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Eczema and eggs through breastmilk

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Background: I have a 3.5 year old daughter who was very intolerant to dairy (GI symptoms) until 2-2.5 years. 


I now have a 8 month old son, as well.  After our experience with our daughter, the first months we paid close attention to his behavior but saw no signs of intestinal distress in him related to food. 


However, a couple of months ago he broke out in eczema on the back of his upper arms and his legs.  The only differences I could figure were the first occurance of cold weather and my eating scrambled eggs two days in a row (after not having eaten them since he was born).  I decided to lay off the eggs, just in case, but didn't really think it was connected.


This week, I once again ate scrambled eggs for two breakfasts.  And, again, the eczema is back.  So.... hmm.


This sort of (possible) reaction is new to me, so I'd appreciate your thoughts.  Is this reaction mild enough that I should have the occassional egg to slowly introduce his body to it?  Should I avoid giving him eggs directly?  (Although I vaguely remember giving him a taste at some point in the past, and there was no immediate reaction.)  There's no point in an allergy test at this age, right?



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From what I've read, eggs are one of the (or the) most common food eczema trigger. I think it's certainly possible to react through breastmilk- I think my ds does. (I don't know for sure, as we haven't yet his baseline, so haven't actually tested it. But there's a pattern in my food journal of it).

How are things going re: eggs?

I have more to say, but have to go pick up ds1 from school.
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My son had eczema fairly young.


The peds assured me that it was just dry skin, despite the fact that I have eczema and DH and I are both poster children for atopy.  I have multiple life threatening food allergies.


Well, when DS finally tried scrambled eggs for the first time (he was almost two), the reaction was anaphylactic.  He'd refused eggs until then.  In retrospect, he'd had intermittent hives and worsening scaly patches when eating egg-containing baked products.  And after we both cut eggs completely out, he finally started gaining weight at a more reasonable rate.


After cutting eggs out our diet for 5-6 weeks, his eczema was completely gone.  I ate some baked goods with egg.  BOOM!  Back it came.  


So long as he's nursing, I'll be egg-free. 

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