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new here...told I have prominent bone in front

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I was told by my ob that I have a prominent bone up front, I have felt it myself and it kind of sticks out, he said maybe the babies head can go down towards my buttwink1.gif so he is fine with me going ahead with my VBAC although won't let me go past 41 weeks....


with my first he never descended was still floating and I had a c/s...this time around I really want a VBAC


anyway has anyone been told something similar? I can't seem to find anyone else like megreensad.gif that has gone on to have a vaginal birth...


Thanks for the support!!stillheart.gif

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I guess i must have a weirder shaped pelvis then i thought winky.gif lol

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I've had a client with a narrow pubic arch - more of an "android" shape or male shape than a "gynecoid" or female shaped pelvis.  Is that what you're referring to?  Both had vaginal births.  Engagement wasn't the issue - it was the pushing the baby down and out part that was longer than expected.  But it worked fine. 

I wouldn't expect a pubic arch issue to have caused an engagement issue.  I'm not surprised you had a c-section with a non-engaged baby.  If they won't come down, it's almost impossible to open the cervix and get the baby out - at least in a first baby. 


I've never used it, but some people rave about the pink kit for getting to know their pelvis and its strengths and weaknesses. 

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I was in a car accident 16 years ago and fractured my pelvis.  My first birth was intervention-filled and ended in a c-sec.  My doctor said that my car accident changed my pelvis shape and I would never be able to birth a baby vaginally.  I didn't believe him and attempted a VBAC in a hospital I thought was VBAC supportive but was just barely tolerant.  I labored all night and made no progress, so I gave in and had a RCS.  I kick myself every day for that. 

So, maybe my pelvis really has changed shape and can't birth babies, but I've never been given a supportive chance.  We want more children, but I don't want more c-sec.  We plan to get pregnant this summer, and I have already decided that I will be doing a homebirth.  I am a little scared because I am not sure I can do it, but I just can't voluntarily get up on the OR table and have my baby taken out when s/he is not ready. 

I've poured over the studies and kept looking for something that would make it a really easy decision, but it isn't out there.  VBAC is a safe option, VBA2C is slightly more risky, but not so much that it is not a safe option.  Uterine rupture that results in fetal/maternal injury is extremely rare, but if it happened to me, I'd be devastated.

There is a woman on this board that was also in a car accident and broke her tailbone and pelvis and she has had vaginal deliveries.  And all the women diagnosed with CPD and FTP that went on to have normal vaginal deliveries give me hope. 

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Thank you both for responding!!winky.gif


Jane: not sure it doesn't seem like I even fit the android description, the bone protrudes outward and I guess therefore creates less space but the bone sticks out its weird I guess...well the ob did say he had the cord wrapped around his body twice (loosely) so he said just maybe that may have been the cause...the midwife of the practice thinks maybe my pelvis is higher up is small????


I will look inot the pink kit! thanks!!


Jenniro: I have never been in an accident and as far as I know I don't think I I ever hurt my pelvis, so I think its just a genetic thing...my dr says a lot of Puerto ricans have my pelvic shape??

Your reasoning is the exact same reason that I don't want a c/s also of course that it is a major surgery...but we want lots of kids and I can't seem myself having one surgery after another...and I know I struggled with the same fears of hurting him...my first son had aspiration pneumonia due to inhaling the amniotic fluid b/c of the c/s so this is something else that also makes me want a vbac 9he was in the NICU for 2 weeks and it was scary)

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Thank you for the info! I will definetly be using that if this one doesn't move down but right now I am focused on doing exercises from spinnng babies to get him in the right position, so have to wait on that till then...he is facing my left side tring to get him facing my back preferably slightly to the right side. He just moved from the perfect birthing position grrrrrr
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