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Beautiful belly, Wehrli!

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Wehrli~ What an awesome belly!  I'll post a pic of mine soon. My 5yo nephew was showing his 'big belly' too and it's a pretty cute pic if I do say so myself.   


We had a great holiday~ a lot of driving and a lot of food, but lots of fun, and good to see my dad and sister, both of whom live out of state.  My grandma and uncle re-covered my great grandma's rocking chair and it's just beautiful ( and SO NICE to be sitting in it again rather than the uncomfortable camping chair I'd been sitting in meantimes)   My cousins also gave us a 28 gallon tub of baby girl clothes, which are really cute (and not ALL pink!)  We did go through the tub and are donating everything that says 'Daddy's girl' and everything that has Disney princesses on it.  My mom filled up both DP and my's stocking with baby shoes and board books and stuff. It was pretty cute. 


Hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday.  Soon it will be the new year, the one in which we all have our babies!!!!

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Hello, Everyone!


Big congrats to kimlyn and mtnlisa! joy.gif


And more big congrats to AHope and all the other newly pregnant ladies on the board! joy.gif


I hope you'll all forgive me for a long absence. I've had a rough pregnancy with all sorts of problems and I stayed away from the boards because I would have been a real downer for everyone. My biggest problem was severe pregnancy-induced insomnia. I didn't sleep more than 2 hours a night for a good 4 or 5 months. The lack of sleep made it almost impossible to recover from a back injury, so I had bad hip and back pain the whole time, to boot. At the point where I could no longer function, we started trying medications - something I never thought I'd do while pregnant! Finally, last week, we found something that worked. I'm not sleeping great, but at least I'm getting some sleep now! So while I'm starting to feel very pregnant at 35 weeks, I feel better than I have for almost my entire pregnancy. Go figure!


So I'm 35 weeks today and baby dropped yesterday! It feels so weird - like my pelvis is falling down! But it's a good thing. She's been head down and in "perfect birth position" since 27 weeks, so hopefully she's just as ready as I am to get this show on the road! 


I got some great tips on avoiding postpartum depression from our birth center, so I'll have to come back and share those soon. In the meantime, I hope you're all well and I hope to be able to keep up better with everyone's updates! smile.gif

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Korey~ Nice to hear from you again, I'm glad that you're finally recovering from all that dreadfulness!!  I had a bit of insomnia, but nothing like that. Sleep is so important, and nothing's worse than just lying there hour after hour. Yay for the baby dropping, and the 'perfect birth position'. My li'l biscuit keeps flipping over and kicking me in the back of the navel, then flipping back, feet down again.  I hope she gets head-down before long, and stays that way. I don't want any breech complications, for real.  I really do look forward to your post partum depression tips. It's something I certainly hope to avoid.  I've heard that ingesting parts of the placenta helps, but I'm not sure I can actually do that. I don't want to judge, but the thought weirds me out.   So, yes! I look forward to hearing what you've learned. 


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korey! i've been thinking about you... glad you are back and feeling [somewhat] better! and yay for perfectly positioned babies! my li'l one has been acting much like library's with the addition of kicking upwards in the last week or so. i'm hoping that within the next week or so this LO will choose head down for good!

i also can't wait to hear about the PP tips you have... i'm a little concerned about that and as library said i don't judge but i don't think i can ingest placenta... well unless it was in capsule form. but i don't think there is anyone around here willing to do that for a price i can afford.

ok, so i'm impatiently awaiting a pic of library's belly... anyone else willing to share?? come on! i wanna see some baby bumps!
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I can't wait to have an actual bump to show off!  For now, I don't notice any change, and it may take a while, since I already had a nice belly before getting pregnant. wink1.gif


Korey--so sorry to hear how miserable you've been.  I can't imagine insomnia AND back problems. UGH.  Very glad to read that you are feeling better now.  Wow--35 weeks!  We need a belly pic!  Are you getting excited for the birth? What are your plans?


Library--your chair sounds really nice.  And what's not to love about a tub full of mostly useful baby clothes?  If we have a boy, I have a friend with twin boys who will probably drown us in hand-me-downs--yay!  If we have a girl, we'll have plenty of clothing already in the extended family to go around. 


We're in Seattle, now, at my parents' house.  We're about to go to high tea (goodness!) with some of my old high-school friends.  Ta ta!



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Hi all,

I've been putting off jumping onto this board bc I'm so newly pregnant (5wks 3days), but AmandaHope suggested I come on here to share and get opinions about the fact that I don't really feel pregnant! I have low energy but have trouble napping... My appetite has decreased A LOT but I'm not nauseous. It freaks me out! ....but everywhere I read it says it's normal to not feel pregnant this early. What were everyone's early experiences?

My first u/s is Jan 10...trying to stay zen and thrilled!

Also... We did ivf and are going to our fertility clinic for the first u/s. Any suggestions on when I should see an ob/gyn? Should I be calling now?

Thanks girls!!!
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I ate my placenta!


My doula dried it for me and I put into capsules myself. I took 4 capsules a day for months pp. I still have a ton left..apparently my placenta was huge.


I had visions of eating blood dripping raw meat "stuff" when I first heard about ingesting your placenta....I was intrigued when I realized that it can be dried and encapsulated. I did end up having mild post partum depression - maybe even just the "baby blues" - but I like to think that it could have been worse.


I would research it if I was you...ask your doula if she does it or knows of someone! There was no charge to dry it and as I said, I just bought some vegetarian capsules from a natural health store and did it myself.

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thanks for the tip, carmen! i am interested... but only if i can take it in capsule form. i just haven't been able to get over the thought of ingesting it in other forms. i was vegetarian for quite some years in the past and i have issues with ingesting meat in general, so i think that's the reason. it's not a problem with actually ingesting it but there is a issue with "eating" it. no offense meant to anyone... it's just me. wink1.gif

5G, i'm glad you made it over here! congrats again!! i don't know the protocol for your clinic, but my RE told me when i would "graduate" from their care. maybe it'll be this way for you... but depending how long it'll take to get into your particular OB, maybe you should schedule ahead. i saw my RE up through 10 weeks, that was standard for them. i then went to midwife care. i think i didn't see her until 16 weeks or so... there's no real reason for you to rush into care if nothing is going wrong, however you could have multiple beans in there, right? if that were the case, IDK... you may want to get into care sooner rather than later. as for Sx of PG... i didn't have many. i, too, was worried by that but i tried to be zen about it and was reassured only by my decreased appetite and lack of AF. i started to feel a bit nauseaus at about 6-7 weeks and it didn't last long. i never actually threw-up and the nausea would pass within 5-20 min and didn't happen every day even. i sometimes wondered if i was imagining the nausea altogether! don't worry to much, you are pregnant now!!! focus on that and soon this time will have passed and you will be happily in the second trimester and feeling the baby bump around!
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Carmen~ Thanks for the info. Do you think the ingestion helped?  I could deal with it in capsule form, but yeah, I just have a vision of biting into a giant bloody mass and it kinda makes me barfy to think about.  I've read about the supposed benefits, but haven't read much about whether or not they actually happen.


5G~ Like I said, I never 'felt pregnant' until waaaaay later. Like you, I got to the point where I was hoping for morning sickness just to feel SOMETHING.  Finally my boobs started getting sore, and eventually my belly got hard and then started popping out, but really until I started to feel her kick around, it's like it wasn't really happening. Hang in there!!  The ultrasounds do help a LOT.  If you have leftover sticks, pee on them. It never gets old seeing that line pop up!

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5G: At my fertility clinic, I had an u/s at 5 weeks and another at 7 weeks, and then they said goodbye and to let them know when I picked an OB/midwife so they could send along records.  They wanted first, to confirm a singleton pregnancy, and second, to confirm a heartbeat. 

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Hi all,


Sorry I've been gone for a while - holidays and then a vacation in Rocky Mountain National Park. 


5G, I also went through IVF and they wanted to follow me more or less through the first trimester.  Since they are about 45 minutes away, I took a hybrid approach.  I went to my midwife at 6 weeks and she did all the ultrasounds (which they faxed to the IVF clinic).  I did my regular blood draws (for HCG, estradiol and progesterone at a local lab).  When my IVF nurse would get results we'd have phone consults.  So I actually never went back to the IVF clinic, though they followed me until two weeks ago.  I'm so happy for you!  I know how crazy the IVF process is.


AFM, I MADE IT THROUGH THE FIRST TRIMESTER!  Seriously, the Sunday before last I was having doubts.  I was throwing up so continuously and violently I couldn't even find time to get my anti-emetic pill in.  Hell, I tell you.  But since then, things have botten progressively better.  As long as I take my pill at night, I can sleep through the night, wake up and have a normal breakfast, eat some vegetables.  It's amazing. :).  I even went snowshing at 9,500 feet this week.  Wow. Though, to be fair, I was snowshoing with my 3 y/o, so the pace was pretty slow :).  Off to an appt with the midwife this morning.  It will be the first time, DC sees the babies on the ultrasound.  Very exciting!

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Hey everyone !


Hope you had a great Christmas/Solstice !


We had another ultrasound and NST this morning and we got great news !

Both babies are now head down (!!!) and the size discreptancy that was present at 28 weeks (30th percentile for Chalie and 75th for Chloe) has now dissapeared !

Today, at 33 weeks 3 days, Charlie (Baby A) is 4 pounds 7 oz (50th percentile) and Chloe (Baby B) is 4 pounds 3 oz (40th percentile).

Seems like a natural birth is now possible !


Cejae : Congrats on making it through the 1st trimester !! Have a happy ultrasound !


5G : Welcome and congrats ! Hope you have a great pregnancy and a healthy hapy baby !


AmandaHope : The belly will come... and then it will be too much there LOL. DP is so tired of feeling huge ! Congrats again :) I am so hapy for you !


Korey : Sounds like things are going uphill for you ! I have bad insomnia and always have... I hear ya about how painful that can be !! And not to mention depressing and anxiety-creating ! I am glad that you are now feeling better !


Library : Great about donated clothes ! Our girls re goimg to be SO well dressed from everything we have received ! Our moms also gave us presents for the girls... guess what... dolls of course ! Twho sets of twin girl dolls !


Wherli : Awesome belly :):):)





Now I am going to go care for my very pregnant gf... afterall, she has 9 pounds of baby in there already !






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CJ, Congrats on making through the first trimester!!! Good job mama!

Coco, Yay for head down babies! i'm so glad everything is looking so good! do you have a pic to share of your partners baby belly?? smile.gif

afm, had an appt with the midwife on tuesday... everythings going fine except my BP is consistanly on the high end of normal and she seems (somewhat) concerned. i have a BP monitor and when i monitor at home it's fine. but tuesday was a stressful day at work plus i get anxiety about "failing" the BP reading and i think that is counter-productive. the baby is transverse-ish as of now (or tuesday night) but i think i feel hir moving and flipping around quite a bit so... i'm hopeful that head down won't be that difficult to achieve. i need to do some pelvic tilts and sit on my birthing ball some more, though. DPs mom took a cute pic of the both of us on xmas in front of the tree... i'll share, hoping to see some more pics of you all. wink1.gif

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Hi all,


First of all, welcome to Kacey Elaine and Josie Anne!!!


I'm impossibly behind on personals, so I'm going to vow to catch up sometime soon and selfishly ask for some advice:


I just learned that I failed my one hour glucose test (I got a 139, the cutoff is 135).  So now I'm scheduled to take the three hour test in a week or so (after I get back from a quick trip to CA-- my last planned flight before the baby comes!). Of course, if I really do have gestational diabetes, I want to find out and treat it through diet and exercise. But I really feel fine, without diabetic symptoms, and if I can avoid a false positive that makes me "higher risk," I would like to do so!  So, does anyone have ideas about how to optimize my chances of a good result? My midwife recommends a 3 day high carb diet before the fasting test, and word on the street is that some light exercise like marching in place just before a draw can help as well. But I'd love any insight and ideas!


Not much else to report. Even though I've been MIA, I'm thinking of you all!  I'm on a break between semesters, trying to get some serious nesting done before things get hectic again!


Much love,



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I dont have recent "showable" pic of DP's belly... but here are the twin's heads !!



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 Coco99, Best New Years Card Ever!

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Beastie~ Ugh.  I'm going for my test next time I have a checkup. I'm also wondering what I can do to make sure I don't end up in that category. Really don't want diabetes, if at all avoidable.  Looking forward to hearing people's advice. 

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Ooop~ Missed a few FAB posts!!  Coco, I love the New Year's card!!  I can't wait to see 'real' photos of your little girls, I feel like I know them so well already.


BeeCharmer~ That's quite a bump!  As soon as we get our camera sorted out, I'll post a pic of me in front of the tree, though mine's not as good as yours at all. 

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