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Sidney, MT: Seeking open-minded, open-hearted natural mamas, doulas, midwives, birth advocates

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Hi, My name is Cynthia, and I'm looking for local attachment parenting mamas, advocates and activists for gentle birth, doulas, and midwives to connect with and befriend in Sidney, Montana (it's NE Montana on the North Dakota border). Anybody out there?


I'd like to meet you and receive encouragement that I'm not alone as a progressive, gentle, spirited, loving, educated, subversive mama (and doula) who is conscientiously raising our daughter and who wants our second baby's birth to be as ecstatic and peaceful as our first's! (I'm not even pregnant again yet, but I've begun searching the landscape out here for local, homebirth midwives, or any alternative to the high-intervention local hospital that has only three male OB's, and it's not pretty!).


So if you have any ideas, resources, or ways to connect, I'd love to hear them. Even if you live far from Montana but know of birth advocacy groups or midwife support groups I could join in one way or another, I'd appreciate that too.


My family (my husband, myself, and our delightfully spirited 22 month old daughter) recently moved here from beautiful, progressive Bozeman, MT for my husband's job. I confess that although we are making some connections in Sidney and trying to make the best of it here, I can get lonely and feel isolated in this small, conservative, friendly prairie town, 400 miles away from our welcoming church, midwife, doula friends, etc. who are back in Bozeman, and even further away from my family in the Seattle area. With the cold temps., lingering snow, gray sky, and the fact that my two new friends have to stay away to take care of their sick kids, I got really lonely today.


It was a triumph for me to finally get certified as the first DONA-certified postpartum doula in Montana earlier this spring and to begin working part-time with our wonderful midwife and her clients in Bozeman. It was a joy to companion new parents as they welcomed, nurtured, and got to know their new babies. And then we moved. Once we get settled and I get my equilibrium back, and I find part-time child care for a few hours a week, I'd like to get out there as a doula again and introduce this town to a new model of loving postpartum support.


Very few people here have any idea what a postpartum doula is (or even a birth doula), and it seems to be unquestioned that birth will be done in the hospital as it's always been done. I'd love to learn about an alternative birth and parenting community here, and what your resources are.


Although I've been a Mothering magazine subscriber for almost five years, I finally decided it's time for me to reach out online because I need some support. Thanks and blessings, and I hope I get this posted in the right way (since it's my first time) so I can hear back from you.

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I'm in Miles City, MT, about 110 miles away.  I know one other person here who shares my beliefs about natural/organic living, natural parenting, etc.  It is so hard to find anyone with our beliefs around here because everyone is so set in their ways and beliefs.  I dont know a single person who has ever used a cloth diaper besides my mom!  Our kind are few and far between around this area I am afraid.

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Hello!  We were considering moving to Glendive for the summer but I had such difficulty trying to find a midwife to homebirth my first child in that area that I got scared and decided to go to the Bozeman area instead!  I do hope you guys enjoy Sidney though; you'll have to keep us updated on how things are out that way.  :)

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I live in Baker, MT which is about 120 miles south of Sidney. I have an extremely hard time finding anyone in Baker that I can speak openly with about the various topics you mentioned. People in this town think I'm "rather odd", but they just nod their heads and smile thinking (yep she went to college in Missoula : )


I might have some resources for you. However, I ended up having an unassisted homebirth due to lack of options in the area. I would love to have more birthing options in this area.


I think it would be fun to meet you sometime. In the spring/summertime I think it would be great to get mamas from Miles City, Sidney, Glendive, Baker and try to meet in a central location. I know there are several ladies from Eastern Montana around here somewhere.


It's time we shake up Eastern Montana lol.gif

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Hi! My name is Laura. I'm from Missoula but now live in Dickinson, ND.. yuck! i am expecting my second child June 11th. I too am certified through DONA as a birth Doula. I have been racking my brain as what to do! There are two OB docs here who are very anit homebirth! I've been looking for a midwive for months and have come up with nothing.... if you ladies know of anyone in our area who travels for homebirths, please get in touch with me! I really dont want to birth at the hospital! Thanks so much!



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Hi, it's Cynthia in Sidney, MT writing again. I realize that I posted my long message in early December and then forgot to check back after a few days. So I thought I'd check back today (February 2), and I'm thrilled to see that a few courageous, sweet souls responded! Thank you.


Yes, I agree it is time to shake up eastern Montana! Especially as this cold, snowy winter drags on and on, and I'm working on not being depressed being here (esp. after returning from a holiday trip to visit my family in Seattle). Thankfully, I've found a counselor as well as a close friend in Sidney who have been lifelines for me. My husband is a great support too.


As far as I know from our midwife in Bozeman, she doesn't know of any midwives in North Dakota or in eastern Montana. I've heard that there is a certified nurse midwife who works at the hospital in Williston, ND, but I have no idea what she is like, and that is a hospital. I don't ever want to give birth in a hospital either (and my first birth was quick and we barely made it to the birth center that was five minutes away in Bozeman, so I don't know how I'd do a 45+ minute drive and have no desire to).  I realize I'd love to know of any local area midwives or those who are willing to travel. I'm not pregnant yet, but thinking about that for later this year, and that lack of midwifery and doula care is something that worries me. I know in the center of my being that I want a homebirth. So blessings for finding somebody to offer wonderful, affirming prenatal care for a homebirth, and please let me know if anyone magically appears.


Getting together in the summer sounds like fun.


I've got to get going because my 2 year is needing me. I promise I'll check back more frequently so we can stay in touch.

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For Laura who's looking for homebirth midwives in ND, I just discovered information about three ND midwives as well as a North Dakota Birth Action network posted by a well-informed mama in the "The (hopefully) giant colossal North Dakota thread!" (another discussion topic in the section of Finding Your Tribe/Tribal Areas/ North/South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming). I'm excited to read about great resources like that and women in the know. I wonder if any midwives are willing to travel to northeastern Montana, or if any midwives or doulas are hiding in my neck of the woods in Sidney, MT. Blessings.

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There's Ollie Hamilton in Great Falls who travels.  And I'm in South Dakota, about 300 miles away, and have the same struggles as you all.  Such a fun area to live in, eh? irked.gif

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I am a massage therapist in NE Montana.  I will be taking classes to become a doula certified in birth support this summer.  Starting in September i will be starting my midwifery classes to offer this support to eastern MT.  20 years ago i gave birth to my 2nd child at home.  I have been and advocate of home birth ever since.  4.5 years ago I was to help support a friend with the birth of her child. she progressed so quickly we were not able to transport and I caught a beautiful baby girl.  I need to attend 3 births at the completion of my doula training to become certified. I have done pregnancy massage and had some training in infant massage.  I am willing to train parents how to massage their babies. 

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Hi I am Eudine.  I currently live in Glendive MT.  I work as a License Massage Therapist, I have 27 year experience behind me.  I have work on several pregnant ladies over the years.  This summer I am adding to my repertoire doula training then on to midwifery training.  I gave birth to my oldest daughter almost 20 years ago and I am sold on the benefits of home birth.  I am looking forward to this forum  where we can exchange ideas and encourage each other in supporting natural birth.  4.5 years ago while being a support person for a friend I was privileged to catch her baby which came too quickly to transport.  It was a very rewarding and highlight in my life.

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Hey its me in Miles City, I am pregnant!  Anyone know of midwives who travel here?

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Eudine in Glendive, I'm thrilled to hear that you are embarking on birth doula and midwifery care/training in our neck of the woods! You're sorely needed, and it gives me great hope for a future homebirth I'd like to have in Sidney! I'd like to keep in touch. And to the new mama-to-be in Miles City, congratulations!


Hoping that this relentless winter will end sooner than later. Spring has to come at some point, right?! I'm taking a gardening class to try to figure out how to plant vegetables in this eastern MT soil.



Cynthia in Sidney

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Ilove4ever, I know that there is a midwife that practices out of Great Falls will be willing to do home births in eastern Montana. She has come to Circle to deliver babies in the past.  Congratulation on you pregnancy. I am open to being a doula for you if you are interested in this service.  I will have completed my training in August. 


many blessings to you and safety,


Eudine Stevens LMT

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Spearfish SD has a birthing center. According to the website the midwife delivers in SD, MT, and WY.  There office hours are T-Th 10am -5 pm.

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Oh my goodness, I am so excited to see this thread!!! My good friend and I live in Williston, ND, and just came back from Birth Doula certification. (We had to travel all the way to Minneapolis to find a class!)


It's great to know there are women out there who are looking to break from the "norm" a bit! Cynthia and Laura, we definitely need to talk!

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Hey everyone just wanted to say that Ollie Hamilton does travel around for births, but she is busy around my due date (Nov 2), and the SD midwifery service (Womankind Midwifery) does not have a MT license so they do not travel here, and she basically said she does not travel at all.  Pat in Billings is retiring, and Katrina (First Breath Birth in Billings) does not travel, but has a birthing suite available for anyone who wants to travel to Billings(you can go there on or even before your due date so you arnt traveling while you are in labor, and can stay a day or 2 after the birth).  As for the SD midwifery, they also have a birthing center they offer, but you must be in labor when you travel there, and you must be out 4 hours after the birth, which I did not like(just don't think I would be ready to travel 200 miles 4 hours after birth with a 2yr old and a newborn!!) and therefore I will not be going there. 

For a home birth, Ollie would be your best bet but she travels a lot so she is not always available.

Also, Dr Gallo in Miles City is supposed to be pretty good about natural childbirth, but of course that would be in a hospital.

SO, this is the info I have come up with so far!    Hope this

Hope this helps!

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Glad to see that  1love4ever has been finding out possible resources. I am looking forward to my classes coming up this summer.  Between now and then I have several home projects to complete so I can focus on my training.  I would love to get together with some of the doula trained pros before and during my training.  I need to support of others that have paved the way.

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There are not many mothers in our area that desire natural childbirth much less home birth.My name is MIssy, I live at Wibaux, MT (between Baker & Sidney). To make a long story short..

My first baby was c-section. I very much desired a VBAC with baby 2. Ultimately after beginning pre-natal care with an OB. I made the switch to a mid-wife at 28 weeks. Thus beginning the frequent 250 miles trek to Billings. I saw Pat, Katrina, and Janell at Mountain Midwives. Last July our daughter was born at their "office" (house) in Billings. They have since moved to the heights area of Billings. They were great, and everything went well. 


I have some of the same interests regarding mothering. Interesting how I stumbled upon this feed. I can't even remember what I was looking up. LOL.

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Hello Montana and ND Mothers and birth advocates (aka:birth junkies).  This is Jeanne from WomanKind in Spearfish.  I received word 2 weeks ago that a law was changed that will allow a CNM home birth practice in ND.  I am considering a satellite clinic in Bowman, ND if that would be of benefit to any of you who are looking for an option.  I am wondering if there is support for this or if your group would be interested in establishing it's own "birth home"?  Please email me offline at jeanne@womankindmidwifery.com .  I am wanting to make sure this is something that is needed before I start down this path as the licensure process is time consuming as well as an additional expense.  I did keep a Montana license for quite a while but the demand just didn't seem enough.   I don't imagine  that I would do this before August as I am awaiting my second midwife addition to this practice.  She needs to be in place before I take this on.  I can see doing a clinic day every other week in Bowman if there is a demand for this.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Jeanne Prentice, CNM


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Heart2Hands -- and anyone else interested in discussing this in our area -- feel free to contact me at crysta at cyberdoulas.com ! I'd love to chat about your plans!

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