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I probably do roll my shoulders, kinda hard not to when you have breasts like mine Sheepish.gif As it is, I wear my bra, a sports bra on top of that, sometimes a tight fitting tank top, then my shirt. redface.gif I'm usually consciously focusing on relaxing my shoulders, maybe I'm doing it wrong? I've always had a lot of upper back pain, mostly due to the breasts, I think. Now that I'm done having babies (I think), time to get them reduced perhaps? smile.gif

I've got this cat outside on my porch now. I think it's one of my neighbor's. He keeps howling so I put out some food and water since it's so cold and any water is certainly frozen outdoors. He inhaled two fistfuls of food and now he's still howling at my door. I've offered to let him in, but he's weary of all the commotion in my house and I can't stand there with the door open while he keeps running in and out it cold.gif So, he keeps howling outside my door. irked.gif


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WAAAHHHHH you guys I just downloaded my waiver from Disney and I'm in the LAST WAVE. Bib number 8453. It means I don't start until a full half hour after the first wave starts, I'll be standing around shivering from 4-6 freakin' am in the corral!


Plus I will be way in the back. BBM are you in my wave? How the heck can we even begin to arrange meeting up? Oh this is causing me a massive anxiety attack. Am I going to be in the way back with the walkers? How in the world did I get in this corral, I signed up with a confirmed time!


Ugh ugh ugh.


I did go to salvation army today and buy some mangy old sweats to wear to keep warm and toss.


I probably shouldn't waste energy being aggravated but I am anyway.

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Oh no, Nic!  Well, at least you can pass lots of people.....  and good idea with the sweats from the Salvation Army.  I'd be bummed too though.


mommajb ~ I've never run the Tecumseh, but have always wanted to.  It snowed for it this year, and I think was about 9 degrees at the start.


MM ~ poor kitty cat.gif maybe you could put a mangy old blanket on the porch for him to curl up on!


Mamas, I am at my wits end with DD2.  She is SO fussy and difficult and complains about everything.  Today, while I was showering, she came into the bathroom no fewer than 7 times to tell me about all the perceived slights her siblings were inflicting on her.  "They left me alone in the kitchen!", "Kay took my blanket!", "Jacob won't let me play the game!", and my favorite, "I didn't get enough presents for Christmas ~ Jacob and Kay got MORE!" (no, they each got the exact same numbereyesroll.gif).  Oh. My. Goodness.  Nothing is ever right enough, or good enough, or whatever enough for her happiness.  The other two are not like this.  She's just making herself miserable creating drama that doesn't need to exist.  ARGH!!!!!

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Wow JayGee... I have a DS born on exactly the same day as your DD2! I just saw you went from a C/S to a VBAC to a HBAC! Good for you. How awesome. I had two C/Ss, which always kinda bums me out. BTW, my four year old was the sweetest, most agreeable creature until very recently. He is way kooky now trying to irritate us all for fun. I think it is the age. I keep thinking he will just snap out of it like he snapped into it. :)

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Calm down Nic. You can handle this. Breathe now, then run when the time comes. Use your energy on the course. hug.gif

JayGee, You are not doing a good sales job on that race. lol.gif At least it isn't hot. As to the child issue, eyesroll.gif I wish I had ideas for you. Learning the hard way is, well, it is hard for her and mom both.
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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

MM ~ poor kitty cat.gif maybe you could put a mangy old blanket on the porch for him to curl up on!


I totally did that smile.gif And then I've found out that he was my neighbor's cat who had left them with their other neighbor on Sunday. So, I'm wondering if he hadn't eaten since Sunday because he was REALLY hungry. He's inside for now, friendly toward me, but growling at all the other creatures. eyesroll.gif

DD1 is the same age as your DD2 and she does the tattle thing too. It's a little different because she is the oldest, so I'm just like shrug.gif deal with it and don't hurt anybody. Mommy's busy right now. We'll [fill in the blank] later. I figure it's just a cry for attention.

Good luck on race day to all who are going! If you start at the back of the pack, does that really impact your time??



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mommajb~Flying Pig?

graceie~I have a Chariot bike trailer/jogging stroller and love it. I bought it just before DS turned a year old, but with the infant sling in it, I would be comfortable taking a 6 month old or older in it (on smooth roads/paths). I personally am not comfortable with the seats, but that's just me. I feel like I have enough coordination issues without trying to balance an unwieldy seat on the front/back of my bike. Plus, I ride a road bike and train for triathlons...I can do that with a trailer attached (resistance training!) but not so much with a bike seat.

nic~hug.gif You may be able to change corrals at packet pick-up. And even if you can't, don't stress over it. I was WAY in the back at my last marathon because of all the half-marathoners, and it was fine. 17 minutes to cross the start, I think. Annoying, but I just found some friends to talk with and all was good. orngbiggrin.gif
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BTW, my four year old was the sweetest, most agreeable creature until very recently. He is way kooky now trying to irritate us all for fun. I think it is the age. I keep thinking he will just snap out of it like he snapped into it. smile.gif

yeahthat.gif I have quite recently complained about my darling DS in this very forum. He's taken to being completely incapable of doing anything by himself. Including walking five feet away to get his shoes. Or washing his hands after going potty. Seriously. Yesterday, he insisted I go in the bathroom with him while he was going potty. It's the very small upstairs bathroom at my parents' house, so I sat on the edge of the tub while he did his business. And then he had a meltdown because he wanted me to stand RIGHTNEXT to him while he washed his hands. I was all of four feet away from him. rolleyes.gif At the rate four is going, I can't wait until he turns five!!!

I got out for my run this morning, but didn't get up early enough to make it a bit longer (stoopid Pirates of the Caribbean on TV last night bag.gif). So I reversed my loop in an attempt to defeat the evil headwind that's been plaguing me out on the county road on my way back into town. Well, guess what? The evil headwind was on to me and switched directions this morning! irked.giflol.gif

My pedicure was nice, if not fabulous. It was free, and she did a decent job, so I can't complain! And my purple toenail is now disguised by a lovely purplish nail polish!


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Thanks you guys. I am calmer. A bit p-o'd, but calmer. Why bother asking people for confirmed race finish times if you're not going to place them in an appropriate corral? I mean, is a projected 4:45 ish time really the slowest corral?! At Disney?


Sorry. Being whiny.


Anyway, my ds who is now 5 is MUCH more agreeable in the last few months than when he was in the throes of 4. The last couple weeks not so much and I don't know why but even this regression isn't nearly as bad as the 4-year-old drama. It does get better.


JayGee could your dd also be having moving-adjustment issues?


Think I'm going to live large tomorrow and sleep in til 7 or so and run later in the day. Woot.

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JayGee--we've started talking about making mountains out of molehills. We've talked about it enough that I can just say "mountains out of molehills, my friend" and sometimes she'll calm down. I've also been known to issue a complaint limit for the day, and enforce it strictly with "you've reached your limit and I can't hear you." lol.gif Though I bet Nick's right and a lot of this is tied to the move and all the other stuff that went with it.

Nick--that stinks, though hopefully passing tons of people will make up for it.

Gracie--I've used a Burley Solo for riding. If you're planning on more kids, get a double. I figured by the time we had another, my oldest would be too big for the trailer. My 9-month-old hasn't been in the trailer yet, but if the weather gets nice I might take her out on some really smooth trails. I'd ridden with DD1 in the bike trailer when she was 8 months.

Tights question: I'm debating between a pair of Brooks Utopia Thermal tights and a pair of Under Armour ColdGear Evo tights. Any experiences? I want the warmest one, if there is such a thing.

Did 2x1600 on the middle school track near my house after dinner, 5 miles total. I decided it was better to do speedwork too close after dinner in the dark rather than do speedwork in snow and cold (or on the dreadmill) tomorrow. Plus, I've never run on that track due to a sign posted about getting permission to use the field and figured no one would be around to tell me I couldn't at 8 pm during winter break. whistling.gif
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Hi Dingos! I missed you! Tried checking in from NM but the puter was so slow, there was no way I could do it without being a really, really rude guest. I missed something like 150 posts, and there is no way I can catch up but I read enough to know BBM IS GOING TO GET GOOFY! And NICK IS GOING TO PASS EVERYONE! Hooray!


And, drjen, when you come up to interview, tell me. I am here, reb is here and we apparently need outside intervention to get together...JenLove is a couple hours up the road...and I do know a few local docs and would be happy to share what I know about the community and such. Most important, it would just be nice to visit.


NM was holy gorgeous, but no running. I struggled with altitude most of the time, even had an acute enjoyment of it, but what skies and views, fresh air smelling like sage and cedar, crackling fires at night, and just total relaxation. I realized just one day back that I was frowning and my stomach hurt, so obviously I have to make some changes. Dh put in new kitchen flooring and put a little deck on the back door while I was gone, but apparently forgot how to work the vacuum and broom. The house is gross, I have work and dd has a bday party today. But if this is back to normal, I am not going to last long.


The Gulf is looking more like a reality. Gulp. There will be some weird maneuvers to make it happen without dh's managers blocking the move, and then we'll have to figure out how to deal with the farm (probably sell) and blah blah blah. I will likely not look for work there right away if we go (duh, right?). It will be enough to help everyone through the transition for a good while. And as of now I have no idea what sort of timeline we are on. I mean, looking at selling the farm and probably nearly all of our belongings...it's a lot to figure out.


So. Next week is back to normal-ish, so we are going to try to enjoy what's left of break. New Year's is also dh's fake birthday, so I suppose we will do something nice for him. I brought him bordello chips as a gift from Santa Fe, but he might like to do something besides cash them in. Or not. winky.gif

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How did you figure out what wave you were in Nic?  My bib numbers for the half is: 26765 and the full is 8347...is it based on that? 

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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post

How did you figure out what wave you were in Nic?  My bib numbers for the half is: 26765 and the full is 8347...is it based on that? 

 Well I thought the first number of the bib number corresponded to the corral wave, like it has done in the past few races I've been in. But apparently not necessarily, I asked about it on a runnersworld.com forum and one of the guys said that hasn't been the practice at Disney in the past. Although they are changing things this year, because there is no longer a double wave but a succession of waves. So no one really knows what the story is. I guess we'll find out when we get the bibs at check in, because the corral letter is on the bib but not on the waiver. shrug.gif You know, just to make things more interesting.


I did print out my race results from the last half, just in case I freak out at check in or something and can't deal with the last corral -- they have a 'solutions' booth where they deal with this stuff I guess. Probably I won't bother but at least it makes me feel better. Sheepish.gif


Just got back from a nice afternoon at the park, the temps are almost back to normal for this time of year (low 70's); today was cloudy in the high 60's and really felt nice. So we were outside for a good 3 hours and then went to Publix and bought a box of fudgeicles.

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Nic do you want to try and plan on a meetup somewhere? Whether it's at our campsite or your hotel, or something very convenient...then we can go over together and not have to worry about finding one another.   I've never done the goodwill thing before, but I will this year.  That's a long time to wait and be uncomfortable. An hour I can handle, a few....yeah, I'm going to goodwill tomorrow.  We are leaving late on the 1st...so I will be out of touch until long after (no internet access at the fort :( ).

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I would love to BBM. Both HBM and I are staying at the Port Orleans Riverside resort. I'll pm you with my cell phone number. I'll have it with me all the time (even on race day).


There is a pasta buffet type restaurant at our resort, do you guys want to join us for dinner saturday night? I know you'll be resting from the half...just let me know!

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BBM, fuel well. I starting to think about the logistics and getting so excited. Nic, is there online tracking? A post with links and bib #s would be so marvelous if you don;t have too much to think about right now. winky.gif
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That's the link to track...you have to sign up for it... I posted my bib # already... Kathleen surname: g a la r z a.


Fuel well...yup.  I'm having my favorite home made pizza friday night (personal pizza, the size of a restaurant small/medium) and spaghetti dinner saturday night.  Paige, ekmom, Nic - do you guys want to meet at the Fort and go from there?  Katherine - that would be for the half, Paige and Nic the full.  Also do you guys want to meet at our popup and have a spag dinner saturday night? Our plan was to make a ton and share.

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So, I felt my first earthquake this morning. In northwest Ohio, of all places. It was kind of funny, it was just before 8, and I was kind of in that half-asleep state when you're starting to wake up. My parents' house is old (built in 1893) and located on a major truck route, so we're used to the whole house rattling when trucks go by. But this time, it kept going. I was awake enough to register that it was rattling much longer than it should have for just a truck driving by, but not awake enough to think too much about it. A couple of hours later, I see on the internet that there was an earthquake in north central Indiana, and the lightbulb went on! My parents, who were downstairs watching tv at the time, didn't notice it, and didn't really believe me until I found confirmation from a news source. orngtongue.gif

I'm kind of bummed...I didn't get renewed for the Brooks ID program for next year. I didn't get completely bumped, either, but I won't be an ID member any more. Apparently, they just totally overexpanded last year (probably how I got in bag.gif), but they cut it down for 2011. From the sounds of things, about 1/3 of the people made it and the rest are now part of a new "Fanatics" program. The people who made it get a huge (like $250) gear package. Apparently, we'll still get our pro deal (which is a big deal) and a few other small perks, but no team uniform. And Brooks "Fanatic" just doesn't sound as cool as Brooks "ID" team, ya know?

I checked my miles last night, and I'm at 897 for the year. Unfortunately, the weather is pretty crappy and supposed to continue for tomorrow, but I guess I'll suck it up for a cold, wet, and miserable 3 miles to get over 900 for the year...
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I found a great park with a cool toddler play area almost exaclty a mile from me took DS to play on the swings . walked there DS was alseep walked around still asleep so we went home I atemped my first PP none treadmill run I thought a mile would be easy and I was very wrong dame hips it was more like half jog half walk .

 tsjmamma fanatics sounds pretty cool to me thumb.gif

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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post



That's the link to track...

My bib number is 8453

Name is Nicole Brackman 

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Oh, dingos, have a great race!! I'm so excited for y'all. joy.gif


My very modest RR: 3m on the treadmill, during which two people called me and the kids were bouncing around the room. Mmmm, so not relaxing!


Spent most of the day cleaning, after a quick run through Goodwill looking for simple cotton blouses for my upcoming trip to Costa Rica. Blouses: none I liked; other things I Did Not Need but Bought Anyway: 3. bag.gif (Cool vintage-looking coat; lovely sweatervest thing; blouse, but not cotton.) I have too many clothes, sadly.


Have dd's birthday party mostly planned, minus the 10 or so hours of cleaning that will be necessary to bring our house into reasonable condition for guests. Sigh. At least dh is home for the next few days and I can put him to work.

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