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How adorably appropriate!  Especially for Miss Molly.  Does her name allude only to HP, or were there other inspirations as well?

Definitely a Harry Potter allusion. :D Matthew's is as well. Well, his middle name, Gideon is. Molly Prewitt Weasley's twin brothers were Gideon and Fabian. Fabian was off the table, but we managed to work in Gideon. Molly's actual name is "Mary Beatrice". The middle name is my husband's grandmother, who is actually not doing well. I was really hoping we would be able to take the three hour trip to Lancaster some time in the near future so she could see the babies before she passes, but I don't know if that will happen. And Mary is in honor of the Mother of God, because after we lost two babies last year, I prayed and promised if we had a girl we would name her after Mary. I know God doesn't actually work that way, but I figured I should stick to my end of the bargain anyway, just in case.

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I am so glad that you are home, and okay!  The babies are just beautiful!  Look at that hair!  joy.gif

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they are amazing and precious little babies. so many congratulations!

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Those are beautiful names.  I remember Gideon and Fabian from the books as people who had fought the good fight.  I think it's lovely to bring that into a middle name and have a cool name with a story behind it, and a story they can share when they are old enough.


I read your birth story as well.  What a long, strange, scary journey.  Thank you for sharing.

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I came searching to see how you were doing to see that you are home!!! How wonderful to hear that. Congrats on your babies!!!


Sending healing vibes and great first nursing sessions with your babies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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DDCC winky.gif -


I posted in your story thread, but I'll post here as well.


CONGRATS!!!!!!! I am soooooo happy to see that so far you are doing amazing, all things considered!!! I'm also happy that if ANYONE can get twins totally on the boob after that kind of craziness, it's YOU! orngbiggrin.gif


I also think the HP references are just AWESOME!!! hehehe. love.gif


Oh, and your babies are GORGEOUS. Seriously. Beautiful things.

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Another DDCC smile.gif


Congratulations, your babies are sooo cute!joy.gif


My heart goes out to you over the breastfeeding issues.  I have been having my own set of downward spiral when it comes to breastfeeding my twins and my dh told me something the other night when I was feeling really down about it that I thought might encourage you.  He reminded me that I am always talking to other mom's about breastfeeding and that my goal is to become a LLL leader and that I could, if I wanted to, look at all the problems I have been having with breastfeeding as opportunities to know how to help other women in the future that I may have not been able to understand at emotional level before. 


It sure doesn't help completely, but it did make me feel better and I hope that maybe it helped you as well.  You did and are doing a GREAT job Annettemarie.hug.gif

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AM, you might want to update your signature! :-)
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Read everything and so glad you are home and babies are good! What an amazing experience, very scary I am sure but a blessing too!

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