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My dd has always been a very good eater.  Recently she is refusing to eat and sleep for that matter.  She has two incisors, two canines that just broke the skin, 2 more canines just about to break through and now it appears her first molars and starting to come through.  She isn't eating much at all.  Mac and cheese and some carrots every now and then.  She does like to drink a lot of milk so I increased her milk intake.  I don't know if that is a good idea or not though?  I worry that she isn't getting enough food and the Dr already makes me worried because she is under weight in their opinion.  33 inches and 20 pounds doesn't sound too bad to me personally especially since when she came home from the hospital she was barely 5 lbs.  Today she did eat yogurt for the first time in awhile, not much maybe 2 ounces.  Anything else i can give her?  I have tried everything.  I give her Humphrey's teething strips which seem to help with the pain just not the food situation.