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Angel -- I sent you a private message. Welcome to the area! I have some info on a few midwives, so you can check and see who might be available and who might be a good fit.

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Do you deliver in Watford City or know anyone who does?  They have no prenatal care here and I have to drive at least an hour away for check-ups and to deliver my baby.

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Hello all! My name is Kenza and I live in Homestead, Montana, about an hour north of Sidney. My town has a population of about 15 and the closest hospital is in Culbertson, though I've recently learned they won't even deliver there unless it's an emergency! It's nice to know there are some (not enough) women in our neck of the woods with the intention of natural pregnancies and births. My husband and I just found out recently that we're pregnant (my first, his second) after a long year of trying. I would ideally like to have a home-birth and am still working on convincing my husband that it's the only way to go. His previous girlfriend had a c-section when they had their son, so he sees no problem with a hospital birth. However, i've been on the "natural" path for some time now, and I find it difficult to keep up my lifestyle in this area. I've lived here since I was a teenager and my family is from the area, and we're now permanently in Homestead as of August 2011. My gosh, how my pregnant brain is rambling! To get to the point, I'm looking for a midwife to travel to my area. I am planning on meeting the doulas in Williston, since they're only an hour away. If any of you earth mommas have any information or if any of you studying for midwifery are ow certified, please let me know. Thanks a bunch!
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I havent checked back on this tread until now, I'm so glad to see its still going!  I'm hoping the Williston doulas will contact you MrsIverson, about midwives, they know more than I do.  I would say check out Ollie from Great Falls, but there may be a better option for you, I dont know.  I made my husband (who was not thrilled about home birth at all to say the least) read Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth (I got it from Amazon), and now he is a home birth advocate!!  He tells everyone about it.  We did have our baby at home in Nov, it was so awesome!!  And he brags to everyone about it!  Lol.  I love that you are wanting to give birth to your first child naturally.  My biggest regret in my life is having a hospital birth and an epidural with my first baby.  I didnt even know people had their babies at home or gave birth without drugs at the time!!

Anyway, I'm still in Miles City, and I'm sure we are staying here for awhile, I'd love to meet with anyone here if your ever in town!

You could also have him watch the documentary The Business of Being Born, which my husband also ended up liking. :)

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Thank you sooo much Ms. Schweiger, for traveling to our little pieces of paradise. I had terrible experiences delivering my two older boys and really wanted a home birth with my third, but could not get a midwife to come to me in Miles City, so still ended up delivering at the hospital. I hated it, and hope to never have to do that again. I'm thinking I might be pregnant again, so I may be requiring your services before long. Just one question, Do you accept Medicaid? I can't get regular insurance to save my life, and my employer only covers up to $500 every 6 months, and not a penny more. If you do, awesome. If you don't, I would still prefer to have your services over a doctor that puts restrictions on what I can and cannot do in MY delivery of MY child, but I would have to make payments. Again, thank you soooo much for your services, so many around here need it.

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hotmamakx3, I sent you a PM, please get in touch!  MrsIverson, how is it going with your pregnancy, home birth wishes, etc?

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Hi Everyone,


My name is Jennifer and I live in Medicine Lake, MT.  I have been here for about 7 months and just found out I am pregnant with our second child.  I was wondering if anyone could give me any insight into the best OBs in Williston or Sidney.  I called  Great Plains Women's Health and was told they don't work with Doulas and you don't get to pick your provider, that it is decided by your due date.  I also know there is a new birth center opening up connected with the hospital in September but if there is no OB I want to work with that is pointless.  Also, it is so busy there that it puts me off a little.  I am about to call down in Sidney and ask my questions of them.  I just got a bad vibe when I was asking the Williston hospital questions and especially when talked with who ever at Great Plains.  


I will also be looking for a Doula for this birth so anyone with resources on Doulas in the are would be awesome.


Just another quick question, anyone have any experience working with the female OB in Sidney?  Shari Twigg I believe is her name.


Thanks for listening to my rambling:)



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Jenn, contact the lady who started this post, Cynthia, she gave her contact info at the beginning of this post.  She is in Sidney.  Of course I recommend a midwife rather than an OB, Cynthia will be able to tell you about both.

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Jennifer -- I would love to visit on these topics! We have a doula group in Williston, and serve the Sidney area as well. www.cyberdoulas.com

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Hi Jennifer!
I'm gretchen, and I live in plentywood. We are ttc #1, currently in the middle of our first 2ww. I just wanted to introduce myself!
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Hi Gretchen!  So sorry that I didn't respond until sooner, I haven't been checking this board so please forgive.  Have you had any luck since your last post?



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Yes, second time Is the charm. we concieved in august, currently 15 weeks. We are doctoring with Dr. Wiens at Craven Hagen clinic in williston and really like him do far.
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Yes, second time Is the charm. we concieved in august, currently 15 weeks. We are doctoring with Dr. Wiens at Craven Hagen clinic in williston and really like sim do far. Where have you decided to doctor?
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I decided on Dr. Twigg.  What made me want to go with her was actually the hospital staff.  I called both Williston and Sidney and Whoever I had spoken to in Williston at the hospital made me feel like I was interrupting her busy day.  When I called Sidney I asked a few questions and then started drawing a blank and the gal started throwing out some more information for me and was not in a rush to get me off the phone.  That made me feel better hospital wise and I then Dr. Twigg's office staff was nice when I called them with my questions.  After having a few appointments with Dr. Twigg I am happy with her.  There are a few things she wont due like delayed cord clamping (at least not until the cord stops pulsing), she will wait maybe 30sec to a minute.  Also she is insistent on me having an IV and not just a heplock either.  Partly that is due to my prior history of hemorrhage though.  She is more than happy for me to have a Doula coming in and also if my husband's blood type comes back an rh- she is fine with me not getting the rhogam shot.


Wow, sorry just kind of took a simple answer and gave you a novel:)  Hope you have been feeling well.  I was pretty much useless the first 3 months.  Barely left the couch.  Missed all of the nice weather.  Now I am full of energy and can't go anywhere unless it is inside, lol.



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I heard that Dr Twigg was pretty nice to work with but havent talked to anyone who's baby she actually delivered.   I've actually heard bad things about her nurses, but good to hear you had a good experience with them.  Maybe work on her a bit about the delayed cord clamping, that is important, maybe say it is your religious belief ;)

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As with all things, if we just continue to show them we want natural options, they will become more and more available.


I have definitely found that Dr. Twigg is not a fan of delayed cord clamping. We all need to keep pushing, though, and continuing to bring forth solid evidence. Eventually she will change her mind!



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Hey everyone I'm doctoring in Glasgow and was wondering if there were any doulas I could contact, Dr bell is my doc and he and I tend to butt heads mostly because he won't answer my questions and is vague on everything. This is my second child so I'm a little more prepared but would really like to have someone to talk to that actually cares about what I have to say and my concerns. If anyone has any info I'd be extremely grateful.

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Hi, I live in Fallon ( a little outside glendive) and am currently 12 weeks pregnant with baby #4  all of our births have been completely natural hospital births.  I have been trying to convince the husband to go with a home birth, but it wont probably happen this time around.  I have an appointment with Dr. Gallo in Miles city and am really hoping she will work out.  Our last birth was in Glendive with Dr. Jeanne Stewart.  She was very good about the natural birth, not quite as good as my midwives in Billings, but she says she likes to think of herself as more midwifeish and was excited to do a natural birth, and didn't push anything on me which I really apreciated.  She moved away from Glendive though and is now practicing in Dickenson, so for anyone in that area you may want to look into her.

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I have not been on in a while. I live in Glendive and I am a doula/license massage therapist. I am studying to become a midwife. I have heard Dr. Clark out of Miles City is open to natural child birth and has one of the lowest C-sec rates around. 

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Heart2hands, you probably are thinking of Dr. Cook in Miles City, I dont know a Dr. Clark, but Dr. Cook is amazing and very much in favor of home birth which shocked me lol.  I also have seen Gallo for a few prenatals and she is accepting of natural birth as well but you do need to tell her what you want, she does not just automatically go for the most natural approach.  My experience with both doctors have been only prenatal visits and postpartum checks, I had my baby at home and will have the one I'm pregnant with now at home too if all goes as planned :)   Sarah765, if you can get your DH to read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth he will change his mind, my husband did a complete 180 on the matter after reading it!!  He's now a home and natural birth advocate, whereas before he was like no way will we have a home birth LOL

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