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It's gross. To the OP, my MIL did the very same thing. Pile up scraps onto a dinner plate, put it down on the carpeted floor in the TV room and let the dog have at it.  Just... yuck.


I'm not going to argue whether it's really unhygienic or not.  It's just not OK to do that with guests around.


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There used to be a bar in our neighborhood that would do this with their plates. Seemed a little odd to me, but on the other hand, it was a dive, and it did have big dogs wandering around the bar (legal? I was never sure; they served some bar-type munchy food, but weren't a restaurant), and they had a big industrial dishwasher so I figured it got anything questionable off. 

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My dog licks D's high chair tray clean, then I was it in the sink with soap and hot water.  It doesn't gross me out one bit, considering he also lets dog eat out of his hand and then finishes the bite himself.  I guess I just have a very high threshold for pet grossness LOL.

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I think it is gross, but then I don't really like dogs. And my daughter is incredibly allergic to dog saliva, so not only gross, but potentially life threatening.

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LOL  No it doesn't gross me out.  what's the big deal?  The dishes are being washed before they are used again.  It is setting up a bad habit for the dog but the dog licking the plate?  mheh!  My cats get the last drops of milk from our cereal and ice cream....lol no biggie.  Again.....they are washed. 

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This would goss me out big time. I love dogs, but their saliva seems to leave a wierd film that is quite hard to wash off.

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