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Same Sex Twins - Do you dress them the same / Will you dress them the same? - Page 2

Poll Results: Do you / Will you dress your twins in the same outfits?

  • 57% (22)
    Yes, Only occasionally though
  • 15% (6)
    Yes, all the time, But mine are identical though!
  • 2% (1)
    I haven't really thought about it....
  • 23% (9)
    No, Never - I believe they should both have different personalities from birth
38 Total Votes  
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my boys are identical and we almost always dress them alike.  once they are old enough to pick out their own clothes, my plan is to still by 2 of everything, but let them decide what they want to wear.  so they can dress alike if they want.  of course, if they end up with really different styles, i might not buy 2 of everything.  so i guess we'll see how it goes.  right now, at 15 months, they don't care about their clothes, so i still get to dress them alike.  it is SO cute:)

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Originally Posted by nwatt View Post

  I buy all my kids' clothes at consignment sales so the chances of things being matching are pretty slim.

Not true!  I have a friend with ten children, the first seven are boys.  They are almost exclusively a garage sale family, and it's amazing that they often have several boys wearing the same shirt (in different sizes of course).

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I didn't plan on dressing my girls alike but I LOVE doing it! I have sought out matches for clothes we've picked up at yard sales, and the clothes that don't match don't get worn a lot... unless it's a sleeper. I hope to outgrow this stage though because we have a ton of hand me downs that are being ignored and that bugs me!


We think our girls are fraternal, but aren't 100% sure. Some days they couldn't look more alike, others they couldn't look more different!

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My boys are identical and I dress them alike. I have no problem  dressing them differently but my preference is to dress them alike...Lucky for me I got an EPIC amount of hand me downs from a fellow matching Twin Mama!  When they are old enough to voice an opinion about it (and I finally run out of hand me downs yikes2.gif) I will let them do as they please. But I'm all about cute matchy matchy now...nod.gif

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i voted "all the time!" but mine aren't identical. not even close. i usually have coordinating outfits (same outfit but different colors or patterns) on them. or at least the same style - both in overalls, both in t-shirts and jeans, both in rompers etc. i plan to do it until they have a problem with it.


i actually LOVE dressing all 4 kids matchy/coordinating, but it's unrealistic for everyday. i dressed jet and marvel matchy before i even had twins.

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I voted "yes all the time" because I generally do select their outfits (from the laundry or their shelves) in sets, but they are rarely the same clothes.  I have a few items that are two of the same (same outfit, same color & print), but the vast majority of their clothes are matching items in different colors.  Or a solid option, and a stripe option.  Or stripes for both, but different color combos.  Sometimes they aren't even the same outfits, but similar.  I bought some used Hanna Andersson clothes from a mom who didn't have twins, but who bought up lots of clothes for her boys, and there were plenty of twinny options.  Like two sweater vests, not matching or the same (these weren't both HA), but basically similar color tones.  I combine them with khakis (identical, lol) and turtleneck shirts that are pale green and pale yellow (and coordinate with the two vests.)  They end up "dressed alike" even though it's easy to tell the outfits apart.


I have lots of the "same" romper but in different colors, and the same with striped shirts.  Actually, a lot of my "twin clothes" are hand-me-downs from my older daughter.....I tended to dress her in gender-neutral stuff as a toddler (as a preschooler, she wanted more dresses) and I often got the same shirts in different color combos, that she would wear one at a time, but her little brothers are able to wear together. 


Yesterday, twin A was wearing a long-sleeved boxy tee with gray and French blue stripes, and French blue sweat pants.  His twin was wearing a long-sleeved boxy tee with navy and green stripes and green sweat pants.


There are times when they want different outfits and they exert a strong preference on what they wear, in general (they are almost 2 1/2), but most options do HAVE an outfit that goes along with them to make a "set," whether or not they end up wearing them together.  I will say that in general, as long as they like the outfits and haven't gotten their hearts set on something else they saw in the laundry basket, they accept the fact of the options I hold up, and confine themselves to deciding which COLOR one or the other will wear.  So lately, that's the way their strong preferences are showing, rather than rejecting the choices outright.  When that (rejection) happens, they can just pick something else, and if the other twin is interested they can match THAT choice.  lol


I do tend to think in terms of matches or sets, though I gave up being "wedded" to the idea well before they turned two (they were showing strong preferences and I saw no reason to have battles about this.)  I got really loose about it, and they seemed fine with focusing just on whether or not they want to wear something, not on resisting by default.


So they end up coordinating way more than I'd assumed they would.  (Sometimes their "matches" are almost unrelated....like there's one pair of fall colored checked corduroy overalls that one boy loves.  I put it on him with a mango colored turtleneck.  His brother usually wears some sort of unmatched unrelated overalls--this week it was tan overalls, with a brightly colored farm print shirt.  So.....it DID match in theory because the choices were related, but the "connection" was VERY loose!)

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