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Gift Ideas for Boys

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My three boys are ages 9, 6 and 3. We have done a lot of decluttering over the past year and now have our toys down to a manageable level. We've got trains, Hot Wheels stuff, lots of legos, wooden building blocks, action figures, a Wii, some board games, puzzles and of course books. 


I do not want any more stuff, and to be honest, my kids don't either! We bought them a few gifts, but we have a large family who all want to buys them gifts as well. They do not want to just give money. I don't think they will be willing to give movie tickets, etc. either. They want big, shiny wrapped packages that everybody can watch the kids open (we have the only grandchildren in the family, so it's fun for all the relatives). 


What are some good gift ideas? We prefer small items (we have a small house/play area). We would also prefer items that all three boys can play with together.


Thanks for sharing!


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not sure if they have money to spend.....


xbox kinec- all 3 can play and the other relatives can give games


Mario cart for Wii w/ the 3 steering wheels or other Wii games w/ unique controllers


flip video-they can make their own movies. get a tripod and they can all be in it. 


karaoke machine-fun for all ages and you could have fun too!




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Subbing!  Need ideas too...

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Do you have a yard?


a trampoline


air pogo stick (awesome!!!)


basketball net


tether ball/volleyball set


croquet or bocci set


tent for camping in the yard

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They do tend to spend quite a bit of money. Unfortunately, my kids already have (and totally LOVE) Mario Kart and the steering wheels. They are also getting digital cameras - well, the older two are.


Yard toys are a good idea, but I'd rather they get something they can use indoors since it's winter here. I wish we had a big, finished basement so we could use outside toys inside during the cold weather...


I think my kids really do have everything!


I was looking at Magnatiles and Magformers. I've heard a lot of good stuff about Magnatiles, but from the descriptions I've read, it seems Magformers might be better for my kids. Does anyone have these and care to comment on them? Thanks!

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My boys are 4.5 y.o. and 6.5 y.o., and they spend a large part of their days building. They LOVE Magna Tiles. They are pricey, but so worth it; just be sure to get the larger set so there are enough to share. My boys like Kapla planks, too. And if your boys are really into building, how about a K'NEX coaster? 

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An indoor swiming pool??  winky.gif


Magnatiles are awesome!!

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Thanks for all  the good ideas! My older two would love knex, but the 3-year-old would knock them down! I will look into the Magnatiles again... Oh, and the indoor swimming pool would be PERFECT! Then all the other relatives could buy them flippers, rafts, snorkels, etc.!

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