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mommajb, RM and other Indy-ish Dingoes!  I just found out about an all-women's half-marathon in Indianapolis on September 3 (Labor Day weekend).  Website is here.  It's only $35, so I might just sign up and give it a whirl!

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I found this http://www.fitnessforvitality.com/5k10k.html  I might  " walk/jog " the 5k in march

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Hey ladies, just popping in to let you know I'm not running the Disney Half... I haven't run since Nov. 10 so there's just no way.  Furthermore, we've switched the week we're going to Disney, so we won't even be down there then.  greensad.gif  It was just going to be me and the kids, and then my sister said she could go for the whole week... it was easier for her to rearrange her schedule later in January, so we're going the last week in January.  I hate that I'm going to miss seeing y'all.  I will be tracking and cheering you on from here!  I am excited for y'all!  You've DEFINITELY got this.  thumb.gif

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GOOD LUCK nic and bbm! You'll be running on my baby's 2yo bday!

No run for me yesterday. So far this week I've run 5 and 4, running every other day. My fingers are still tingly, but not painful or numb, so I'm going to see what today's run feels like. I think I'll do a 5k on the tm.
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Jaygee~I've got one of those children too.  Sigh.  He is such a big hearted child as well.  I have instructed all children not to interrupt my 5 minute shower unless it is an emergency (or face the wrath!  jk!).  There is a great book "Siblings without Rivalry" that has helped my word choice in the "he got more than me!!" comments.  Doesn't solve or prevent everything but helps me cope.  Also, giving said child something to do right outside the shower/bathroom during the time I am getting ready helped me.  Puzzle, game, coloring, reading, etc that kept child away from other children.  Good luck mama!


BBM~can't wait to hear about your race weekend!  :bow


Nic~can't wait to hear about your race either!  Do what you need to about corral, then enjoy; it might be your funnest race yet!


RR: none yet (bag on head) although picked up my bodyrock.tv work outs like I hadn't stopped months ago and while I have been able to do them, I am in a lot of PAIN.  haha!  Serves me right.  :)


Must find good half running plan!!


Just ordered the straps that go on the pull up bar to do the hanging ab exercises more easily (my hands were hurting doing them hanging from my hands).  Excited for them to get here. 


Start new job set up this week to start the week of the 10th.  Also have to decide if I will take on full leadership of the women's group at church (70 women, largest womens ministry group at our church).   Also, need to decide and make movement on some type of college schooling....Also, still waiting to hear about the house we bid on 9 months ago.   THEN decide what to do with this house.  Ahhhh,,,, change.  :)  ANd finally, should I shoot for a full marathon next fall?!  


Jo~I hear you on transition!!  :)  Hugs! 

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wave.gif Morning Dingos!


Wah!  I had a big post all ready to post yesterday, got distracted and wandered off and then my computer restarted itself in the night.  Which leads me to

New Year's Resolution #1 - Finish small tasks before moving to next thing. ROTFLMAO.gif


JenLove - I'm inspired by your menu plan!  I have to track down my calendar and get to work on one here too.


BBM, Nic, HBM - I'm so excited for your races!  I've got myself all signed up for notifications for each of you and my buddy Nick who is also doing the Goofy.


Jo - Gulp indeed!  I'm excited for you but I'm also kind of sad to think that I won't have the map to your house in my brain anymore.


DrJen - And, if Jo doesn't end up going to the other side of the planet you'd end up in a hotbed of Dingo awesomeness in Appelton.  Good luck with the interviews, I hope you find the perfect fit for you and your family.


Gaye - I actually think Fanatic sounds a little more fun than ID. 


RM - I need to channel your mojo.  I can't find mine ANYWHERE!  I tried to run yesterday, lasted all of 10 minutes.  Then I did a low intensity interval thing for 20 minutes before wandering off.  Please keep posting about your workouts!  I'm hoping they will help me develop the critical mass to get me moving again.


Memiles - I have to go find that warrior dash link - it sounds like it could be tempting.


MM - I used to get the tingly finger thing when I first started running but it went away as I got more accustomed to running.  I hope yours goes soon too.


Eks - Good to see you here!  blowkiss.gif


Nemesis - clap.giffor reestablishing the habit!


Penelope - My favorite store!  Hope your dh is helping.


So, like I mentioned, still no mojo.  But, I did finally step onto the scale yesterday and although it could have been far worse considering, it was still not pretty.  So New Year's Resolution #2 - Cutting out refined sugar, adding in more water, whole grains, more veggies.  The diet we all know we should stick to, that's it.  And this one I'm starting today.  I've got some sort of eczema on my hands, moles popping up all over my face and puffy eyelids - all of which I suspect is linked to my terrible diet of late. 


I still need to work on the exercise related New Year's Resolution.  Do I shoot for a mileage goal?  A # of days per week goal?  A # of consecutive pushups goal?  All of the above?    Have to think about that for a bit.  Now to give the chickens some water.



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MM glad the numb is better


running that sound like a lot good luck with it


plady did you make it to the tubing ?  I  allergic to wheat / dairy and cane sugar and don't do well with yeast the end result is a almost completely whole foods diet Ive just gotten on track with it sense my son was born and its been great PM me if you want some fast whole foods recipes . also have you tried getting a bigger water bottle its the simplest thing but made such a big difference in how much water I drink


me Im heading to green lake to again walk it but am adding in little one minute run/jogs so its something I really thought I would be in better shape by 7 months pp but no Im a stringy size zero and refuseing to buy smaller pants  becuse any day now Im going to get some muscle on these hips ugh

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Graceie, I heart Greenlake - my brother lives near there and when I visit them it's my favorite run. Next time I'm in town we should meet up for a walk or run.



I'm slowly knocking off projects here... have some major work to do in the next couple of days, though. (Although it sounds much fancier than I actually am - I have to get the final edits on my upcoming book chapter in before I leave for Costa Rica! And also get the details nailed down on the conference I'm organizing in San Francisco next fall. Oh, woe is me. lol.gif) I read a book that's mostly about what my (collaborative project) book chapter is on, and while I liked it, our critical analysis is much better done. So that makes me happy.


No RR as it's icy and crappy out and I lack the will to run on the 'mill today, but I'm planning a nice run tomorrow.


Off to work, sigh...

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blowkiss.gif Hello everyone!


To all you Disney runners, good luck! I am going to try and figure out the notifications thing so I can stalk you guys.


Geo, sorry about your DS's fall. Poor guy.


Gaye, I like the sound of fanatic, too. You rock either way!


Jo, I'm glad you got a trip for yourself! That sounds really nice. And the news about a potential move? Wow, you are fearless. It sounds very exciting! And would it mean that your DH would not have to be away from home so much?


Plady, I'm with you on the diet resolution. You know, I would have opted for a mileage goal, but given my injury plagued year, I'm going to vote for the # of workouts. And the pushups. How about adding pull-ups or something upper body to that? Are you still doing TKD?


Anyone have any other good resolutions for 2011?


I'm behind again, from days away from the computer. After Christmas, my oldest DD took a trip up to visit her cousins and ski her heart out, while DH and I took the younger two for a short ski trip to NC. There was tons of snow, really the conditions were perfect, but this ski area (I purposely avoid using the term 'resort') is not really worth visiting. I found it so disorganized, the facilities were ancient and the lifts are so slow. I must sound like a snob, and I don't mean to, but I like to have decent cup of coffee when I take a break from skiing. eyesroll.gif Priorities.


So both the little ones came down with fevers once we got home. Today has been the worst, with DS hitting 104 (which is the temp that makes me feel panicky) before responding to the tylenol. Now they are just chilling out and listening to a book on CD. DH feels crummy, too, and that means that we probably won't stay up to greet the New Year. Oh well, I'll just greet it in the morning!


No update on my bike. We have checked at the pawn shop, but no dice. It really wasn't an expensive bike, and, more than its actual loss, it is the fact that someone came behind our house and took it. That makes me feel nervous and distrustful of our neighbors. greensad.gif Oh, and the value of the bike is lower than our deductible. Otherwise, I am thinking of buying a cheap, used bike for now. I want to try a road bike, so that would be a way for me to figure out what I like without plopping down a lot of money for it.


FM: ran 25 minutes (I think this is week 7 of c25k) two days ago.  I will do that same workout again today.



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Graceie - We did go tubing.  It was good for the kids, a very easy intro to mountain sport I guess.  It requires a certain amount of patience, the downhill part would take about 15-20 seconds (maybe?) and then the getting back to the top took about 12-14 minutes.  Had we walked up we could have made more runs but my snow boots have no tread at all so I couldn't walk and pull a tube with a 3 y.o in it.  But, the kids did enjoy it, it's relatively cheap and right off I-90, so easy to get to.  However, it made me just feel even more desperate to get back up there with something strapped to my feet. 

As for diet, I did get a nice water bottle for myself, just have to start keeping it filled and with me!  And I basically only cook whole foods, I've just gone off the rails with desserts since Thanksgiving, too many parties and potlucks and "special occasions".  But, that said, I love new recipes so bring them on! :)

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RR ~ ran with DH at the Y love.gif!  Two miles, followed by 20 minutes in the locker room for a tornado warning, then another mile or so for a total of 3 at least.  The tornado warning I could have done without, but at least we didn't get the actual tornado like they did in St. Louis.


Anyone doing anything exciting tonight?  We're staying home, playing games, eating yummy food, and hopefully talking the kids OUT of staying up until midnight ROTFLMAO.gif!

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I went to register for the WA Warrior Dash and found the site down.   It said they were extending the reduced registration ($40) until 1/7. 


So, if anyone wants to coordinate waves (you get to pick at registration), PM me or message me on FB.  Don't make me do this alone!  

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I keep trying to think of running goals for 2011, but I am sick with the stomach flu right now and it isn't happening.  Anything other than extreme nausea sounds good right now.  redface.gif

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Good luck to those of your running Disney! How exciting! Enjoy! clap.gif


TJs: Fanatics definitely sounds cool! thumb.gif


I didn't get to run today. I am mountain biking in the morning though and I think I will try to run three afterward. I committed to a gathering tomorrow, but I'm kinda regretting it... I'd like to just ride/run without worrying about the time since no one wants to get out until 10. 

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Penelope--hope your work went well.

Plady--Hope 2011 brings you mucho mojo. Also, what kind of water bottle did you get?

RM--good luck with the new job and all the other decisions.

Mel--a decent cup of coffee when skiing sounds reasonable. I don't downhill ski (yet) but my skiing fantasy includes good coffee when I take a break from the slopes. Hope you avoid getting sick and everyone else recovers quickly.

JayGee--yay for a good run, despite the tornado warning.

Nemesis--ugh! Hope you feel better soon.

NYE: We're not doing anything exciting. We'll probably watch some Simpsons reruns, watch the ball drop in NY, read a little, knit a little (me, not DH) and I'd like to do some crosstraining (the real kind and maybe the other?). I started doing some strength exercises before dinner and would like to finish that workout before bed. I also want to keep organizing and putting pics into albums. I hadn't done it since December 2008, and DH passes them around to people who get them all out of order, so it's been a bit of a nightmare.

After yesterday's snowstorm it got really cold here. I was thinking I'd brave it anyhow, but the path still has snow and ice, it was 9 degrees with a -5 windchill, and it seemed like running on the dreadmill would be a great opportunity to wear the SkirtSports skirt that I got for Christmas. wink1.gif However, in order to run, I needed to let R "run" on it for a few minutes and then she said it was my turn and spent the next 15 minutes asking when her turn would be. I was trying to listen to a podcast, but that didn't stop her from loudly playing the piano and singing and trying to carry on a conversation. Then she wanted to play in her dollhouse which is located a foot from the belt, so I moved her smaller house and pulled the cord off the TM and lost everything I'd already done. :doh Eventually she got bored and went back upstairs to play with DH. Mercifully, J gave me 45 minutes before she wanted to nurse again (she's teething, so we're nursing pretty much every 30-60 minutes lately).

Oh, and I picked up some insulated running tights today. joy.gif
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realreailm warm tight sound really good right now enjoy thumb.gif

jaylee  tornado warning sound scary glad it didn't show up

plady I will sent you a few when I cant think also deserts are super tasty and water bottles heavy and easy to forget when you have 80 other things going on

green lake was a miss DS was unhappy about something I'm not sure what . out what tired the walk and nurse but am sorta uncomfortable with everyone passing by me starring at my breast lol tried sitting changed in in the pack in the stroller he would just not have it I probably walked  a mile slowly stopping a lot

new years res hmm run a mile ? go back to work , have another baby thumb.gif

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Happy New Years!!!!



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