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Employment for my husband

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Is there something promising coming up in way of a decent job or career for my husband?

Thank you.

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Hi there. Sorry for the delay. Thank you for your patience!



Good news! Your husband is in for some lovely changes this year. I do believe he will find the path he has been searching for. It's not necessarily the job of his dreams yet, but he will move towards that. He's been so complacent because he doesn't really know what he wants to be when he grows up. If you will dig deep within yourself to trust that you can be supportive of his choices, that will help him find the courage to 'open the door' to what he will be inspired and passionate about.


I have to tell you that I keep seeing a wrench. And that is all I keep seeing. I do not feel this is mechanics. But there does seem to be an element of tools involved. This feels like working with his hands and getting them dirty so to speak. But it is not car mechanics. If he has been speaking about something or leaning towards something that makes sense to you from the wrench symbol, tell him to move towards that.

By mid 2011 he will be well on his way into achieving a dream.

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