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My hair looks AWFUL - help!

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I've been no-poo'ing for a few months now.  But my hair just looks TERRIBLE.


I do BS with ACV rinse, and my hair just looks greasy - all.the.time.  I was out of town for turkey day last week, and I used my family's head and shoulders, and my hair looked FABULOUS for 4 days!  Not greasy, it was shiny and great looking for 4 days!!! 


Why does no-poo make my hair look like crap?  Should I skip the ACV?  What should I use instead??  I really want to do no-poo b/c I hate shampoo and conditioner, and its so expensive I want to cut down on my costs. 

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Not everyone has a good experience with bs & acv. No-poo isn't one size fits all.


I'd switch to water-only and see how it went. Since you've been no-poo'ing, your scalp should be producing less oil than if you were currently using shampoo, and the adjustment period will be shorter. My water-only method was to fill a large basin with the hottest water I could stand, put my head in upside down and scrub my submerged scalp. The hot water melted the sebum (which made flakes a non issue, nothing was holding them together or to my skin) and distributed the oils over my hair. I would rinse under a cool shower to smooth the hair (because heat would open the shaft)


That method worked for me for two years, but I eventually had mineral build-up from our hard water, and started using shampoo & conditioner about three times a month to supplement the water-only routine.



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could you have build-up on your hair?  does it feel sticky and waxy?  try a clarifier like lemon juice and super hot water.

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Lemon juice is a great idea!  No build-up though - my hair is just greasy looking, it feels soft and nice, but its flat on top and looks greasy and just in general looks absolutely TERRIBLE.


I'm going to try conditioning with honey today (I read on here that some people use it), and I'll get lemon just and try that this week sometime.

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No-poo does (or can) make your hair ave less volume. If so, that's just how your hair is.


If the baking soda is irritating your scalp, you may be producing more oil to compensate. But in any case, lemon juice and super-hot water should help.

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I've been no poo'ing for about 6 months now and I haven't had a problem with greasiness.  I put 2 tablespoons of BS in a shampoo bottle and fill it with water.  When in the shower I get my hair nice and wet and then squirt the BS mixture all over my scalp and scrub it around (focusing on the scalp and not worrying at all about the rest of my long hair.)  I don't always rince with the ACV/water mixture, just a couple times a month or so.

My hair is soft and dries quickly, which I like, but it tends to be very frizzy the first few days after "washing."  It looks awesome by day 3 and is ready for another wash by day 5-6 (I don't go to a gym, I work in an office, so i'm not getting dirty/sweaty.)


I hope this helps you with the no-poo! 


And if anyone has any suggestions on what to do about my frizziness, I'm all ears!!

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I had the same exact problem. Finally I got sick of looking like Snape so I switched to shampoo/conditioner again. There are some really good Avalon ones.
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You are probably detoxing.  Once you get through that process you should be fine.  Here's an article I recently wrote on the issue http://www.greenwala.com/channels/eco-beauty/blog/12118-Why-You-Need-to-Detox-Your-Hair-How-to-Do-It

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I think hairstyle is key. Shampoo and heat styling (blowdryer) make my hair feel awful and look very puffy. No-poo makes my scalp and hair feel a million times better, but there is less volume. Grow it and braid it, I say. treehugger.gif
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I use the kids' california baby one or two times a week, maybe try your little ones' baby soap?

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