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The amazing birth of Matthew and Molly, followed by PPH and peripartum cardiomyopathy - Page 4

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Great job on carrying your babies to term! From one twin mama to another, I know how much work that is. I wish you a speedy recovery and all the help you need in these next few months. Blessings on you and yours!

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Thank you for sharing your story- you are amazing, and I am sorry that you are having to go through so much tough times! Your babies are beautiful! I am praying that you have a safe and complete recovery!

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Praise God that He sustained all of your lives. I am so blessed by your story. God had you where you needed to be! Enjoy your beautiful little gifts!

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Wowie! Big congrats on the babies! They are adorable! It's truly amazing how things can be so hard but so wonderful at the same time. Enjoy your babies! (I'm sure they'll be BFing in no time!)
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What an amazing story!! So glad to hear you are doing better...be gentle on yourself...you are one strong mama. The twins are adorable!!!

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Oh my! What an intense story. I was crying throughout the whole thing. You are so very strong. How are the babies and the breastfeeding going now? Thank you for sharing! 

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That was such an awesome story. Thank you for sharing!

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Just a quick update. smile.gif


Both babies are now completely breastfed. They've regained their birthweights plus a little more and are doing really well. Matthew has a bit of a "what do I with my tongue" issue, but we're working through it. Once his latch is fixed, my next goal is to get both of them nursing at the same time.


I'm doing OK. Recovery is way slower than I would like. My BP and resting pulse are waaaaay down from what they were in the hospital and I have a cardiologist appointment on Monday. I had to get bloodwork done today and had some really weird flashback things happening. I'm beginning to accept the fact that I may have been more traumatized by this than I've previously been willing to admit.


Thank you all for your kind words and cheerleading. I don't think I would be doing nearly as well without all the support I've received, both online and in real life.

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So glad the breastfeeding is going well!! I hope your recovery continues to go well. The emotional recovery may take a while mama! grouphug.gif Find support for yourself and give yourself that space to process it all. Pushing away all those feelings is automatic for some (especially when you have twins + a family to care for), other days it might really hit you. Just know you're strong and just as you made it through the whole ordeal, you'll make it through the healing process too. goodvibes.gif

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That's awesome about the breastfeeding! Inspiring.


I hope you continue to do well, your body needs time to "get back" from what it's been through.
And I hope you can really work through your birth trauma as well, it takes time. Even though my previous very traumatizing birth was 7 years ago (the one before that, 10 years ago), I still had to work a little on it again now with this pregnancy.

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grouphug.gif It took me over a year to realize the extent of the trauma caused by my cesarean where everything went well. I cannot imagine what you are going through and I'm sending you thoughts for health, peace and recovery. Glad to hear that breastfeeding is going well--you are an awesome mama!

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I'm so glad they're doing well and breastfeeding!  Dd2's birth was very traumatic, long NICU stay and permanent disability, etc, and breastfeeding her was very healing for me.


What you went through was very scary, it will take time to recover.  After my ectopic pregnancy (rupture, emergency surgery), when it really sunk in that I had been literally just hours away from bleeding to death, it took me time to process that.  It really freaked me out, but it's understandable.

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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post


I'm beginning to accept the fact that I may have been more traumatized by this than I've previously been willing to admit.


You've probably been mostly in survival mode, and are now having a few moments to actually think about what happened.  I'm pretty sure thats normal, just take things as they come for now. 


You are one amazing mama, and all your babies are soooo lucky to have you!!  I love the pictures of the twins, they are too cute for words!

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Oh, Annette!  What a strong momma you are!  I'm so happy to hear that your traumatic story had a happy ending.  I hope your recovery continues to go well.  Matthew and Molly are absolutely gorgeous babies!  Congratulations on successfully breastfeeding, I know that can't have been easy after all that you have been through.  My thoughts will be with you all.  *hugs*

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I typed up an entire post earlier today but I hit "clear" instead of "submit" and lost the whole darn thing!


Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how brave you are and how lucky your children are to have such a strong mum!  I wish you and your family all the best!


Okay, let's see if I can hit the correct button now...

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Annette you are an incredibly strong woman. I wish you a blessed recovery. You guys are in my prayers :) What beautiful babies Molly & Matthew are!!!

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Beautiful babies mama! joy.gif
I am so happy your story had a good ending, and am also happy everything is going well now. Amazing story, and great docs and nurses too.
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Wow..I just found your thread while looking for nook apps and can't believe what you went through. Last time I read one of your threads was in the summer about cooking for a crowd. You've been through a lot..babies are beautiful and what a testimony of God's care for you and your family. So glad you are all doing well..please continue to take extra good care of yourself as much as possible. 

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What an amazing story! Your babies are beautiful, and I am so glad that they are breastfeeding!

You have been through so much, I watched my sister go through much of the same when she had her first son in 2006. Hers, unfortunately, was a case of her providers missing multiple warning signs, asking at each appointment if she was always so swollen, or if her BP was always so high, and then eventually diagnosing her with pre-e and delivering my nephew by c-section. He ended up having a pneumothorax, which our little hospital couldn't handle, so he was transferred the night he was born to the Children's Hospital 50 miles away... which led to my sister signing herself out AMA the next day, despite continued high BP and insane swelling. Thankfully, one of the neonatologists took one look at her on rounds a day or two later and told my mom to get her to the adult hospital across the street IMMEDIATELY. They handled her situation so poorly, in the ER the doctor came in and said, "Have you ever heard of congestive heart failure?" Of course at that point my sister thought she was dying, with her brand-new baby in the NICU across the street... It took them quite awhile to figure out what was going on with her. Thankfully she didn't need to be intubated, but she did spend a few days in the hospital on some pretty crazy meds recovering. She was also told never to have children again (she was only 19 and he was her first baby!), but she ended up getting pregnant a little less than a year later, and went on to have a mostly normal pregnancy and a healthy baby, although they did a repeat c-section at 36 weeks to keep her from getting to the point where she got sick the previous time. My sister ended up rejecting her first baby, blaming him for her near-death experience... my parents have raised him almost since birth.

Allow yourself to feel things, don't just try to cope through it all... and find someone who knows about PTSD in relation to birth experiences to talk to... this advice is from my own experience having a critically ill newborn and not allowing myself to feel any of it until she was over 6 months old. Now in my first pregnancy since that experience, I am having to revisit the trauma that I never acknowledged as it happened, and it is beyond difficult.

You are so blessed! You will be in my thoughts and prayers in the coming months, hoping for a full recovery for you!

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Wow!  Your story is exactly why hospitals, doctors, formula, and bottles are a blessing!   hug.gif   You are incredible and amazing!  Keep up the good work mama!  :)

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