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Same Sex Twins - Do you dress them the same / Will you dress them the same?

Poll Results: Do you / Will you dress your twins in the same outfits?

  • 57% (22)
    Yes, Only occasionally though
  • 15% (6)
    Yes, all the time, But mine are identical though!
  • 2% (1)
    I haven't really thought about it....
  • 23% (9)
    No, Never - I believe they should both have different personalities from birth
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I know as they get older they can decide this for themselves, but in the meantime, whilst they're small and cute ... will you / do you dress them in the same clothes?

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I did dress my boys the same a few times when they were babies as we got some "twin sets" as gifts. It was cute and my twins were fraternal and very different. As I purchased clothes though I preferred to purchase things that went together but didn't match for pictures especially. So maybe the same shirt in different colors for example. This worked well with my two because they were so different. I sold those early (to about two years) clothes on ebay and it seemed lots of twin moms liked the idea as my sets sold well. For day to day we wore whatever and didn't coordinate.


My kids are now 6 (almost 7) and have never cared whether or not they match in any way (often for convenience they've had the same coats or hats for example). Maybe because they are boys they don't pay much attention to that sort of thing! If my twins wanted to dress alike I wouldn't care.


It does amaze me that my brown hair, brown eye child who outweighs his brother by 10 pounds and is about an inch taller can be with his blond hair/blue eyed and very different in every way brother dressed entirely different head to toe and people still stop us to ask if they are twins. This is often those who are twins or have twins themselves it seems. I think it's interesting..my kids to me seem so much more like just plain old brothers than twins though of course the twin dynamic (and always "having each other" from the start) is still beautiful to me. Ok, sorry, off topic to your poll!


I didn't know how to vote because after that initial newborn age I don't recall dressing them identically but I did some early on and we did coordinate outfits for pictures for some time after that (I mean he wears Tigger and he wears Pooh kind of coordination rather than just making sure color doesn't clash like I do now) so I voted occasionally.

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2 of my triplets are girls and I've bought a couple of matching things and received a bunch from several friends who have twin girls. I think its completely adorable to dress them matching sometimes when they're little or my preference of coordinating but not exactly matching. Its something I won't do all the time but just occasionally for fun. Once they get old enough to have a say, whatever they want to do is fine with me. My 2 and 4 yo boys love to dress alike, especially for church or they'll want to wear the same color shirts, etc.



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I once dressed the triplets in outfits with tops of the same colour and bottoms of the same colour to see how I felt about it and I hated it.


We were never given truly matching outfits because people knew how I felt about that. 


Now that they are older, though, I sometimes buy the same shirt for the boys if I find a shirt I know will be popular and there aren't two similar shirts.  But, they don't like the same sttyles of trousers, so even if their tops match, they never match tops and bottoms.

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Depends on what you mean by "the same".  I often bought two of the same shirt, but different colors.  Pants, sure, identical is fine.  And we have a ton of coordinating gift outfits.  Since my boys were MZ I specifically asked that they not be identical color outfits.  Though when they were newborns they didn't wear the same size anyway due to TTTS.  I did not allow them to dress alike for preschool or kindy.  I don't allow them to dress alike until their teachers/classmates can tell them apart--which since they are in a choice program with the same kids every year isn't too long.  When they were younger they didn't care about clothing anyway.  Now they actually prefer to dress similarly, and their teacher and of course the other kids can tell them apart easily (they've very differenet facial expressions and personalities) but it has caused some difficulties when a sub is at school.  :)  Whenever we went on a crowded outing (zoo, event, ect.) when they were 3 and under I had the boys wear the same bright obnoxious multicolor tie dyed shirt (and their singleton older sister had the same pattern/colors on her tie dyed dress).  I had a friend do those for me as a set--but it was more to instantly find them in the crowd.  :)

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My boys are fraternal, but they have same face (different features) and when they were little they looked very similar. I always prefered same outfit different color, in fact, at birth each child was assigned a breast and colors (R was always blue/purple and D was always green/yellow) and it seemed to work out. When family wanted to buy clothes they knew that we dressed them in different colors so they always bought those sorts of outfits for us. They are very different personality wise and we do have some things the same, and even now it's convenient to buy two of the same shirt but I try not to dress them in the same shirt on the same day. They are 3 and couldn't care less what they wear. Yet.

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My boys have very different colouring - one has dark/olive skin with dark brown hair and brown eyes while the other has pale skin with blond hair and hazel eyes.  Early on I decided they would each have their own clothes.  Holden wears browns/greens/black/earth tones while Adam wears blue/grey/cool colours.  Some of their clothes coordinate (same shirt/pants, different colours) but many do not.  They look soooo darned cute in coordinating outfits, but I don't often find the 'same shirt, different colours' at the stores we shop at for whatever reason.


As they get older we'll likely follow their lead.  With DS1 all my clothing plans went out the window when he decided early on (age 2) that he wanted a say in what he wore ;).

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Likewise, I tend to dress them in a similar "theme" -- clothes from the same brand / similar colors, but not exactly the same. Occasionally I will do an identical outfit if I have a set (MIL gave us several) or if it is just too adorable and I can't resist. It makes it easier for showing them to other people: A is in orange and V is in blue, for example. This helped me the first few days when I brought them home too -- it took me about five days to learn who was who!
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We have a lot of hand-me-downs, so not much matching.  I suspect for special occasions I might occasionally buy something matching.  But, we're waiting until birth to discover gender, so they may not be the same sex.

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We've purchased matching "first outfits" for the boys.  Besides that and the occasional photo op I wouldn't dress them the same in day to day life.

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I have MZ boys and I dressed them alike almost all the time until they were about 2 or 3yo, when they started dressing themselves. I thought (still think!) it's so cute to see twins dressed alike and I knew that I only had a certain window before they'd make all their own clothing decisions.


Now that they're older, I'll buy pants in pairs, but I buy shirts in singles and they typically divide them up themselves. Each boy has a favorite color, and he will usually "claim" that color shirt, or at least will wear it often enough that I consider it "his" shirt and if I see his brother wearing it, I'll ask why he's wearing his brother's shirt.

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I have 3 1/2 year old identical girls and for the first year and a half or so we dressed them the same pretty frequently, we were given ALOT of stuff as gifts and from another twin mom who's girls were just ahead of us a year, same season... But now it's very rare for them to be dressed alike, or even coordinating because they choose what they want to wear.  I also began wondering how people not being able to tell them apart would impact them as individuals.  Dressed differently, if we are around people who wouldn't typically be able to tell them apart, they can at least note the outfit, or hairstyle and tell from there who's who - for that day anyway.

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I dress them alike for my sanity these last few months... they are almost 3.5yr and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT over anything not exactly the same.  They do have a lot of outfits not matching (some coordinating) that they wear when they civily decide together who wears what.  But the few identical outfits are what they choose to wear all.the.time.  I prefer them not dressed alike because it makes it much easier to tell them apart from across the room.

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We dress in coordinating outfits, but not identical typically.

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When they were babies, never (with the exception of outerwear; it was always much easier to but 2 of the same coats, etc, for some reason).  Now that they are older (5) and expressing opinions they often want the same thing or at least the same thing in different colors.  They mostly tend not to wear the same clothes at the same time but every now and then they do.

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I didn't want to and never planned too.  But as they got older they wanted to dress alike and still do for now.

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Although my boys are rarely ever dressed the same I have to say it is more out of necessity than preference.  I have 2 older sons so plenty of hand me downs and I really didn't see any point in buying much new with so much already at home.  If I had to buy everything from scratch I think they would have ended up with a lot more matching clothes than what they currently have.

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I am expecting identicals.  I don't plan on ever dressing them alike.  I buy all my kids' clothes at consignment sales so the chances of things being matching are pretty slim.  With the way this pregnancy is timed, I also won't be able to hit up one of the Moms of Multiples consignment sales until the fall.  When the twins are older, I will happily let them dress alike if that is what they want.  Until then  I think it will just be easier to grab whatever two onsies happen to be at the top of their drawer. 


That said, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if my post-partum hormones cause me to have a complete meltdown and insist that they are constantly dressed alike.  I don't think it is cute now, but when I have my newborns in my arms I might. 

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That said, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if my post-partum hormones cause me to have a complete meltdown and insist that they are constantly dressed alike.  I don't think it is cute now, but when I have my newborns in my arms I might. 

LOVE this! :)

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We found out pretty early on that we were having frats so I didn't think of dressing the same.  However, we had been given gifts of same outfits so they were dressed the same on a few occasions.  I, myself, have gotten a few outfits that are the same cause it was so cute! 


Now they are older, I will buy the same style shirt, just different colors.  Once in a great while, I will buy 2 of the same shirt cause I like it. 

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