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Good morning ladies. :)


georgia and I have received your PMs.  However, regardless of what else is going on, it is still against the UA to post about moderator actions on the thread.  Please stop.


I am removing posts that discuss mod actions.


Thank you for understanding. :)


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Um, yeah, so, as a Queer and Pregnant woman, I would queerly and pregnantly like to respond to AHope's QOTD.  The most embarassing moment of my Queer Pregnancy so far has had to be gas issues. Burping and farting and trying to repress said burps and farts in public, especially at work.  Elementary school students will totally bust you if they catch you doing it, and then they'll never stop laughing.  As per our user agreement, I do solemnly swear that this post is relevant to issues of Queer Parenting.

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HAHAHAHAHA!  You are the best, Library. 


More later, now back to writing the article on anorexics and bulimics (which does have to do with queer pregnancy, or mine at least, what with the barfing and all). 

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Library- Love the snark! ROTFLMAO.gif


QOTD- The belly is quite large now and I have to pull up my pants and pull down certain shirts all day or it pokes out. I hope that I have clothes that still fits me in 3 weeks, I feel like such a slob.

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Please contact me if you have further questions about what is and isn't okay.  It is not okay to post on the board regarding mod actions, and I will be removing the posts.


I am happy to discuss whatever you wish, and have had discussions with several people this morning.  


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Burg~ I hear you, re the clothing troubles. I have a dress I wear from the moment I get home, and I know DP's going to be so sick of looking at it by April, but I swear, it's the only thing that feels good. I wish I could wear it to work, too! Mostly I just wear dresses that are like big flowerdy sacks, but it's been cold and my long johns poke into my belly. Grrrr!  Still, this is better than the summer. I can't imagine what it would be like if I were this big in the 105 degree, 97% humidity Oklahoma summer.


Cejae~ Please tell me again what you profess?  I've written a young adult book about anorexia (still trying to get it published) and it's a subject I find really interesting. And terrifying!  It's going to be tough bringing a girl into a world like this one.

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cejae, I ate kale yesterday!  First time since the m/s struck, and I thought of you.  We're going to make it through this, after all.  :)


Maybe I'll even be up for personals some time this trimester!  Getting there....


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 pigirl, KALE!!  So happy for you.  I actually ate it today too and a quesadilla.  Two giant steps.  I haven't been able to really even think of cheese.  We'll get through this my friend!


Library, have I mentioned I feel very bonded with you right now?  ;).  I profess way too much on just about everything.  But the thing I get paid to profess about is sociology, specifically youth, sexuality, new media, gender and deviance.  Written a lot about masculinity, youth and homophobia, but the eating disorders come from a recent project with my friend who is an expert on bodies, body size etc.  We studied the online pro-ana community and are finishing up an article and a book on it.  Fascinating.  I would love love love to see your book (and or chat about publishing).  Have you checked out Seal Press?  They specialize in queer/women's topics.  Could be a good fit?


As for clothes, good lord, I'm already growing out of my pregnancy clothes.  Thank goodness DPs sister (who is a few sizes bigger than me) has kindly packed up her preggo clothes and shipped them to me.  No belly pics yet, so this one will have to suffice (And no the sweatshirt isn't poofing out.  It barely fits over the belly at this point.  I was trying to hide the pirate booty from DS, who loves it):



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mmmm... pirate booty...
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Cejae~ I too feel like we're special friends now xoxox   And I'd LOVE to talk about publishing and deviance and the pro-ana community. I was googling for pro-ana sites while I was doing my book research and I noticed that if you google 'anorexia' one of the ads on the side is for a Goth dating service. Wow.    And I'm LOVING the pic, especially the naughty look on your face!!!

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Now I have heartburn. Seems like it's just a day to suffer.  The good news is that my household plumbing problem was routine and fairly inexpensive to fix. Whew!!!

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If it makes you feel any better, Library, I've got hot flashes and a migraine (which I'm praying to the powers that be means an estrogen drop and continued easing of the nausea).  The is just one big science experiment taking place in our own bodies, isn't it?  I'll send you a pm w/my email addy and we'll talk shop/anorexia/publishing.

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So behind on here, per usual.

Kredmon, so sorry to hear about your loss.  :(  I hope you and your partner are coping well...


I love all of the pics!  So cute...


So, the nausea I was looking for has come, but it's not too bad and doesn't happen often, and does indeed go away if I eat something.  I finished my round of antibiotics, and I feel like my fever is totally gone, but I'm left with this massive headache I've had now for almost 10 days.  I think it's tension headaches - they go away for a bit every day but come back with a vengeance.  Today, I've had it ALL DAY.  Usually the mornings are better... but today, I've been miserable all day.  I just want to sleep because then I don't feel it.  I even got a massage today - it felt okay during the massage but came back as soon as I got up off the table.  It's MADDENING.  I forget what it's like to feel well.  I've taken Tylenol (not with regularity), and it doesn't TOUCH IT.  There's seriously nothing that helps.  I'm with my RE until 9.5 weeks (which is not this week but next), but I'm speeding up my search for an ob/gyn to see if I can get in and just be reassured that my brain isn't imploding or anything.  Gah!  I'm also already HOT a lot of the time, which I thought didn't happen until later in pregnancy?  Man, people aren't kidding when they say the first 3 months kind of suck!!  Still - totally thrilled and grateful!  


The good news is - they've liberalized my sister's visits with my niece (we've been fostering her since she was released from the hospital at 2 wks old in Sept), so I won't be left at home alone with the baby nearly as much.  It's awful enough having this headache - it's unbearable when there's a kid screaming in your ear.  Also good news - she was supposed to go home in April, but now it looks like she'll go home beginning of February!  I love her dearly but this is perfect timing.  I just don't feel well and I know I'm not 100 percent for her anymore.  It's hard to face the fact, but I just feel so crappy and terrible all the time.  It'll be good for me AND my baby for me to start being the fun auntie to my niece instead of the foster mommy - and more importantly, it'll be SO GOOD for my sister to have her back.  She aches for her.  


Anyone else have the headaches during the first trimester?  Wondering if it's the hormone shots?  I only have 2 more weeks on them.  WOOT.




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5G~ I'm so sorry about the headaches, I'll bet tension has a lot to do with it. And no, the Tylenol just isn't the same. I'm so happy to hear about your sister's recovery and the fact that she'll be able to finally start her life with her child, just as you're starting your life with yours.  I hope the doc can give you something useful.



Okay, this is a cut n paste since I already wrote it all out on the QC board, but I'm curious to hear everyone's answers:



QOTD, just for fun.    I wanted to ask everyone what was the movie/tv show/ whatever where they first saw someone gay or lesbian? I'm going to totally date myself with this, but I think I've established my Queer Elder Cred (ha!) but I'm curious about everyone's experience.  The first thing I ever saw where someone called themselves homosexual (the word he used in the film) was the movie Fame.  Of course it's the miserable guy who's in love with his psychoanalyst, and there's no possibility of romance, etc, but I still remember catching my breath when he says it out loud.  The first time I saw lesbians in a movie was MUCH better: The Hunger.  I stayed up late to watch it because I was such a David Bowie fan and got the most pleasant surprise of my life!!!!!!  Woohoo!!  I also became a big Bauhaus fan after watching it, and it's still one of my favorite movies. 

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 5G, my friends and I always joke that it's okay to take Tylenol during pregnancy becuase *it doesn't work.*  Seriously though, I'm so sorry about your headaches.  I absolutely bet they are related to the crazy hormone changes and the shots.  I always get headaches, and usually migraines, with hormone jumps (up or down).  Could also be related to blood sugar?  If your blood sugar drops (as it sometimes does unexpectedly in pregnancy) that can cause a headache too.  Try to get plenty of protein if you think that's the case (do as I say, not as I do - I could barely tolerate any protein first trimester!)  Can you try accupuncture? 


First queer character...wow.  Don't think it was until college when I watched Go Fish!  How sad is that?  The perils of being raised in conservative Orange County in the 70s and 80s I suppose. 

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Latest pages in our baby book !

(I know some photos are repeats but oh well ! lol)



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Coco~ How cute!  I love the 'two peas' imagery on your invitations. Your nursery is lovely too. 


Cejae~ I'm loling about the 'tylenol doesn't work' comment. It sure feels that way!!  Go Fish is  a great movie. I saw it after I'd gotten out of college and was living in San Antonio in my riot grrrl phase!!


Belly pic! Sorry it's sideways, but that's the best I can do. I'm wearing my lovely purple owl pjs that Santa brought me. 


Amanda Tree.jpg

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Originally Posted by cejae View Post

 5G, my friends and I always joke that it's okay to take Tylenol during pregnancy becuase *it doesn't work.*  Seriously though, I'm so sorry about your headaches.  I absolutely bet they are related to the crazy hormone changes and the shots.  I always get headaches, and usually migraines, with hormone jumps (up or down).  Could also be related to blood sugar?  If your blood sugar drops (as it sometimes does unexpectedly in pregnancy) that can cause a headache too.  Try to get plenty of protein if you think that's the case (do as I say, not as I do - I could barely tolerate any protein first trimester!)  Can you try accupuncture? 


Thread crashing...acupuncture totally worked for me for headaches during pregnancy!


I actually took 2 tylenol at the beginning of labour. Which might not seem all that funny but it was laugh out loud hysterical to me after giving birth. Hysterical that I thought tylenol would help with labour pain lol

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Coco and Library - I love the pics!!!  In particular, I really love your PJs LibraryLady.  They're very cute.

Fivegrandbaby - I'm glad to hear that everything is sorting itself out with your niece.  I was over on Queer Conceptions with you when you were struggling with this and then took a break.  With respect to headaches, I also had a period during my first trimester where Tyl*nol could not touch my headache.  I think it was a mixture of hormones and tension.  When I asked my chiropractor about it during an appt for my back, she did a couple of moves around my neck and skull by applying pressure and I had instantaneous relief.

AFU - It's been a super hectic weekend.  Earlier in the week I put my back out from shoveling (yes, I recognize that ladies who are 29 weeks pregnant shouldn't shovel, but it was only 5cms of snow that I broke into two separate shoveling sprees.  I moved very slowly and carefully, but one twist did me in).  Thanks goodness I was recovered by Thursday, because DW when to pick up DS on Friday she threw out her back.  She's been on the couch all weekend and just graduated to sitting up today.  While I took on all of the domestic duties that DW and I normally share, I was so thankful for having two teenagers who willingly pitched in.  They shoveled the driveway, took care of DW while I went to prenatal yoga, pitched in with cleaning the house...it was just heavenly.  My teens are handfuls at times, but they're genuinely great and interesting people, and it's been a good weekend to be reminded of that.

We also finished up our registry today (because when you're playing nursemaid, you absolutely can command 100% of your DPs attention orngbiggrin.gif) and sent out our un-shower invites.  We've decided to host a tea party - I'm really hoping there will be nifty and outrageous hats at our house - and have a casual drop in for all of our friends.  We have an eclectic group that do not intersect in the least, so we opted to host something very casual, where people can come and go as they see fit.  We're just so very excited to actually SEE people, as we've dropped off the face of the earth, and it would be nice to connect with a number of people in a short amount of time.

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Gumshoe~ We worked on our registry this weekend too, and were very irritated at the lack of anything useful that Target had. I guess Babies R Us is going to be it. We have an online registry too, but I'm sure many people would prefer to actually go someplace and purchase whatever it is.    OH!  Our friends got us the MOST AMAZING GIFT, I'm sure nothing else could ever top it.  A collection of children's books with titles that sound dirty, including The Muffin Muncher, Goblin in the Bush and Cock Horse.  They're amazing! The books themselves are good, but the fact that they spent so long searching for suggestive titles blew me away. Hysterical!!  Anyhoo, I hope you both have less injured backs very soon. Back pain's no good, especially when you're carrying around that baby!!

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