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Gaye - I'd also go over the story before you go.  I remember seeing it as a surprise as a kid and I didn't understand anything and got really bored because I also wasn't waiting to see what the next scene would look like.  I think Toy Story 3 with all of the talking is much simpler to get in the moment but ballet, notsomuch.  That said I think with some prep you'll have a great time. 


ST - Good luck with the math!  I'd be in the same boat, I only had to take Math-for-Artists as a last req for graduation in college and although I passed easily, all that solving for x y and z stuff seems so far away and long long ago.


Jo!  Nice work!  And I have to admit to emitting a loud and probably ugly PAH! at the idea of your mom taking it in stride, the memory of my mom sobbing when she heard that I'd chosen hanging out with my boyfriend over going to Easter mass at 16 playing in the back of my mind.  I do hope she doesn't do anything silly.  And of course, we don't really have the same mom.


That Stone Soup sounds great!  I'm going to check it out.


Nic - Hope you're out there having a lovely run, or more likely home, having a lovely post 20 anything-you-want. :)


So, I still haven't figured out the non-graphic smiley technique, anyone?


We have a sunny day here for the first time in weeks so I'm going to try to keep us outside as much as possible.  Have a beautiful day Dingos!

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Whoever DDDDC'd me: flowersforyou.gif


No run today. Was up and on the road at 7 to pick up dd from a sleepover 45min away, then straight back in time for swim lessons, now a few chores, and this afternoon I get to go to a Pampered Chef party with my sister.


Sparkle, I emailed you dates and approximate location. I hope we can hook up. Looks like NM has fantastic running weather, too!

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Huh. Well I thought I'd posted from my Blackberry but apparently it didn't post.


So ... I RAN 19.5 MILES!!!! And lived to tell the tale. I tripped and fell (what I lack in grace, I apparently make up for in humor) eyesroll.gif and although I was totally fine, at that point I was just done. Last .5 mile be darned. I'm sure I could have done it. Heh. I have no clue my 'real' time because I messed up the garmin when I fell, and I had been mainly paying attention to the mileage and pace and not to total time. I think it was like 3:40 or so and change.


I really felt quite fine the whole way. I finally got to run with my new track club buddies so the first 12 miles were with friends (new ones!) and they really sped by. It seemed so effortless. Odd. Then the last 7.5 I did on my own, which was lonely and boring but since I knew I was on the latter half of the run, it was okay. Plus I managed to get myself a bit lost so I was occupied trying to figure out how to find the 'breadcrumbs' take-you-back-the-way-you-came thingamajig on the Garmin (never did figure it out). I like this route because there are places you can stop and use the bathroom, and/or buy drinks and snacks along the way. Next time I can probably lose the huge fuelbelt and just carry the spibelt with gu and keys, money, etc. We'll see.


Anyway, stopped on the way home and ate something, came home, took a shower, lied down on the bed for a 'minute' and it is now 1.5 hours later! lol.gif I'm still tired and could sleep the day away if I was 'allowed' however mommy duty calls....


I am now feeling more confident about the marathon...

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nic - clap.gifjoy.gif
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Great job, Nic!!!!  You are a marathon force to be reckoned with!!!


It's snowing like crazy outside.  We have at least 4 inches on the ground already and more falling.  The kids are all antsy to go outside, but DH wanted to nap first eyesroll.gif.  And DD1 is heartbroken because her best friend was supposed to spend the night and cancelled at the last minute because "she didn't feel like it".  Gee... thanks.  This was supposed to be their big, farewell sleepover before we move away too.  I'm not sure her friend grasps the fact that Kay won't BE HERE anymore after the 17th.


Wish I still had my cross-country skis from college.  It would be a perfect activity today.

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Nice job, nic! clap.gif

One more pharm test is in the books...although it was not nearly as easy as it was alleged to be. I did ok, though, so I'm not going to complain *too* much. orngtongue.gif One more test next week, and then a take-home and it's done, hooray!

I was chatting with a friend on FB last night and she offered to set me up with a guy she knows...single dad of a 2 year old DD, engineer, supposedly cute. Why do I panic as soon as someone brings something like this up?! I did end up telling her that I was kind of interested, just a little freaked out at the idea, so we'll see, I guess. bag.gif
Thanks for the Nutcracker advice...I think we're going to take the light rail, so maybe I'll see if I can find something we can take on the light rail with us. I really want him to enjoy it, which I think he'll love the spectacle, if nothing else, but I think knowing the story would definitely help!

I forced myself out the door for a run when I got home from class. I really, really did not want to go. And you know what? It felt SO GOOD!!! So glad I got out there! Just a quick 4.5 miles. I'm running with a good friend in the morning and I haven't seen her in forever, so I'm really looking forward to that. Except for the part where she's an early bird and is making me go earlier than I would have if I was going with the trail running group. winky.gif

Time to get baking and jump in the shower...we're having an end-of-season party for my group of triathlon friends. Where I will feel like a total amateur next to Sonja and Michelle, Kona qualifiers. orngbiggrin.gif
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Nic - clap.gif

JayGee - I'm jealous. Our weather is 60+ one day, under 40 the next, mother nature can't seem to make up her mind.

tjsmama - I would definately bring binoculars, even if you don't think you'll need them, it might up the entertainment value for him if he gets bored. I remember doing that once when I was realllly young.


Spent my entire day building and sorting bikes for our bike society's donation to Salvation Army, I'm exhausted, but it was so much fun! It's not that I really talked much to the other people (tho there were a few people I ride with that I spent some time around) I just really enjoyed such a great cause and threw myself into it. I love having projects orngtongue.gif


Another odd question from me: After being on my feet all day today both of my large toes (on the nail to be specific) are hurting, alot. This was the most I've been on my feet since the half mary two weeks ago. Do you think it's related to that or ?? I haven't really done much physical activity since then, so I don't know what else it would be.

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Nic - WOOT!!!!! Way to go on the run, mama!  And, that's what I figured about my makeshift menorah.  My MIL was quite impressed, and that is what really matters.  I think she really appreciated me making this work for her and the kids more than anything.  I don't know what the holidays are really about, other than appreciating friends and family, celebrating traditions, and being thankful for the things we have, and helping those that don't. 


Speaking of which, it was mostly a rest day today.  I had planned 4 miles, but the snow and DH's work schedule threw me for a loop.  Yak-Trax alter my stride just a little bit, and I was nervous dealing with that and 1st snow drivers.  So, I'm going to do it tomorrow.  Instead, I spent the day with my dear friend and her kids.  It was her oldest's birthday, so we had a great day.  Did a little snow shoveling, and just had a relaxing day with a friend. 


Kids' birthday party tomorrow, so I am hoping it goes well.  It should do.  It's going to be relaxed and laid back, with a few stations the kids can work around.  Origami, tattoos, face painting, and cupcake frosting. 

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I've been absent from the boards lately; life has gotten in the way of my internet surfing.  Right now I have a bit of free time when I should be painting the basement, so I thought I'd check in.


Still no running to report; I plan on hitting the roads again on Monday.  Hopefully the last vestiges of my cold will have cleared up before then.


Around here we are also so excited about The Nutcracker coming up tomorrow.  I'm just stressed that FIL won't arrive in time to make it to the theater before it starts, but I'm generally time-obsessed so that's not a new thing.  We've been reading this gorgeous pop-up version of the story to get warmed up. Gaye, we went last year to a more local production, and it really helped my kids (who were 3.5 and 5 at the time) to be able to remember "oh, yeah, this is where there's the battle!" etc.  They were more engaged when they had an idea of what it was all about.


Geo--I think it was you who expressed interest in the newest horrifying girls book I was reading--"Cinderella Ate My Daughter."  As you predicted, it's pretty heavy on the problems and light on solutions.  It did help me clarify to DH exactly the problem I have with my 10-year-old niece's Facebook account, though.  I'd been trying to explain my unease, and this book has a whole chapter on Facebook, in which the author observes "....thoughts, photos, tastes, and activities are laid out for immediate approval or rejection by hundreds of people, many of whom are relative strangers.  The self... becomes a brand, something to be marketed to others rather than developed from within.  Instead of intimates with whom you interact for the sake of the exchange, friends become your consumers, an audience for whom you perform."  There are a handful of similar gems of insight, but the solution is the same old thing: keep your kids close, limit their internet time, make sure their values are intrinsic.  Same stuff we're all desperately trying to do, anyway.

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Reading, following along. Not much to add but love keeping up with you all.

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La - That is a very insightful thought about Facebook, and really does a good job of articulating my unease about such social networking sites!

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Just skimmed the end of the November thread and this one... I know I've missed a lot and I don't see my participation increasing anytime soon, but I really miss y'all and wanted to stay connected even if just a little bit.


JayGee, I hope everything turns out to be OK.  Thinking of you, mama.  Glad your dad came through his surgery all right.


I am in a mood and really dreading tomorrow (today) which I guess is why I'm still up at this ridiculous hour... will spare you an update until I am in a bit better frame of mind.  Thank you for all the good thoughts that you have been sending my way.  xoxo

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Thinking of you a lot lately, eksmom.  :grouphug:


Thanks for the summary LaLa.  It's consistent with the other things I've read.  I've been doing some more reading on a related topic this week on stereotype threat because of an article in Science.  Subtle cues can have a huge effect on girls in science and math for the positive or negative.  (There are also effects on different ethnic groups in everything ranging from academic to athletic performance.)  It's amazing stuff, and I'm wondering if there's a role there for slightly different parenting.


K spent much of yesterday on the couch asleep.  She does sick well.  She parked herself on the couch for the day and slept.  After 8 hours, she had a fever, all of which was gone 12 hours later, recovery signaled by criticizing E's Monopoly strategy.  The bits on consciousness in between all the sleep were filled with watching Fiddler on the Roof and questions.  We covered Judaism, Judaism in the movie vs Judaism DD sees at school, pogroms, the vilification of minority groups, Communism, why traditions are hard to change, and Isaac Stern.  I remember thinking that Nic would be proud :wink.  As would my 12th grade Russian history teacher.


I totally screwed up on my group run yesterday, and ended up missing everyone by about 2 minutes.  It was too long for me to ever catch them, I could just see their flash of light going around the far corner.  I tried to cut em off at a turn, but didn't find them.  I got 5.5 miles in on my own, ultimately a peaceful, if frustrating run.  Trying again this morning, then I'm starting winter yoga with C at 10.  Guests coming at 4.  At some point I need to go grocery shopping and finish writing a final exam.

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Hi, Dingos!  I am so behind, I haven't even caught up on the November thread!


Geo- your soap was sent.  I hope it gets there soon, and I'm sorry I didn't see the order right away! :)  


My internet is still spotty, I don't have much time and typing on the ipod is enough to make a person homicidal. 


Work is going great except for my knee is hurting really bad now.  On my days off, it isn't bad and I can keep it reasonable with lots of stretching on the days I work shorter shifts.  But yesterday I worked a full 8 hours and I am in so much pain, I had to call in today.  So..  What else can I do?  I plan on seeing if I need a referral for PT and figure that stuff out, but in the mean time..?


I have been doing stretches where I lay on my back and put my leg straight up, then to the side (I can't think of a name for it) and also pulling my knee to my chest while sitting up, as well as just touch-your-toes stretches.    


My knee hurts on the outside and the top/side of the knee all the way up to my hip.  It aches and also it hurts a lot when I try to crouch down, to where I can't bend my knee all the way.   It feels better on my days off, but still a little achy.  I am just walking at work, but a lot.  I would say 5+ miles a night, easily.  I don't get Garmin reception in the warehouse (but I've tried).. :)  


Any ideas as to what else I can be doing?  I bought a foam roller, but I'm having a hard time using it effectively, I think.  Tips?


I hope I can check in again tonight or tomorrow.

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RR: 4 miles done at the gym.  It is really chilly, and there are ice spots all over the place, so I went to the gym.  To break up the tedium, I did 1 mile on the indoor track, 1 on the mill, repeat.  It worked pretty well, and I had a relatively fast and not horrifically boring run.


Now, to get ready for birthday party madness!


Eks - I'm glad you checked in.  You and your kids have been on my mind lots.  hug.gif

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eks~hug.gif Thinking of you.

nemesis~Really sounds like IT Band. Foam roller, foam roller, foam roller. You can also do some self-massage on it, and lots of ice. I found this video that's pretty good to show you what you need to do, although the guy's shorts concern me a little. orngbiggrin.gif The first one that he shows is the one you should really work on. Warning: it's gonna hurt. Probably bad. You may tear up. I definitely did the first time my PT did it. It'll get a little better every time you do it, though.

Fun, fun party with the tri group last night. Lots of laughs. And I wasn't even the slowest one there. :P And then I had a great trail run this morning with my good friend who I haven't seen in two months. We got to get caught up on all the latest news and get a workout at the same time, what more can you ask for?! This was the same run I did about a month ago that I forgot my inhaler and was dying...turns out the inhaler makes a world of difference! I was still dying, just in a completely different way, without wheezing and coughing. redface.gif

And now, just waiting for DS to get home so we can head off to the Nutcracker! I'm going to try to go over the story with him on the light rail. I wish I had some binoculars, since we are in the nosebleed seats, but maybe I'll get some there if they won't cost me an arm and a leg. And I just found out that a friend and her DD are going to the same performance, so we'll get to see them, which will be fun. And then I get to come home and take a test, finish a care plan, and do some research. Good times!
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Dragging myself off the couch to go run. (I did 4.5 hours of church today, people. Man. And have dh's work party at 6, so I'm going to rock those running shoes while I can...)

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Back from our last afternoon at the climbing gym here greensad.gif.  The kids had a blast though and we got lots of good pictures of them climbing.  John headed back to Illinois and now we're having a mellow evening before the craziness that is this week begins.  Note to anyone out there considering moving just before Christmas... don't.  Not only do I have all the moving stuff to contend with, but also gift buying, class parties, and a preschool sing-a-long at the mall eyesroll.gif.  Throw in a breast biopsy, a haircut/color, and gymnastics show week and you've got the picture. 


eksmom ~ so good to hear from you.  You've been in my thoughts and prayers.


Gotta run.  The kids have decided to clean their shoes in preparation for St. Nicholas Day tomorrow!

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Hang in there, JG!

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Hello!  I'd like to join your thread. I'm in Brazil so no snow to deal with.  I'm interested in transitioning from regular running shoes to barefoot.  I have a question for those who are more experienced.  I used to run barefoot style but with regular shoes and found that it really stressed my posterior tibial tendon.  I have extremely high arches (ex-ballet dancer).  Could this have been from using a regular running shoe to try to accomplish barefoot running?  

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