I hope you all are doing great and have awesome holidays, if you haven't already.  I had to work the solstice and I am running behind, so I will eat crow and gladly celebrate Christmas this year with the rest of the family.  The girls did miss the solstice traditions, but I was working till 1am and it just didn't happen. 

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Welcome, Aimee! 


Mommajb - It is so good to hear you sounding like your old self.  I love the notebook idea!  And I love how their plan includes a way for you to run!


JG - I'm so excited for you and your house!  It is all coming together.  Now you can really enjoy your new house with no stress!


MM - I am kinda with Jen on the high mileage week.  Just pay close attention to how your body is feeling and don't be afraid to rest it! (says the woman just getting back to things after a stress fracture likely caused by over training).


Holiday Report - So, usually, this is the time of year when my mother goes off the deep end.  It is usually all my fault, and I usually spend Christmas with her incredibly angry or hurt by me.  The catalyst for this is usually things like me wanting to occasionally take my family to spend Christmas with my husband's mom, or to have the celebration be spent in a venue that doesn't have cats that my husband is severely allergic to.  Anyway, this year, I am happy to report that I am only a very minor player in her drama!  And, bonus, I'm not the one in trouble!  On the down side, though, my poor father is getting it with both barrels!  They don't use credit cards, and he needed to have a credit card to get his printer replaced.  It's a warranty issue, and in order to not be without his printer (he is a photographer, and uses it DAILY to print pictures), they wanted to secure the amount on a card while they sent him a new one, and he returned his old one.  It's NOT a big deal, he's not asking to borrow any money.  We happily agreed, and took care of his business.  As it turns out, though, my mom FLIPPED out when she found out about it.  I'm not sure of the logic, but it is exceedingly upsetting to her.  As of last night, she wasn't talking to him.  I'm very tired of the annual drama, though!


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JB ~ Your kids are AWESOME.  And I love how they put your time front and center.


MM ~ I concur on the sudden high miles, sez the one frantically trying to make the 750 mile goal for 2010.  (33 more...)


Shanti Cookies are cooling to be wrapped up and shared with friends.


Going to COSI today for trains and legos.  Groceries for the weekend, planning meals and getting things done ahead of time for my BILs family to come ... sometime.  Saturday probably.  I called over a playdate for DS who has had the constant attention of grandparents for nearly two weeks now.  K is now sulking.


Running tonight.  Shall we make it 5-6?

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Welcome searcher!


Reporting 3 miles of run/walk on the indoor track at the Y.  And sadly, my old tri club is no longer active greensad.gif.  Perhaps it is my newfound calling to bring it back to life.....

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Gaye, are you in med school?  If so, I am jealous.  I'd like to be there someday. winky.gif  I've got a BS in Biology and I'm almost done my M.P.H (4 credit practicum left) so I'm halfway there!  I'm waiting until the kids are a little older before diving back in full tilt.


mommajb - that's so cute of your girls.  It sounds a lot like my crazy day yesterday.  We celebrated Christmas today.  The kids are so excited with all their new toys.  My Mom really makes it happen for everybody.  I'll remember when I have grandkids and spoil them just as much.


JayGee - Congrats on the offer and good for you getting out there and running today smile.gif


doctorjen (and others) - good luck with the interview!  I was running 3 miles a day in the summer and we did a month of P90X in October.  I've been taking it slow and throwing in some walking.  I actually feel really good!  I only hit almost 20 miles 'cuz I got out everyday orngbiggrin.gif


Well, I have a busy work weekend ahead of me with two 12 hour and one 10 hour day at the animal emergency clinic.  It's been really slow lately, and usually is during the winter months, but holidays can be hit or miss.  I remember my first Christmas overnight, we had 25 in-house patient with one veterinarian and two techs!  Sheesh!  I'm heading to the gym tonight again to run because I don't see me getting out tomorrow or Christmas day.


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bec, what was the name of your scarf thing? I need to know for a family debate. lol.gif
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post

bec, what was the name of your scarf thing? I need to know for a family debate. lol.gif

Are you talking about the Buff?


Bagged the run today for doing the rest of my shopping.  Ugh!!!  I've been going at it for about 6 hours straight!

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Buff! Thank you. I am comparing it to the 'snoods' the footballers have been wearing in Europe and dh isn't buying it.
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