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Wooden food or Felt food ? Which kids like best ? - Page 2

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we like felt and plastic here. they seem the most realistic and the wood food is just too hard (i have a thrower), we do have the m&d sushi set but it is all chipped up. yuck.


i also just bought they ikea foods and they seem pretty cute! my absolute favorite is the haba biofino line though. the food is so fun!!

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I prefer the plan toys food. Their cutting wooden food is terrific. They now have wooden fruit and meat too. We love the breakfast set. Nice quality and detail, not horrible priced, good design. Favorites in our house. Some of the haba food is good and some is not. The little cakes and cookiess are awesome. Some of the other biofino stuff is not nice at all like the sandwich. (And the biofino line of cloth is made in China). The wooden haba is nice by tiny. Our etsy felt food gets the least play with the exception of the chicken with velcro parts. I don't know why.


We have M&D as well but I don't like it. Clumsy compared to the PT and the paint chips and it looks shabby. That being said, the pizza set was a huge hit for a long time at age 2. Also, 50% lots of it today on amazon.

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The Ikea stuff is not actually felt... it's sewn from some other fabric that is easier to clean and doesn't attract hair and dust like felt.  We have a few of their sets and they get a lot of play, and hold up very well.

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We have both wooden and felt and definitely prefer the wooden.  Like others said, the felt is harder to clean.  My kids just seems to like the wooden more too.  I am not a Melissa and Doug fan.  Their stuff just does not seem that well made to me.  We have a fair amount of the Plan Toys wooden food and it has held up great over the years.  The kids love the cutting food the most.  Haba stuff is nice too.  Either one would be my choice.  I just tend to find better deals on the Plan Toys.

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We have lots of haba and plan toys play food which are all great. There is also some felt items I made myself which the kids like a lot. We don't have pets and keep our house very clean so the felt doesn't get dirty but I could see how it might with pet hair around. I made the felt food myself, you can get a couple pieces out of one 39¢ sheet of felt and a penny's worth of thread so even if they don't last too long it's not a big investment. I made all flat foods; pancakes, cheese slices, kiwi slices, leaves for a salad, big lettuce leaf for sandwiches, butter pats, fried eggs, big tan circles that work as pizza crust or tortillas, pink rounds for meat slices, and one steak which came out great made from red and white felt. We also have a knit artichoke and lobster (who is mostly a sea creature rather than a meal) from Palumba.

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