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We try to limit the number of shoes that everyone in the house owns - really only 1 pair for each season, and that is all that is kept at the front door.  The rest are stored away with the off season clothes.  Right now DS just has a pair of runners and DD has a pair of Mary Janes by the front door.  In a month or so when it is consistantly hot those will go to their bedrooms and their sandals will come out.  DH gets two pairs of shoes (seasonal and work shoes), and I usually have one or two.  They all live on a shoe rack in the front closet.  Guests just leave shoes in a row on the entry mat.

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i love this kind of shoe rack


 it looks like furniture, not like shoes. it's a great way to store everybody's shoes.

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We have been using a basket....in a rental so don't want to build anything in...

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Originally Posted by ChristyMarie View Post

Google "shoe cabinet" and you'll find a ton of narrow options good for small spaces.


I'm in the same quandry as the OP.  We almost always enter from the garage into a teensy weensy mud room. But this looks like it could work for us....and maybe the OP, too!


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i have tried any number of different ways of managing this, and it always ends up in a pile. LOL So funny how this happens. I've had shoe racks, just lining them up, a show cabinet, etc etc etc etc etc etc. I've tried everything.


Rules helped. 1. only 3 pairs of shoes allowed "out" on that rack at a time. If you are going to wear a different pair of shoes, those have to go back into the closet OR you move one pair from the rack to the closet. 2. muddy shoes go into the muddy shoe spot (which is a special sisal door mat). 3. Your other two pairs go in a line. 


DH is the worst offender. DS and I only have two pairs of shoes out: wet weather and dry weather. DH has 6 pairs of shoes out -- most of which he doesn't need out at all! He doesn't like to be bossed, and he doesn't like me to move his stuff, but i do the second anyway. Because I need the space to be clean. :D

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I do not require no shoes in the house.  (I tried it, then stubbed my toe and dropped something heavy on my foot.  For my feet's safety, I should probably always wear steel-toe boots. I swear, though, it only happens when I'm unshod.) But, we keep a shelf by the door to place shoes on.  I have to police it often. 

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When my kids were younger we used to have the usual lineup of shoes by the front door, or inside the entry closet if our home had one. Now that my kids are older (and we have no entry closet again) we all carry our shoes to our bedrooms and store them there. It took us a while to remember to pick up shoes before walking as far as the front door, but we've all adapted. 

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