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Hi Everyone!!


I'm Tara, BFP with my second LO. Partner to Alexander and mama to a  sweet five year old little girl. We currently live in Minnesota, but are planning a move back to California in early second trimester if all goes well. I am really excited, so is DP. We haven't told DD yet. We will wait until we are ready to make the announcement. She will definitely spill the beans, lol. Feeling really good so far......



Congratulations Mamas!!!   joy.gif

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congratulations and welcome!

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My name is Tamera and I live in San Diego, CA. We just moved here because my husband got out of the Army. We have a 6 year old son, a 14 month old daughter, and we were shocked to find out we're expecting Baby #3 on August 2. We're both full-time students. I applied for nursing school and I'm going to do a Lactation Consultant program at UCSD to become an IBCLC. My husband is working on getting into medical school. This baby is going to be born right before I start the LC program so I hope the instructors can be flexible. I'm guessing they will be supportive of me pumping ;)

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I'm Shelly and my husband's name is Trevor.  We live in Raleigh, NC and we're expecting our first.  Trevor is in grad school and I'm an undergrad.  He works for IBM and I'm a supervisor at an art supply store.  I'm hoping for a home birth and plan to sew/knit most of my baby things.  I'm working on socks atm.  :)

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HI There


I am expecting my second.  My dd is 25 months old.  Very shy and worried about revealing the news w/ my first pregnancy didn't tell folks till I was 5 1/2 months (thought I was 3 1/2months- bled through first trimester-I thought I had a miscarriage & so did my doctor).  So I figure I will do things the other way around this time.  Also I didn't know about this forum.  It could have helped!  So here I am 4 weeks along already my parents know and I am trying to schedule a prenatal appointment.  Really excited!!!  Hoping for the best!  Just moved to Syracuse NY.  

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My name is Lauren and my husband's name is John.  We live in Hartford, CT and we are expecting our first child on August 22nd.  We are so thrilled to finally be expecting and looking forward to sharing the news with our families on Christmas Day!!  Wishing and praying for the best during these first few months...

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Hi everyone! I am due August 7th with our 3rd baby. My son Moses is 3 1/2 and daughter Lucy is 19mo. We were very surprised this time, but are excited to make room in our little home for more love. I am more sick with this pregnancy than I was with either previous one, so I am glad that I am a stay at home mommy and don't have to mess with getting around and going to work (which was horrible when I had morning sickness with my son!).


Anyway, I am hoping to have a homebirth, but midwives are hard to come by here in central Illinois. If anyone has leads, let me know!

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