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I am here but here is whats going on...

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Hey everyone!

I have had a crazy past week! We weren't trying just yet for baby #2 but we weren't preventing. It all started when I had a light af that was very unsuall from November 22-24. Afterward I continued a very light brown spotting occasional and had some other unusual symptoms. I had some internet strip tests and I decided to just take one to rule it out. And BAM second line right away.. very very faint but there.

I took many more tests and even some first response and all came back lwith the same light line. This was a week after the unusual "af". So I was scared and went into the walk in clinic. Their office test came back negative but doctor ordered blood work. The blood test came back positive and he sent the same blood for beta. The next day he called and said beta was 17 and prepared us for the worst. That we had lost the baby or it was a tubal. So I immediately went in for another beta. They called that night to say "Good news its 29!!" and said that they think its just really early and that its alright. Which was crazy after crying all day and thinking that we had lost our baby.What a rollercoaster!!  I go in tomorrow for another beta and go in to see my pcp.  I am really nervous and I can't get excited about this pregnancy. I know that since the numbers are doubling that is a good sign but they seem low. greensad.gif I go from one minute excited and hopeful to completely heartbroken the next.


I have no idea when I ovulated and they are assuming the bleeding was implantation. The last af before that was october 25th. I have only had 3 cycles pp and I am breastfeeding my 15 month old.
I take a test everyday and the lines although are a tad darker than the intial tests are still not the beautiful dark ones I would expect by now. The only symptoms I have are fatigue (and that could be from going off caffiene) and maybe a tiny bit of food adversions.


Anyone have any thoughts, advice, stories with similar situations? I am a ocd google addict and everything on low numbers is discouraging. TIA!

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No advice just wanted to say what a very difficult situation to be in and that I hope you get good news tomorrow.

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Praying for good news.  Something I tell myself everyday is "Today you are pregnant- enjoy being pregnant today."   Hard to not worry for sure, but you don't want a first trimester of pure anxienty and nervousness.  This baby needs to feel your love and light.

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I wish you the best of luck!  So sorry you've been through so much.  As PJs said, enjoy being pregnant today, and take it one day at a time.  :)

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hug2.gif IME the change in how dark the lines on hpts are is so gradual that it really helps to only do one every other day.  Or compare the ones from every other day.  wink1.gif  Hopefully your beta tomorrow will be great and you'll be able to relax!

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Thanks everyone for the support  grouphug.gif

I have to wait now for them to call with results tomorrow.

I am trying to just relax and I realize that there is really nothing I can do. It will be what it will.

I am hoping that they say that its 117 or higher...


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fingers crossed for happy news.  let us know!

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Did you hear from them? *Big hugs*

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They finally just called and the number is only at 71. They want me to come for another beta on monday and then I see the doctor on tuesday. I know this is not good, I know that this most likely means the worst and I am completely heartbroken and crushed. gloomy.gif

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So very sorry to hear this, mama, take care of your broken heart.

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I'm so so sorry.  

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Thank you everyone. you all are so sweet grouphug.gif  I just hope that this will all be over soon so I can finally grieve and heal. Its the waiting that makes it so much harder... guilty.gif


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I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll be thinking of you.

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I miscarried this month- it is a pain that no one should ever feel.  I'll be thinking of you and wishing the best!

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I'm so sorry.  I hope you have good news or at least a definitive answer soon.  It must be torture not knowing for sure, but holding out hope.  I'm sorry. 



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Yesturday I suddenly started having severe cramping and we went immediately to the emergency room, after being there for around 15 minutes I started to bleed. We are pretty certain that its over. I just go for more bloodwork now to watch the levels drop. Thank you all for being so great, I hope you all have a happy & healthy 9 months! As for me, I guess I must be removed from this DDC. guilty.gif

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I'm really sorry, Mandee. 

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