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Sadie Carroll is here!

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My precious baby girl was born via c/s on Tuesday, November 23rd at 1:05pm.  She weighs 9lbs 13 oz.  I have to say that the whole c/s and the days that followed were crappy to say the least but we are home now and doing well.  She sleeps about 3 hours at a time and only cries when she is hungry.  She is just such a sweet mellow baby which, considering her birth, is a miracle in itself.  I have a lot of feelings and emotions to sort through and someday soon I may post her birth story here but for now let me just say Sadie is here, she is beautiful and I am richly blessed to be her mother.  The rest is something I need to process, mourn, and find a way to live with.

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Congrats on the birth of your sweet girl, mama! love.gif


I'm sorry that her birth wasn't what you had hoped.  Give yourself time to heal, be gentle with yourself, and most of all...love on that sweet babe.  hug.gif

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