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Thomasville GA/Tallahassee FL Area

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Can anyone tell me about any birthing centers around Thomasville/Tallahassee? Or where a great MW is??

Also anyone know any good Pediatricians?

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I have an old friend that lives there....I can't give you specifics because I don't live there, but here is a place to start. You can contact them and ask, HTH.





My friend is one of the doulas there.


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I am a birth doula in Tallahassee.  We have several options here.  I don't know much about Thomasville.  It is in GA so the legal issues surrounding birth are not as friendly as they are in Florida.  I would contact this midwife there (she is unfortunately leaving our area soon though) for more info:  http://www.sgbirthservices.com/


In Tallahassee we have the Birth Cottage http://thebirthcottage.com/ with Florida licensed midwifes that also do homebirth.  We also have a couple of other homebirth midwives in town:




Other options include hospital birth, we have three practices that are made up of mostly CNM's which I often refer women to (I am also the local ICAN chapter leader so I often help women looking for VBAC's find care providers).  There are lots and lots of doulas in town to choose from as well, for people who are looking for a doula.


Here are the doctors that I often refer people to for pediatric care (most are FP's and they tend to be bf friendly and are often known to be supportive of delayed/selective/no vax).

John L. Ness, MD

Julie Kelch, MD

616 Universal Dr
Tallahassee, FL 32303
(850) 385-1839


H. Whit Oliver, MD

Ste 6
2888 Mahan Dr

Tallahassee, FL 32308

(850) 942-2233


Leslie D. Wilson, MD

Vicki Erwin-Wilson, MD

Wilson Family Medicine

2621 Mitcham Dr, Suite 103

Tallahasee, FL

(850) 219-2273

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I am a Tallahassee Native and loved my experience with The Birth Cottage although I have heard amazing things about Jill and Diana (I having a number of friends who have used both).


We also use Dr. Ness. We LOVE him :) He suggests more natural cures for things if no serious meds are needed and he was VERY accepting of us not vaccinating (by choice). We would tell the nurse that we were not going to vaccinate and when Dr. Ness came in, he'd read that, and leave it at that. No pressure or anything. The only vaccine he talked to us about was the whooping cough one. He just wanted to make sure that we knew the risks and he suggested ways to be safe if we were not going to get the vax. No pressure, just information. He also welcomed us despite not having insurance.

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I got my prenatal care at the Birth Cottage in Tallahassee. I would suggest being very well informed, and perhaps even open to the possibility of accidental or intentional UC. redface.gif


I'm glad to see the family practice recommendations. I've been looking for some. I'm also glad to see recommendations for other HB midwives. We aren't planning another pregnancy any time soon, but I'm glad there are options. I thought there was only one in this area. 

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Oh, also it looks like the S. GA midwife whose name I posted above has found someone to take over her business.  http://www.sgbirthservices.com/


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I LOVED my midwife Donna Ruscher. She is leaving town now but every midwife in her practice was very nice, very supportive. They are in with Dr. AD Brickler here is their info :

1304 Hodges Drive
Tallahassee, FL, 32308

Phone Number:

(850) 431-4500


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