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Hello all, just wanted to drop a line to say that I had the baby on Monday, December 13th. Her name is Kacey Elaine Kendrick. She weighed 7lbs 2.5oz and was 20in long.

More info to come soon once I get the energy. She is so beautiful and has truly changed our lives!!
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kimlyn, CONGRATS!!! joy.gifjoy.gif enjoy your babymoon!!!! love.gif can't wait to see pics of that li'l girl... when you have some time and energy, of course. wink1.gif
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congrats kimlyn!! joy.gif


and welcome baby kacey!! love.gif


~ sarah

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Congratulations, Kimlyn!  What wonderful news.  joy.gif


I'm way behind on personals still, but wanted to share that we heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time yesterday.  We'd seen it at the 8 week u/s, but getting to hear it yesterday (at our 10 week midwife appt.) was truly awesome.  It makes the nausea/exhaustion all feel worthwhile.  Hope you all are well, and have happy holidays ahead.

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Kimlyn~ Congratulations and welcome to your little one!!  Do post photos when you get a chance, but mostly just enjoy your special time.




Went to see the midwife yesterday~ all is well. I'd gained slightly more weight than I wanted/needed to, but I'm blaming the non-stop holiday buffet that is an elementary school at Christmas time.  I'll get it all yogaed off in the new year ROTFLMAO.gif  Everything else was really good. My blood pressure had actually gone down, and she's measuring large (though that might be the holiday buffet). Good strong heartbeat and all that jazz.  I'm worn out with Christmas shopping and am glad to just be collapsed on the sofa.  DP's baking all day long, oh dear... better get out the yoga tape...


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Welcome Baby Kacey joy.gif

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love.gif Congrats Kimlyn and welcome Kacey!! love.gif


Can't wait to see pictures!

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 Just checking in to share that Josie Anne is also here!  She arrived on Saturday, December 18.  We labored for about 30 hours at the birth center to get to 6 cms and decided to transfer to the hospital so that I could sleep.  After three hours of epidural-allowed sleep I had progressed to 8cms.  Our wonderful L&D nurse Karen explained that my contractions were not adequate because my resting tension was too high, but she was able to position me well so that I was able to have a little pitocin later in the day and progress to 9cm.  When she checked me at 3 the water finally broke.  I told dp after two more contractions that if anyone wanted to visit again, now was the time.   At 4:05 she said I could start pushing (the epidural was actually excellent because I could still really feel the contractions, needing to focus and breath through them and did feel the urge to push).  Because of the epidural they directed my pushing (I think we call this purple pushing!) and she was born at 4:26--48 hours of labor with 21 minutes of pushing!  I feel the whole birth was wonderful and by 24 hours later I already couldn't wait to have another baby (though after the tears heal--11 vaginal stitches and 3 perineal).  She weighed in at 8 lbs 13.4 oz and was around 20 inches.  We think she might not have actually been that big but becuase I had 5 bags of IV fluids she might have been a little waterlogged--oh, and she fed for 45 minutes before weigh-in.  We are now home and doing great--she is the best baby ever!


Congratulations to Kim & Kim & Kacey as well--we sure do have a lot to celebrate this Christmas Season!

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Congrats MtnLisa!!! welcome Josie!! joy.gif enjoy every moment! love.gif
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My old pal from the Bay Area Cejae just told me about this group so I thought I'd join.

Then I looked and saw my old grade school friend, kredmon. Small world :)


Glad to be part of this community.

Due Date: July 26th (same as 3 year old son birthed by my partner).


Hoping for a smooth and quick next three weeks!!

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JesseW!  So happy to see you here :).  And just think it's cool that we're both preggo this time and our partners were last time. 


Get this, we're hiring a doula and her name is, wait for it, Candace :).  The same name as the doula JesseW and her DP and I and my DP shared the first time around.  I think the poor woman didn't sleep for four days straight between us!

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Jesse, greet.gif and Congratulations! orngbiggrin.gif
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MtnLisa~ Congratulations and welcome little baby!! That's quite a birth story, and I'm glad the experience was positive for everyone.  Enjoy the best Christmas present you could ever have!!



Jesse~ Welcome and congratulations!!  Summertime babies will be wonderful things!  


No news here~ just hanging out around the house while DP cooks. Lucky me!!!

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cejae--I miss the old days of queer moms groups in Oakland. Too funny that you are using another doula named Candace.


Are there any Philly folks out there?

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love.gif Congrats mtnlisa & welcome Josie! love.gif

Can't wait to see pictures!


Welcome and congrats, Jesse! 

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Congratulations to MtnLisa and Kimlyn!  So exciting! 


And congrats and welcome to Jesse, too.  My DP and I also did grad school at Berkeley and lived in Oakland when we had my DD.  I REALLY miss my queer moms' ttc and baby group, though I appreciate this online group quite a bit.  I'm due just after you: Aug. 3rd.


AFM: I had my first bout of pregnancy emotional disaster this morning.  We're in Maui with my parents, brother (and his family, including a 1-yr-old with another one on the way in Feb).  My parents brought us along on this trip, and I'm so grateful to be here, relaxing in the sun (esp. given the recent frigid temps in the midwest, where we're living).  But I totally lost it this morning.  It had something to do with feeling left out of the day's activities, a bit of social anxiety about our NYE plans (some good friends bagged out at the last minute, but we'll still have a lovely gathering), and generally not feeling as fun or adventerous as the rest of my family (DP is WAY less adventerous than my natal family, but she is incredible in many other ways that they are not...)...anyway, the point is that it was nothing serious.  But I just couldn't stop crying!  I haven't felt this way at all in the last two months and am generally not an easy crier, so I felt like a total idiot.  My DD was shocked and sweet, coming to give me a hug, and DP got defensive at first but then realized that I just needed to get it out of my system.  So we got some beach time and learned to make ti lais (lais made of long leaves--we got into a great conversation with the young Samoan woman who was teaching the class--really nice and grounding, actually), and I calmed down.  But I feel like a complete dork...and kind of spoiled for having a crying fit on such a lovely vacation.  Oh, well.  I figured maybe you ladies would have some sympathy or similar stories? 

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AHope~ Biggest hugs! I don't think you should feel bad at all. You just got overwhelmed and now you've got it all out of your system. It just happens even when NOT pregnant, and now you're extra whammied with emotions and hormones.  It doesn't sound like it's ruined anything for anyone, and you're still in MAUI!!!! Wowie!!!  What a wonderful holiday experience.  Keep making those memories and enjoying this time. Next year you'll be having Christmas with your new baby and that will be amazing, though amazingly different from what you're having now.  Enjoy, and let me know how many times you hear the song 'Mala Kalikimaka', 'cause I'll bet it's EVERYWHERE!!!   xoxoxxoxo   

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AHope, sending you hugs and support... i, too, had some of those same sort of "crying fits" where i felt left out, irritated by that fact and kinda sorry for myself. needless to say it lead to uncontrolable crying. but as soon as i CIO (lol) i felt better. Enjoy Maui... what a great time to be there... it's cold (and snowy) here!!

wave.gif to all
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Thanks, Library and Wehrli!  I appreciate it.  And I've been fine since then, having a truly lovely time in this beautiful place.  Merry Christmas to those celebrating, especially to the new mamas enjoying their babes' first holidays.

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26W+ 1D


(taken in front of my parents fireplace on xmas day)
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