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Thanks guys! Katrina- I already joined! I decided that "what will be, will be" and I'm just going to accept this miracle in my life no matter what the outcome. No matter what happens, I'm going to feel sad and disappointed if we lose our baby so I figure I might as well be happy now and today for being able to be a part of such a miraculous event! love.gif I'm so excited and amazed and it's barely sinking in! 

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Kinder, that is a great attitude! are you still going for bloods and ultrasouind soon?


I am making my appointment later this week - they didn't see me until towards the end of the 1st trimester with DS, so I figure around 6 weeks (I will be there tomorrow)  is a good time to call. I am switching practices, it is an OB (all female docs, which I like) but still part of the larger medical group, so my records should be easy to transfer.


I heard back from one midwife that does attend HBACs. I wish she weren't so far away - she is about 2 1/2 hours from here. If it were just the birth, then not so bad, but meeting up for prenatals would be tough, even if we met half way. I am waiting to get contact info from another midwife when I visit the Chiro on Thursday. I think I will most likely be delivering in the hospital, all things considered, but I want to talk to a homebirth midwife about my options. I think I will get a better perspective that way. DH is just kind of "whatever" The $$ concerns him. But a midwife (at least the one whose fees I already know of) is about the same, or less, than our max out of pocket with insurance. Granted, if I ended up transfering to the hospital, we would be paying for both, and that is part of the dilemma (for him).   I have time to think about it.


Anyway . . . By the time we open a February Whatevering thread, who hasn't "graduated?" I know JJ is still waiting - on a new cycle now I think? but can't think of any others

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Kinder, that is a great attitude! are you still going for bloods and ultrasouind soon?

Yeah, my hubby is on me to call as soon as the office opens this morning. He made me take another digital just in case the two in the box I used yesterday were from a faulty batch!! lol! He just can't believe it! I'm totally out of ICs. I used my last one yesterday morning so now I have to wait till the next batch gets here. Luckily I ordered more a few days ago so they should be here today and I can hopefully start seeing them get darker. Of course, this is all for nothing with blood tests and ultrasounds but just in case they can't get me in right away, it's good to know they're coming in the mail.


JJ--since we are on the same cycle, if this coming month is your month, I think you'll still join me and Katrina in the Oct. Club. fingersx.gif I can imagine you are feeling totally bummed and down. Don't give up! We're rooting for you! 

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OMG!!  Kinder!!  Holy crap!!!!  Congratulations and definitely keep us posted!!!  OMG OMG OMG!!  So happy for you!! 

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Yup, if it works out this month, then I'll be dye right at the end of October. Normally I would head into the Nov ddc I think, but if it did work this month, I'd stay in october more for people I know then true accuracy! Honestly though, I don't feel excited yet for this month. I'm feeling calmer, but still kind of hopeless. I've been trying to funnel energy into other things and as such, just not thinking about it.  I'm in a four day off stretch, so I've been keeping busy, especially with DH out of town. So far I slept through day 1, spent day two cleaning and then at the bar (?!?! I never go to the bar), day three cleaning, sleeping, and movie night at my fathers, and so far today... homework and cleaning. Notice a theme? LOL. As long as I'm cleaning, I'm not tihnking, and the house looks better anyways. I've been feeling sick, so it's been nice to spend an inordinate amount of time napping on the couch.


Congrats kinder!! What a nice surprise after so much stress and confusion!!

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JJ--since we are on the same cycle, if this coming month is your month, I think you'll still join me and Katrina in the Oct. Club. fingersx.gif I can imagine you are feeling totally bummed and down. Don't give up! We're rooting for you! 

And yup-- I think I'm the only one posting still on any sort of regular basis who isn't pregnant yet. I think February may be the end of this thread. I've been posting a bit in the ttc in your 20's thread, so I'll probably head over there. Truth is, I'm not really whatevering anymore anyways.

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I wonder if any lurkers will come out now?


In any case, I sure hope we stay in some sort of graduate thread or whatever b/c I sure as hell want to see all our babies when their born, and I want to follow ALL our pregnancies!  We spent the whole summer and fall together!  I'd miss you all if you weren't here!! 

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wow, want to hear something funny. I just searched all over the bedroom and bathroom for another IC just in case I tuck one somewhere and forgot about it. Turns out I did after peeing on one the other day. I put it inside a book on the toilet tank lid because DH was coming and I didn't want him to think I was a total nut for testing when I was obviously bleeding. LOL! I just found it and it is actually positive, lighter than the one I took yesterday morning but still more obviously than the "evap line" one I threw away 5 days ago. I totally forgot about the test. I guess because I just knew it would be negative! So, anyway, I guess the tests ARE getting darker but still I don't know anything. My doc is sending me for a beta today, an ultrasound at 3:00 to rule out ectopic (I don't think they'll see anything at 4 weeks 3 days!) and another beta in two days. She said it's highly likely I just had a miscarriage but I'm still hopeful until I have a reason not to be. 


Thanks Carrie for all your excitement! I'm so glad I can share my news with you guys. Hopefully it stays that way! 

JJ- I hope we all just carry on in this thread or, I suppose, I could just stalk you in TTC!! 

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JJ ~ I always clean when I'm trying not to obsess about something else.

Kinder ~ I think you might be able to see a gestational sac now but you wouldn't be able to see anything in it. When I was miscarrying, we saw a tiny gestational sac that was measuring at around 4.5 weeks when I should have been about 5.5 weeks.
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Still lurking.  So happy for everyone with babies. 

I weaned my dh about 3 weeks ago and just got AF yesterday.  I celebrated in the bathroom.  I was somewhat concerned there might be something wrong since it took so long.  But yay, I am well.  So, I'm excited to see what will happen in the next couple of months. 

I am continuing to read- loving the conversation.

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Back from ultrasound-- she didn't see any sac but looked at me like I had two heads when I told her my LMP was January 1st. She was like I don't usually see anything until 5 weeks or 1025 HCG. So, what I did learn is my tubes look fine and so does my uterus and ovaries. I had a blood draw and should have the first number by tomorrow. Of course, Wednesday we're supposed to get 12-18 inches of snow so I probably won't get to the lab for my 2nd beta (damn!)....BUT....the internet cheapies did come in the mail and the line is undoubtedly more positive than yesterday morning's test. That has to be a good sign right!!! Also, I used an OPK yesterday and today's is much darker as well!  I'm just upset I exposed my "baby" to a sonogram that didn't really tell me anything useful! Argh! I'll know the outcome by Friday (with the storm in mind). In the meantime, I'm pregnant! fingersx.gif



oh, I forgot to mention the technician saw a "cyst" near my cervix and it looked like the sacs I've seen online at this point (under 5 weeks). She didn't even investigate. She saw it and scrolled right over to the ovaries. She said babies always implant right up here (top of uterus)! Um, I had placenta previa in the past so that would indicate a low implantation site near my cervix! I didn't mention it because I didn't want to tell her how to do her job! And maybe it was a cyst. I have had ultrasounds before and never had a cyst! 

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Kinder ~ I'd say if the ICs are getting darker, things are good. Someone who's not used to doing u/ses so early probably wouldn't know what they were seeing. I wouldn't worry about the early u/s, either. I've had many and all my babies were/are fine.
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Pdiannet - yay on AF! and on weaning your LO. We are still working on that. it is slow going.


Kinder, I think that maybe the cyst was the yolk sac. Will they do another U/S in the near future? (may depend on your hcg #s)


hope those in the midwest weather the storm ok -

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Hmmm, doc called and said my HCG looks right on for LMP of 1/1/11. She said she didn't want me to go and get the 2nd beta test tomorrow. She said she was only drawing that second BETA if something was found in my fallopian tubes during the US. She goes on and on.....then I ask her what my HCG was and I swear she said 33.8. That seems so low to me. My tests are getting darker so I don't know. Still don't know anything! She told me to take another home pregnancy test in a week to make sure HCG is still going strong. She said she's ruled out an ectopic but wants me to contact her if anything comes up. Oh well! I have an appt with my homebirth midwife from last dc on Friday (she ordered a lab yesterday too) so I guess I'll follow-up with her on Friday. She'll probably draw more blood on Friday at her office. So at 16 dpo I had a super faint line (that DH won't confirm with his eyes) on a IC so say that was 10 hcg. Yesterday I was 19 dpo and it was 33.8. That seems okay, right? It tripled over 3 days. 

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sounds about right to me :) your doc seems ok with the numbers, and that is a good thing!

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thanks Katrina. I'm so surprised that I had a super faint line at 16 dpo. Last pregnancy, same tests, I had a super faint one at 9 dpo. That kind of worries me but every pregnancy is different, right! 

DH is so nervous! He drove over to Walmart just to get a 50 miu test to see if my levels went up from yesterday. I got a faint but obvious positive. Okay, this still doesn't tell us much....time will tell! 

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hCG levels vary a lot. Anything over 5 is considered +. The actual # isn't important. It's the doubling time that matters more but even that can vary quite a bit and still be ok.
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I'm going to start a February Thread guys. We'll see if it takes off at all!

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