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Novax friendly doctors in Sheboygan or Ozaukee County, WI?

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Hello Mamas,


We're new to Wisconsin (Sheboygan County) and I'm having the darndest time finding a NoVax friendly doctor for my unvaccinated children.  Looking for either a pediatrician or a family doctor that sees lots of children in Sheboygan County or Ozaukee County.  I'd prefer a doctor who has his/her own reservations about vaccine safety, or at least would be very supportive of my parental right to choose no vaccination. 


Any and all leads would be MUCH appreciated!  blowkiss.gifblowkiss.gifblowkiss.gif

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I had my son at home in September. My midwife recommended Dr. Brauer (Family Practice) at Sheboygan's Marsho Clinic as some of her Amish clients had seen him in the past and she didn't feel he was at all pushy in regards to vaccines. We've taken my son to see him a couple of times for well baby check-ups now and we've opted to go the "modified schedule" route (Dr. Sears) -- Dr. Brauer was 100% fine with this arrangement. My biggest reason for modifying the schedule was that I didn't want our son getting 6 vaccines at once, as I feel that's an awful lot for a tiny body and immune system to handle. He agreed with me that it's a lot. I do think he is pro-vaccine, however I don't get the idea from him that he'd be judgey if you chose to go another route either. He didn't bat an eyelash at our homebirth (he saw our son for the first time at 8 days old) even though the woman who booked our appointment was clearly appalled by it. Anyway - this got long. Point being, we really like Dr. Brauer and feel very comfortable with him. You may want to check him out. And welcome to Sheboygan County!

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summermommy, thanks so much for the recommendation!  I will give Dr. Brauer's office a call.  If he was fine with your homebirth and respectful of Amish patients, then he seems like he'd be a good fit for our family.  I haven't come across any other good leads, so I really appreciate your response!! thumbsup.gif

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No problem! I'm happy to help. I was really excited to see another poster from the Sheboygan area for once. I don't think I've ever seen any other mamas from the area!

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We have Dr. William Trager who works out of Sheboygan Pediatrics and he is no vax friendly too.  He asked us "if" we were going to vaccinate.  We are doing an alternate schedule and he hasn't had a problem with it. 

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Good info! We live in Sheboygan and do a delayed/modified vax schedule and see dr Christine Sarchet who has no issue so far (our oldest is 2). Not sure what will happen when we don't do certain ones though. I did also ask my chiropractor who does not vax and she recommended a couple family doctors in Plymouth. I can find there names if anyone needs smile.gif
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Hey Momof1plus2....  was one of the Plymouth Drs named Dr. Gavin?  I hope so because I think we are going to switch to her. She is my doctor and I want us all to have the same dr.  But now I am more confident in my reasoning for not vaxing and am willing to defend it.  Before I wasn't as confident.  We are also leaving Dr. Trager because even though he is ok with not doing the regular vax schedule he just never seems to have enough time to answer questions etc. 

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Be careful with the Aurora docs now.  They have recently decided that ALL employees must get the flu vaccine or lose their job.  This is certain to trickle down one way or another to the patients.  We see private practice docs in Mequon.  Dr. Anthony Sweeney and Dr. Norman Schwartz.  They are excellent.  To me, it is worth the drive down there. 

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Just incase you are still looking, we used to see Dr. George Poullette at the Aurora clinic in Plymouth. We had to leave due to a change in insurance. While he supports the use of vaccines, he was very respectful of our decision to not vaccinate. We really like him and it was hard to leave that office.

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