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Prenatal vits....which IYO are the best and why?

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Does anyone have one they liked? Tried a few? Have any opinions to share?
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I was on Citrical prenatals last time, and my doc gave me an RX so they were cheaper.  I didn't have any issues with them, other than I needed more iron starting at 20 weeks, but I think that is common.  Whatever prenatal you choose, If any of them bind you up, just add a little Natural Calm (magnesium) to help your bowels keep moving. 

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I've been taking Rainbow Light Prenatal One for years.  smile.gif

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I've taken New Chapter Perfect Prenatal and also Rainbow Light Prenatals before and I liked them both.


New Chapter has three daily pills which is more annoying to take, but I don't have to take them with food which is nice. Rainbow Light is one bigger pill, but I need to remember to take it when I eat, and it turns my pee really bright yellow. I got them from amazon which was cheaper than I could find in my local store, but I'll admit I was too lazy to shop around much. 

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I take the Target brand...Sheepish.gif

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I take HomeFirst prenatals (with probiotics) and DHA supplements. I liked new chapter also but sucked at taking 3 a day.

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Taking   Omega Mom

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I like the Rainbow light.  I get them at Target for less than 10 bucks.  I take them at night before bed and have not had any problems yet.  I have been taking them for several months.

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I'm taking the new Rainbow Light that come in smaller pills that you take 3x/day (Prenatal Petite)- I find them much easier to swallow than the one big one.  Plus I take an extra Calcium suppliment that is a must with these prenatals as they don't contain enough.

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I took Rainbow Lights the first 2 times and had no issues. I switched this time to the new chapter ones - I like not having to take them with food and I felt like I needed something more because my diet isn't always the best. So far no issues taking 3x. If I think I'm going to be really busy and forget, I take 2 in the morning and 1 at night but I don't know how advisable that is.
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I had done a lot of investigating into prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant.  I have had trouble with some vitamins making me nauseous, so I mostly take them at night now.  I had taken Nature's Way multi capsules because I thought the capsules would be easier on my stomach.  I later switched to Rainbow Light one a day and took those for a long time, which are tablets.  I really wanted something food-based because I thought that was better, but after reading myself to death, I decided that 1) there is no truly 100% food based vitamin out there, and 2) it is hard for food based vitamins to contain as much of the stuff as we need.


I found these articles interesting:




Right now I am taking Thorne's basic prenatal, which is a capsule.  I was drawn to the Thorne brand because of their claims of purity and quality-- because of what they don't use.  The serving size is 3 a day, so I'm trying to remember to take them spaced out.  If it turns out that I can't keep up with 3 a day I will probably switch back to Rainbow Light once I finish this bottle of Thorne. 


Ultimately I'd love to say that I get all my vitamins from my diet, but I'm not confident enough in my diet right now to trust that, so I'm going to keep taking my vitamins as a back-up and continue to eat as best I can!

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I'm taking Pure Essence Labs Two 'n' Only. You're supposed to take two of them a day, but I am only taking one at this point.

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I'm taking Rainbow Light  once a day.  This is the first time I've tried these so hopefully they'll be good!

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I'm also taking Rainbow Light one a day. I'm supplementing it with fermented CLO in capsules (my husband takes it in liquid and I'd just throw it right back up if I had to take it that way!) and high vitamin butter oil. Occasionally I also take Dr. Ron's Organ Delight if I'm feeling extra tired.

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I've been taking the Rainbow Light 1 a days for years.  I also take a DHA supplement and a vitamin D.  I like the RL's, never had issues.

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