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Slow healing bone fractures. . . glucosamine or ??

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I was in a car accident almost two months ago which resulted in 5 broken bones, and at the follow up appointment on Thur, was told the ulna fracture still has not grown together. Based on the new xrays, he said 'some people's bones heal quickly, and unfortunately yours don't'. So that said, is there anything I can take, food wise or supplement wise that can speed up bone healing? The injured bones are ankle, radius, ulna and two wrist bones, if that makes any difference.

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are you partial to herbs, homeopathy, home remedies, chinese medicine etc?


What *I* would do is homeopathic symphytum (increases the activity of osteoblasts-is used where healing is delayed), calc phos cell salt (essential in the formation of bone tissue and boosts the action of the symphytum) and zheng gu shui (a bone setting linament that brings blood to the area and increases the rate of healing.)

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Thanks. I'm looking for something easy, actually, like something I can order online and take as a supplement. We are in survival mode just getting the kids looked after, meals made, and someone to bring me to Dr and physio appts, so I wouldn't be able to get myself to a homeopath, or anything like that. . .

Do you have links to the products you mentioned, in terms of where to get? Thx.
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if you search by google, all are widely available and pretty inexpensive (anywhere from $7-$12 per) 


for an situation like this things might go faster with a homeopath, but you don't really *need* one.

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Thx. Looked up the items, and cell salts and zgs widely available, but symphytum seems only available through a homeopath?
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try www.homeopathyworks.com - you should be able to get it there, if not, let me know.

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Comfrey root would be ideal for that. It's so effective you have to be careful to make sure the bone is together properly before you use it. It's other name is Knitbone, and really is great at speeding up the healing of bones. You can get it as a ticture or a tea.

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symphytum is comfrey.

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Thx. Because I want to start taking them right away, I called around to local hfs and found Hylands Cal Phosphate cell salts, and the symphytum, too which my dad will pick up and drop off to me tomorrow. I also checked with 1800 homeopathy to see if they deliver to Canada, and will get next dose from there if they do.

Thx so much!
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keep us updated!

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So I have been taking the calc phos cell salts and the symphytum for a few weeks and had new xrays today. While the fracture still has not grown together, the surgeon sees improvement, and hopes it will heal on its own over the next few months.

Since someone mentioned taking comfrey root as a tincture or tea, I'm wondering if these methods would work faster than homeopathic symphytum?

What about cartilage in the injured joints? Anythng that could prevent arthritis in these joints in the future? Thanks.
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hi there!  You'll get different responses depending who you're asking.  I would personally do a higher dose of symphytum as it seems what you're doing is helping...you just need it to help faster.  So I'd personally use a higher potency of symphytum and kick up the cell salts a bit only because I've never seen this not work.  It just needs to be customized.  Since you're not working with anyone you have to be a bit more conservative with your dosing, but you can still have great results.


I'd probably add calc fluor and mag phos at this point for cell salts too.

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Thanks. I'll look into higher dosages and the other cell salts.
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Just wanted to let you know that the ulna has finally healed according to the last xray. The new doctor was more nonchalant about it, saying my rate of healing was about typical. I'm grateful no other surgery is required. Thank you.
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