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Raw Tushie - help!

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A friend brought over a delicious meal of chili & a huge salad with pineapple...and it didn't even occur to me that it would affect Sebastian. duh.gif Ever since, he's had a really raw tush, just between his little cheeks. I was doing Weleda diaper cream which has always worked for us but it wouldn't stick to the raw part. He even had a dab of blood a couple of days ago. greensad.gif I've been very gentle when wiping (soft baby wash cloth with just water) & giving him air (& sun - thru a window) time. Last night I switched to Vaseline. bag.gif I'm desperate to heal his little heiny. The Vaseline at least creates an effective barrier.


Any other suggestions?

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poor little duckie greensad.gif   have you tried some herbal salve? i use this stuff ( http://www.jamtots.com/Baby-Bottom-Better-Diaper-Salve-P182C102.aspx ) its really good.. but anything with similar ingredients would work. what about drying it out with some baby powder? you can get natural talc free stuff.. i dont really have any sage advice..hazel hasnt had any issues as of yet.. but i hope it clears up fast.

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How about Penaten cream?  Don't know if you're familiar with it - here's a link.  You can get medicated and unmedicated versions of it, and it is a very good barrier cream.

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Have you tried Vitamin A & D ointment?  We used the Vaseline the hospital gave us but it just didn't seem to be working, she was getting a little red, not a rash but just kind of raw looking.  I started using the A & D and it instantly looked better.  I get the original ointment, not the one with zinc.  I don't care for Desitin myself.  I think Vaseline is probably fine as a barrior but the A & D also has lanolin in it.

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my only hesitation with most of those  creams is the petrolium in them.. its poretty nasty stuff and i wouldnt put it on my baby.. 

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I used lanolin on Molly the other day when I couldn't find anything else and it worked well.
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I switched to lanolin as a barrier and it didn't get worse, but didn't get better. So I switched to a homemade ointment yesterday of beeswax & jojoba oil - it seems to make a really thick barrier. (The petroleum was skeeving me out too.) I also just made a mixture of water, grapefruit seed extract & TTO for each time I wipe him in case it's fungal (but it really doesn't look like it...)


Thanks mamas!

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