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Second hcg level...

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Not too good.  The first was 117, 48 hours later it was only 189.  I know that's technically "normal", but given my history of miscarriage and the light bleeding I've had on and off, I think that means bad news.  I'm not sure what the doc plans to do next, but I'll keep you all updated.


I have mixed emotions.  On one hand, I'm slightly relieved because this is just not a good time for us, but on the other hand, the idea of having another child has grown on me.  I'm not going to grieve just yet, because strange things happen.  But I just don't think this pregnancy is viable. :(

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According to the betabase, that's a doubling time of 69.38 hours, which is pretty good, actually.  Normally the ideal is 48-72.  smile.gif  I will fingersx.gif that everything goes well. 

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I hope you get the news you're wanting mama! flowersforyou.gif Was thinking of you the past couple days!

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