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Nervous about new boss

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We just found out today that we're getting a new boss, but to me he's not really new since he was my manager when I was in another group almost 3 years ago.  I really liked my current boss and he was pretty flexible with schedules, leaving early for sick kid issues, etc.  When I had the boss I am now going to get again, we had some issues.  I was pregnant with my son at the time and he was getting nitpicky about things and wanting to dock pto for taking an hour off for doctor appts.  He was also a micromanager.  I really don't know what to expect, especially now that I'm expecting again in April and I'll be on leave for 4 months (May-Sept) and I really don't want to get dinged on my performance review.  I sort of got dinged on my review cause I didn't do things a certain way with this boss.  My current boss had told me that he didn't agree with what the last boss said about my review. 

Anyway, what's the best way to get off on the right footing and leave the past behind? 

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How is it legal for him to ding you on your performance review for taking leave?!  UGH.  I can relate though.  Had a really great boss who got replaced by someone who was on a power trip, who stayed in the job for a year, and left and was replaced by another incompetent boss who doesn't really manage anything.  But I seriously felt like I needed to read a book or something about dealing with difficult people in order to work under the power-trip boss.  Sorry I don't have great advice...just btdt and wanted to encourage you.

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I'm pretty sure it's not legal, but when you get compared to the other people in your department and there's no results from you, it can result in lower ratings.  Sorry to hear you had a similar experience.  I thought managers with young children would be a bit more sympathetic, but such is not the case. 

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I am unclear on something. By "wanting to dock pto for taking an hour off for doctor appts", do you mean he wanted to charge you leave to go to dr appts and you did not want to be charged leave?

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Yes.  As an exempt, you're not supposed to dock someones leave by the hour.  I'm supposed to get paid whether I show up one hour or 8.  All managers I have had never deducted hour increments of pto.  Half day's one thing but an hour, when I've stayed late the rest of the week? 

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I would see how he is once he gets into the position. Does he have kids?  I have found that supervisors who don't have kids often don't understand the demands of working parents.  They don't under stand how you can't be on time for a snow delay or that you can't take a sick kid to daycare. He may have the, "I'm here, why aren't you?,"  attitude.  


If he does begin to do the things he did the first time he was your supervisor,  review the policies on doctor's appointments and maternity leave to make sure know your rights as an employee. What is your sick leave policy?   See if he is doing these things to just you or the entire department.  Keep documentation of what he does in response to doctor's appointments and when you request any kind of release time. If he does seem to be up to old tricks, talk to him first.  If you can't resolve with him, then head to HR. Going straight to HR or his boss, is not a good idea because he will definitely feel animosity toward you.   I'm exempt as well. If I got punished in November for all the time I had to be off between my newly diagnosed condition and my son being ill, I would have been livid.  It goes against the policy of the university.  

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Thanks Mirlee.  He has 3 kids, but I believe his wife is a SAHM.  My other coworker on my team is also pregnant and she just spoke with him about a dr appt and he didn't mention docking of the pto.  Maybe he's changed his tune a bit since he has more experience.  We'll just wait and see.

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