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Cedar Park Regional Medical Center experiences?

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I am newly pregnant with #2 and we are considering a homebirth.  My husband and I are both big time planners, so part of our thought process includes evaluating the "what if" options in case I risk out or need to transfer.  Cedar Park Regional is the closest hospital to our house so the location would be convenient.  However I know NOTHING about that hospital or its affiliated doctors.  Anyone have a natural birth there? Any OBs you would recommend?  Just trying to figure out what we are in for if we end up there.  Of course you can PM me with any less-than-glowing thoughts. 



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No direct experience, so all I can tell you is:

* They have nice labor & delivery rooms that even include a tub to labor in

* They have no NICU--just a Level II nursery.  That's worth considering, I think, because if you're only transferring there in the event of something going wrong, that could increase the chance of needing a NICU.  Level II nursery can stabilize your baby, but it would then be transferred to another hospital (without you) if NICU was necessary.

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Thanks for the info.  I didn't realize they had tubs.  I appreciate your point about the NICU.

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I'm a CP mama as well, and I had a wonderful homebirth last year. I'd be happy to recommend my midwife, if you're looking for one.  I have no experience with CPRMC, but I do have a friend who is a nurse at Round Rock Regional Medical Center, which is also not far away, depending on where in CP you live. My next door neighbor will be delivering at CP in February, so I'd be happy to share her experience after it happens. :)

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I delivered my 2nd child at CPRMC, and had a great experience.  The nurses were helpful, loved helping me figure out how to deliver naturally (I was a bit of a phenomenon, but that's besides the point), and my Dr. was great.  I am a patient of Dr. Meadows and would highly recommend her.  Her staff is great, her bedside manner is wonderful, and I feel like I'm visiting old friends at my appts.  My sister is delivering with a Dr. from ARC (another group of OB's that deliver at CP) and she has had a wonderful experience thus far.  I have met most of the Dr.'s as they have regular "Meet and Greets."  You could call ARC or Cedar Park Women's Center (Dr. Rush and Dr. Meadows) to find out the date of the next meet and greet.  There are several Dr.'s on rotation, most of whom have been recommended to me by patients of theirs (my friends), so it doesn't seem like you can go wrong!

The only reason why I'm not delivering there this time is b/c I really want a homebirth, but I am completely comfortable with the idea of using CPRMC as my back up plan if I were to need to go to the hospital.  

They don't delivery babies before 35 weeks, if I remember correctly, b/c of their nursery capabilities, but if you're delivering a full-term baby and need other assistance, they're a great resource to have close.

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I'm currently with Dr. Meadows, and one huge thing I have to say for her is that she said she and everyone she shares call with is okay with a variety of birthing positions.  Specifically, she said that the birthing beds accommodate upright squatting positions and she was fine with that or all fours if that's what I wanted.  She also didn't pressure me at all when I opted out of the prenatal screening tests even though I'm 35, and she's very comfortable working with a doula.  If you want details about my experience with her so far, feel free to PM.  I'm only 25 weeks, so I have yet to deliver with her, and I'm still hoping to avoid a hospital birth so I may never have a complete review.

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Thanks for all your replies.  We ended up losing our baby so it's no longer of urgent importance to me but I'm glad to have the info out here either way.  Hopefully it will be helpful to someone else in the area - I know there must be plenty of natural birthers hiding out here in the suburbs.

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I'm so sorry :(


And, yes, I know several within the 5 mile radius of Cedar Park Regional...

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I'm so sorry for your loss.  hug2.gif

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I'm very sorry for your loss.


I did want to post, in case someone else later was wondering the same thing and stumbled on this thread.


I delivered at CPRMC and it went very well. My OB, Dr. Monteiro was excellent. He was completely open to whatever I wanted to do. In fact, I had to be induced early due to a liver complication (totally justified and needed). When I found out I was being induced, I just tossed my birthing plan and hypnobirthing practice out the window. But at the birth, he was checking with the nurses to make sure I could have as "natural" a birth as I wanted, even though obviously it wasn't like I planned. 


I have one friend who said she wished she could have another baby, just so Dr. Monteiro could deliver it. :)


OTOH, I have several friends who have not had good experiences with Dr. Meadows. But, I also have a couple friends who still see her and like her.

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