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decluttering a fabric stash - motivate me!

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I have 3 tupperware tubs of fabric.  Some of it is nice, a lot of it was bought on clearance with projects in mind that I just haven't gotten to yet.  It's spilling out.  It's the only stuff in my house that doesn't have a "place."  I'm going to do a two week stash burn and sew like crazy... winter clothes for me, for my daughter.... and presents!  Probably baby carriers, baby blankets, and the like.


After that, I'll keep a few of the very nicest fabric.  Everything else... has to go.  On craigslist in a lot for a week on a really low price.  If no sale... to goodwill on the 30th.


I have a hard time cutting into fabric and starting a project, especially with the "nice" stuff, and especially stuff I bought without a specific project in mind.  From now on, all fabric purchases have to be for a planned project, and completed right away.... not stashing for the future.


Anyone else struggle with this problem?  Help me let go of this stuff!  Give me your tips!  Motivate me!  :)

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Good luck! I am probably not going to be much help... I have three totes filled with yarn (plus a large basket, plus the container with my WIPs...) and two totes and large shelf filled with fabric.


I think a stash busting time period is a good idea. I really should do something similar. I have decided that I can't buy anything new until I use up the old though... In my defense though, I inherited almost all of it from my Grandma's stash so at least I haven't spent a bunch of money on it!

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I have a problem with getting a fabric thinking it would be perfect for something then rethinking it when I get home. Its especially bad if I have to buy fabric online (my girls have very specific clothing tastes and I don't always find what they want where we are) and it isn't what I imagined it to be.. You know how sometimes pictures don't show the true colors. I have quite a bit of fabric built up, Im trying to use 99% of it before we move. I used a lot making journals for family members over the holidays.. Now I have a lot of baby stuff to make and a few things I want to do for my girls. Im also making fabric curlers since the plastic ones and my hair don't get along.. Before we move Im going to go through it all and see what I have left. If it isn't either a plain fabric(which I can use with a lot of different fabrics) or something I bought that I still plan to use on a specific project (like the curtain fabric I bought right before we found out we will probably be moving that I love but don't want to cut it to these windows and not have them fit the next house we are at) then Im getting rid of it. Either giving it away or selling it.. At least thats my plan. My husband doesn't help though, he loves to give me reasons to go get extra fabric and doesn't understand whats wrong with me having a larger stash to pick from when I want to sew something.

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I'm downsizing and just did this a few weeks ago.  I chose the quick and dirty method.  I sat down with a bag and went through and pulled any pieces of fabric that I didn't love.  LOVE.  threw it in the bag, closed it up and put it in my trunk.  Donated it without opening the bag again.  That was the only way to do it, just do it and don't look back.  good luck!

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Marimara, I may resort to that if the stash burn doesn't work out like I want it to.

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