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Nutro is not a good food at all.  They use corn gluten, soy, wheat and menadione.  Their ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is very bad, 20 to 1 in some foods 17 to 1 in others.  The absence of the corn, wheat and soy is very important and a good ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is very important for the skin and coat.  Some good choices are Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Castor & Pollux, Merrick, Taste of the Wild, Canidae and Solid Gold.

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I just found nature's domain salmon and sweet potato at costco, and it looked pretty good!

I have narrowed our food choices down to about 3. As you can tell, I want to try him out on a fish based food to see how he does before trying lamb or duck.


*nature's domain salmon and sweet potato

*blue buffalo fish and sweet potato or fish and oatmeal

*taste of the wild pacific stream


I could not find the nature's domain on the dog food review site, so I don't know how it compares to the others. Does anyone have any feedback pros/cons about the three listed above? I narrowed it to these because they were the closest in my price range.


Thank you again everyone!

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I would be willing to bet that the Nature's Domain is veeery similar to the TotW since they are both made by Diamond.  I'd really like to try the ND but it's brand new and our Costco doesn't carry it yet. :(  The ingredients list looks GREAT!

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I think I'd cross off the Blue Buffalo. First, don't use their Blue Wilderness Salmon, as it contain chicken. Thats a little trick manufacturers sometimes use- label a food as "fish" and then sneak chicken in further down the list.

The other Blue formulas I don't like because they don't contain much fish. They do have fish as the first ingredients, but it is WHOLE fish. Ingredients are listed by weight, and when it says "fish" or "chicken" it means whole meat. Which is theoretically good. BUT, kibble is a dry product. And whole meats are about 70% water in weight, which is cooked off in the process. The next few ingredients on the Blue lists are all heavy grains or starches. Once you add all the non-meat 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ingredients together, and account for the loss of the water weight in cooking of the meat, these foods are really mostly grains/starch.

What you want to see is MEAL- ie "Salmon meal" or "chicken meal" (named is best- byproduct meal and "poultry meal" or "meat and bone meal" are low quality) What meal means is that the meat has had most of its water weight removed. Think, sort of like jerky. So a food that has fish meal really has more fish meat in it.

10 pounds of fish meal= 10 pounds of fish meat
10 pounds of Fish = 3 Pounds of fish meat, 7 pounds of water

See how the food with meal actually contains more meat?

I like both the Nature's Domain and the the TOTW. I like TOTW a bit more because I think it contains more meat. Its protein and fat counts are slightly higher than Nature's Domain. In TOTW the first two ingredients are meat (the first is Salmon inclusive of water, but thats ok because it is directly followed by a meal) and of the first 7 ingredients, 4 are meat, and one is oil.
Nature's Domain, the first ingredient is salmon meal, but you have to go to ingredient #10 until you find another meat ingredient. It also does a lot of "splitting" which is listing a non-meat ingredient in several forms, all in the first 7 ingredients (potato, potato fiber, potato protein)

I think they are all good foods, and better than your previous food. But I would choose TOTW as the best quality of the 3. smile.gif -Neb
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I have another question :)

Bison... is this something concidered safe to try for a dog with potential allergies? I know that beef is not a good choice, would bison be digested in a similar way? I just got some samples of the ToTW food and I wanted to ask before trying the bison formula. Thanks!

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just a small update...

I just came home with a bag of Taste of the Wild Salmon forumla for our dog :) I hope this is a good choice, my only hesitance is because it has lower protien content compared to the other TOTW foods, and Carlos is still a puppy, but I did want to stay away from chicken for now so the only two choices left were lamb and salmon.


I also purchased a small bag of Chicken soup senior formula for my 9 year old shih tzu. I figured I should step up her nutrition a bit too. Of course I also got some peanut butter treats (corn, wheat, soy free).


Thank you everyone for all of your help. I really appreciate the time and energy spent in helping find the best food for our dog!

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