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Any ideas for a Spring Craft Show?

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I crochet- here are some stuffed animals I've made- http://crittercovers.blogspot.com/p/critters.html and if you go to the main page there's some diaper covers there too.  But I've been invited to sell some stuff at a craft show in the spring but I know I can't do large stuffed animals to sell- they take too long and I don't want to put all that time into it if I won't sell many- I've never done a show so I don't know how well I'd do... Any ideas?  Baby hats?  Small stuffed animals?  ANYTHING else?  I don't want to do something boring like potholders or doilies LOL

Any tips for craft shows?

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How about felted soaps? They're easy to make and you can easily make a variety of colors, scents, etc to appeal to a large group of people.

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Spring shows usually have 'garden theme' items in them. As well as stuff for Easter baskets and such. 

Also there are 2 price ranges, the under $20 that people usually dont think about buying and just say 'hey thats cute lets get it' and the over $50 or so that requires some thought, hemming and hawing etc and being a bit pushing on your side to get it sold.


Can you sew?  How about spring Garden Aprons? Mom/kid apron sets?


Craft show tips?  You need to look at the area you will be in.  In you are in the 'ghetto' you wont be selling much of the $$ stuff or much at all. If you are in a good location you can have a great weekend.  It all about location and timing honestly.

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I've never done a show. I have heard that it is wise to have several colors available of whatever you are making. Not sure that makes sense with animals, but I think people like to have options.

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I just did a craft show, and I wasn't sure what to make either.  So, I made 6 different things but only 3-4 of each.  That way, I could see what sells and adjust accordingly for my next craft fair.  The things that sold best for me were in the $3-$5 range.  I also didn't make anything that I wouldn't want to keep or give as a gift if it didn't sell.  So, what didn't sell for me at the craft fair will be holiday gifts for my dc's teachers.  Worked out well! 


Have fun and good luck!

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Hmmm... lots to think about... it's in a nice neighborhood so it will be upscale shoppers- but it's an evening show- something they are trying to promote only handmade items.  Interesting... Other thing is I was thinking about doing some easter theme stuff like bunny hats or little bunny stuffed toys or maybe chicks... but then I'm thinking it's at a synogogue/temple.  So... I'm wondering if it will be mostly Jewish people and in that case will that mean my easter stuff will flop?  Or is that just the venue?  I was invited by someone who saw my stuff online and heard of me through a customer.  But didn't say anything about it being Jewish - just told me the location at the end... So.... just wondering... :)

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I did craft shows for years as my kids were growing up and spring shows are a lot of garden things as someone else mentioned. The little crouchet creations are so cute! The one thing I find so hard to take are a lot of things in the larger shows are "made in china" stuff and hard to compete. Also prices are very low.

The best thing to do... is to go to a few shows before you decide what you might love to do to get some ideas. My pet peeve has always been the copy cats... Who take an idea and copy it right down to the where the twinkle in an eye is placed! (Believe me, I have had few) I make scarecrows and larger welcome porch dolls and mine were always cuter and better made just because I had made them for years and perfected them but if you can figure out something that is your "own" and own it... you will have less problems with duplicates at a show.

Then look at the show and see if people are buying! It's great if there are a lot of people there, but if they aren't buying then it is a waste of your time and money. Talk to other artists and try to get a feel if they are happy with their sales. If you talk to a lot that feel like it is a dud of a show and they have cute things... don't do that show! It's not rocket science!

I do only one show called Sugar Plum in OC CA and moved 4 hours from it and still do it from time to time. It is the one show that has proven to advertise well and have a good following of loyal customers that wrap around the building prior to opening... and that is the kind of show you want! My daughter and I recently did their show after years of not doing it and we were there opening day and saw all the things going through. It was a Halloween show and definitely mainly Halloween things went through! Believe me, we took note for next time. We had very little Halloween and it was my fault for not doing my homework!

The trick is to communicate and don't do a show you know little about! Hope that helps!

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