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grandma trying naptime

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I'm trying to finish up a degree, and now have family in town for the first time in a while :) They will be here for several months, and my mom offered to do naptime at her house. DD is almost 2 and has never had anyone but myself or DH put her to sleep. DD cosleeps and is accustomed to rocking to sleep, and it's a pretty involved process that takes 30-45 minutes. I've instructed grandma in the naptime "routine", but she's going on 2 hrs now with a very upset little girl and is about to give up. I've put her to sleep at grandma's house before with no problem, so I suspect that the problem is the fact that I'm not there vs. the environment. For those of you who have done this, about how long did it take for someone new to learn how to get your LO to bed? Should I persevere or give up? I hate not being there to comfort her, and the rest of the day/night is going to be a disaster if she doesn't nap at all. Help!

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Congrats on the degree! And hugs to ya - this is a toughie. In our case, we had to let DD and grandma fumble a bit to find their own method that worked for them. It's not my preferred way (because I don't think she's naps long enough) but it's what works for them so I let it be...
Good luck!
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Thanks for reply and kind words :) I'm guessing we're going be fumbling for a while too. Things weren't as bad as I had feared after her no-nap day yesterday, so we're probably going to give it another try next week and hope for the best. Luckily my mom is as anti-CIO as I am, so we don't have any difference of opinion about how to get the job done. DD is just a sensitive little girl who likes her routine and has always taken FOREVER to settle. Hopefully grandma will have the patience to hang in there..

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I'm sure they will figure it out. They only way I was ok with it was because I could trust my mom not to let her CIO (not that there haven't been a few tears :0)

What was surprising to me is that DD will fall asleep with my mom in ways that she will NEVER with me (like in the stroller). Hang in there!
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yep, this is a toughie. ds goes to his grandpa's one day a week and he just wasn't napping there at all, so they started timing things so they were in the car where he would for sure fall asleep and at least he got some of a nap. just like you, it wasn't as long of a nap as i would've wanted and evenings were a little rough, but they did their best. of course as soon as they got into that routine, ds decides to phase out naps, so now i'm telling them to try NOT to let him fall asleep while he's there because then it just means later bedtime, etc.

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