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MMMMMMM, fruit!  Marc brought home a box of fruit last night.  I have three huge bunches of bananas, a pineapple, nectarines, and oranges.  Unfortunately most of it needs to ripen.  I keep stalking the pineapple to see if it is ripe enough to eat.  lol.gif   Breakfast was a bowl of strawberries, raspberries, and sliced bananas with whipped cream.  I had two slices of cheddar, also, because I knew I would be starving if I didn't have more protein than the little bit of whipped cream offered.  Now it's almost lunch time and I'm starving, anyway.  I guess I should have had a snack.  All I want for lunch is a Caesar salad and another bowl of fruit. 

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DH cooked up this vegan italian sausage that he found a recipe for, and the shape of it triggered this insane craving for kielbasa with sauerkraut that my Mom used to make.  I used to pick out just the kielbasa and put it on a kaiser bun with yellow mustard.  OMG.  I had to have it but figured the sausage would taste nothing like it. 


I was wrong.  It was PERFECT!!  I'm still in shock and floating on cloud 9 over here! eat.gif

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