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Here's the story.  I had midcycle bleeding start over the summer, out of nowhere.  It happened for three months: May, June and July.  During each of these cycles I would start heavily spotting around the day of ovulation and keep spotting almost daily until my normal period began.  

In July I went to the health center at my husband's school and the GYN I saw didn't have much in the way of a diagnosis besides "If it keeps happening for 3 more months, come back and we'll do an ultrasound."  It stopped during August, September and October.  I had a tiny bit of spotting midcycle last month, and this month it's back.  It is almost too much blood to be called spotting.  It's freaking me out quite a bit because my husband and I are TTC.  I won't be able to go back to the University Health Center until January for financial reasons, so I'm looking for any insight into what this might be.   Does anyone think it warrants a trip to the ER or Urgent Care clinic?