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"Bloody show"/mucus plug ? - when did you go into labor?

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Just looking for some opinions or experiences, I guess...  I'm 35 weeks pregnant as of yesterday.  I'm very certain of my conception & due dates, since we were TTC & I was charting ovulation.


A few days ago (at 34 1/2 weeks) I'm certain I started losing my mucus plug, and it had a good amount of pink in it.  There were 3 globs over the course of a day, all with the pink in them.  Nothing else has been "up there", if you know what I mean, so I can't think of any other reason why there might be blood involved.


I called my MW, and after numerous questions from her she said to take it easy & she'll check me internally at my appointment next week.  This is baby #2 for us.  With DS, I was dilated 4-6 cm for 3 weeks before he was born (41 weeks), and then had a very short labor.  My mom was also very dilated weeks early with both of her pregnancies & had very short labors with both, but we were born around our due dates.


So I guess I'm just wondering if anyone's experienced "bloody show" this early & still birthed around their due date, or should I be expecting to have the baby much sooner?  Too soon & I can't use the birthing center I've been hoping to go to since the baby would be "premature".  I know that losing your mucus plug can happen early, but I've heard that if there's blood in it, that's a sign that labor is closer.  My MW seemed a bit concerned about it, and everything I've seen online says 1-2 weeks at most after bloody show.

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My doula once told me that with your first, there can be 1-2 weeks between bloody show and birth; with subsequent pregnancies, it could be less than 48 hours.


In my experience I lost my mucous plug with #1 and he was born a week later; I lost my plug with #3 and she was born less than 20 hours later. I never lost it with my other pregnancies. 

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For numbers 1 and 2, mucous and bloody show were followed by contractions within 3 hours. I lost my plug and had bloody show two days ago now, with #3... I'm 41w + 3 days ... and nothing...irked.gif


My midwife put a postive spin on it yesterday, saying it just means my cervix is doing all this work WITHOUT me having to be in labor. So even though I continue on my cook-em-long streak, maybe I'll be rewarded with a shorter labor this time!


Good luck!


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I've been losing pieces of my mucus plug for pretty much my whole pregnancy, but no bloody show. Usually about 12-24 hrs after DTD.

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With DD1 it was 32 weeks I think, she came at 38 weeks. DD2 was actually 24 weeks, freaked me out, she came at 38 weeks as well. Nothing with DS, and he was born at 41 weeks. 

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I don't know about #1 and #2 but with #3 I was in labor a few hours after losing my mucous plug.

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