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First Time Moms-To-Be Club

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This is a place for talking about the new experiences we're having during our pregnancy. To share all the goods and bads of the next 9 months and beyond!

The First Time Moms-To-Be Club

Joanna in PA: EDD 7/1/2011
rostmonkey: EDD 7/2/2011
ebegreen: EDD 7/5/2011
SaraJaneM: EDD 7/5/2011
Mama Metis: EDD 7/6/2011
PinkPostIt: EDD 7/7/2011
susankbj: EDD 7/8/2011
CLH_X3: EDD 7/11/2011
Katie8681: EDD 7/11/2011
KrisInDenmark: EDD: 7/11/2011
matte: EDD 7/11/2011
mamasmith: EDD 7/15/2011
mugglesmom: EDD: mid - July
mrsbernstein: EDD 7/17/2011
boater: EDD 7/19/2011
Maiiven: EDD 7/26/2011
LivingSky: EDD 7/26/2011
AmyDSG: EDD 7/27/2011
HawaiinBlesing: EDD 7/28/2011
opus: EDD 7/28/2011
narleegates: EDD 7/29/2011
yell: EDD 7/30/2011
meander: EDD 7/31/2011

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Mama Metis: Yep, that was the problem I was having too. It wasn't that I couldn't fit my clothes, they were just so darned uncomfortable around the waist. I got clothes from Motherhood Maternity and the pants don't look or feel like maternity clothes. They're great! I got a pair of jeans and two pairs of dress pants, so that should get me through for quite a while. When I'm home on the farm I can wear yoga pants, I just needed something to wear out!

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I'm a first-timer!  EDD 7/17/11  :-)


So far, I haven't gained an ounce...and even though all my jeans still "fit", when I'm sitting in the car, they are REALLY uncomfortalbe!  And last night at a restaraunt...I actually unbuttoned them!



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I think it's not really weight gain yet, just bloating. I feel kind of like I normally would feel right before AF arrives - bloated and uncomfortable, but not really any heavier. But I figure it's better to give the baby lots of room to grow! Wouldn't want to cramp it in at all :) :)


WELCOME mrsbernstein! You've been added to the list! I saw in the other thread that you've been TTC for a while. I'm so glad you're here with us now! TTC is such a difficult journey, especially when it takes longer than we want or expect it to.


Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months, and bouncing babies in July!

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Hello new mamas!  What a wonderful journey we are beginning!  My EDD is 7/27/11.


We met with our midwife today and both DH and I left on cloud 9.  And last Friday we heard and saw the heartbeat.  heartbeat.gif


I'm still trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I'm already in love with the little blob!   I have watched the video over and over!


I've been having lots of anxiety dreams but my midwife says that's good as my body is getting rid of the worry some how!


How is everyone else feeling?

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Can I be added?


EDD 11/07/2011




Congrats everyone energy.gif


I dont really feel much diff, not put on any weight so all good! jumpers.gif

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Welcome AmyDSG and CLH_X3! Glad to have you with us!!


Amy, I'm with you on getting your hopes up. I decided right away that I was NOT going to treat the pregnancy as if something bad is going to happen! I'm going to enjoy every minute of pregnancy and I'm going to assume that everything will go smoothly :) Why worry? If something is going to go wrong, I can't change that. I know it's easier said than done, but that's my philosophy smile.gif

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Hi guys....can I join too? My new EDD is 7/31/11.

I was feeling awfully wary after 2 losses this year, but I saw a little beating heart today, so I've made up my mind to finally, really embrace this pregnancy. I'm not out of the woods risk-wise, but the odds just got a little bit better. So, here I am. :)

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Of course meander! You've been added :)


So, I'm quite jealous of all the ladies whose doctors actually do these early ultrasound things. My doctor has no interest in doing an ultrasound until we do the genetic screening at 12 weeks. Today she poked at my uterus a bit (ouch!) and said it's a good shape and size for how far along I am, but that's not the same as actually getting to SEE something! She did order a bunch of blood tests, for which I swear they took 8 vials of blood. I thought they were going to drain me dry!


Anyway, I also met with one of the midwives I'll be using today for the first time. I filled out a bunch of paperwork and asked a lot of questions. There's 5 midwives in the practice and I don't know yet which one will be my primary midwife, so I guess I'll find that out in a week or two when I meet up with them again. I'm excited!


How is everyone else doing?

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LivingSky, I only got the series of early ultrasounds because I had an episode of bright red bleeding that they worried could signal an ectopic...and I'm still diagnosed with 'threatened abortion' because of that. That means my insurance will cover all these scans when they wouldn't ordinarily--maybe one for dating purposes, but no more than that without 'reason'. I'm also on Prometrium which can mask a miscarriage, so that's always a worry.

On the other hand, I haven't had ANY physical examinations or bloodwork yet, other than an initial beta series. They'll do some of that next week, I think? I keep wondering if my uterus and cervix are behaving normally because they feel odd to me, but nobody wants to look--I'm sure I will have more than enough poking and prodding soon enough, though!


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Hi hopeful mamas!  


I only had an ultrasound because our little one was conceived through an IUI and the Dr. does them EVERY month to check on things.  That's way too much if you ask me, but I wanted that first one for some reassurance.  We have since switched to a midwife and don't have another US planned until 20 weeks.


I have been exhausted already and SO unmotivated to do work.  I just want to think about baby all the time!joy.gif

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AmyDSG: I've been completely exhausted too! Especially if I'm home by myself while DH is at work. I manage to stay awake for an hour or two at a time and then I crawl back in to bed! It's awful! I feel so lazy but all my body wants is sleep. Except for the nights that it wakes me up at 2:30am and won' let me go back to sleep. angry.gif


narleegates: Welcome! You've been added!


So, I found out that I have a UTI. Blech. No symptoms at all so I hadn't even noticed, but my doctor wants to treat it agressively with antibiotics. Double blech! I'm taking them though because I'm afraid of a kidney infection causing even more problems for the baby. But I know that down the road, any tiny thing that goes wrong with the baby (even like it getting a cold!) I'll blame myself for taking the antibioics.


Other than that, I go for my prenatal PAP tomorrow - ugg! Well hopefully it all gets better from here :)


How are you ladies feeling these days?

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LivingSky, so sorry about the UTI! As much as it sucks, you're totally right to take the antibiotics, UTIs are definitely not something you want to mess with during pregnancy. I am worried about UTIs myself. I'm prone to them anyway and I know pregnancy makes you even more susceptible. I have to remember to drink water! I've been taking cranberry pills for the past few days - hopefully that will help.


I have my first ultrasound on Friday for the genetic screen. Hopefully they'll give me a picture of the blob to take home. :) The only other ultrasound I am planning on is the 20 week anatomy scan, just to check on the bean - not planning on finding out the gender.


Sorry in advance if this is TMI, but I have discovered that I can feel my uterus when we DTD. Crazy! It's the first real outward sign of pregnancy I've noticed besides uncomfortable jeans. ROTFLMAO.gif


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Living Sky....what a bummer about the UTI they are so not fun.  Not a whole lot changing here.  Still no morning sickness (knocking on wood).  I'm feeling all kinds of bloated too but just creeping up into a bigger size pant.  Had a dating u/s today and got to see the little bean with the nice beating heart--it was so reassuring.  I was starting to believe that I wasn't pregnant.  My only symptoms have been mild fatigue, bigger boobs, and a really short fuse.


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Oh I'm so jealous you ladies get to see the heartbeat! LOL I'm thinking in hindsight I should have told my doctor I didn't know how far along I was an told her we needed a dating ultrasound :D Our genetic screening ultrasound is January 10th. It seems like forever away!


UTI: In some ways I wish I was actually having symptoms of the UTI. It would make me feel a bit better about the antibiotics, if that makes any sense. Of course if I had symptoms, I'd be tempted to self treat with cranberry pills and juice and see if the symptoms went away. With no symptoms I pretty much have to take the meds or I'll never know if I actually got rid of it. *pout*


HawaiianBlesing: No real morning sickness here either yet. But, the last little bit I've had an odd, not-quite-nauseous-but-almost-thee feeling, just hovering below the surface. Not enough to say "I feel sick" but kind of like my body is thinking about being sick. It's wierd and a bit hard to describe. I do start feeling truly nauseous if I go too long without eating. And the food cravings have started. I texted DH the other day and made him bring me home a jar of pickles and ate the whole jar redface.gif

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Just checking in with you ladies!


How are things going? Crazy food cravings? Morning sickness? Any upcoming doctor/OB/MW appointments?

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We got to see the babe on ultrasound last week (genetic scan). It was really exciting, and I do feel like it helped us bond with him/her. He/she looked like a real baby and moved a lot, hiccupped, etc. Everything looked great. I have my second mw apppoinment later this week. I am going to ask all my homebirth-related questions, since we are strongly leaning toward a homebirth right now. I will be 12 weeks later this week! We haven't told people yet, so I'm really excited to do that.


Have a great week everyone!

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you can take me off the list I lost my babe yesterday.

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I'm so so sorry, Tank. Wishing you peace.

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hi all, i'm back after finishing an insanely busy semester and getting thru xmas with a nasty head-cold AND mega-nausea!  nice to see what everyone's been up to, and so sad about tank. 


last week when i hit 12 weeks exactly, we saw the little creature on ultrasound, and it's got all its parts.  it was moving around like crazy-- so amazing!!  i'm creeping into the second trimester, thank g*d!  i have been nauseous EVERY SINGLE DAY (and night) for nearly 2 months and i am SOOO looking forward to having a real appetite and not feeling like i have the flu all the time.  i'm busting out of all my pants-- got a pair of heidi klum leggings for $20 at motherhood mat. and i wear them almost every day--i think i might need to buy a couple more but i'm trying to resist all the crazy consumerism that goes along with north american pregnancy!!  anyone workin' a bella band yet?  i think i want to get one, but the problem with me is i'm one of those old punk rockers whose jeans are all "skinny" so i'm not sure it'll help me much as the hips and thighs expand with the belly... i'm thinking about "jeggings," but the word scares me!  my fashion sensibilities might move from punk slightly toward hippie during pregnancy and early motherhood!  comfort first!! treehugger.gif


re: cravings, it's mostly total AVERSIONS for me.  i'm dreaming of eating a cheeseburger as soon as i get an appetite (and i'm mostly vegetarian, but i have not had animal protein in months and i feel the craving!)  for now, i eat a ton of apples, potatoes, carrots, bagels, hummus, pickles, grapes, and oranges... oh and plain cheese pizza.  but mostly just apples.  lots of apples.  i'm thinking with my fancy vitamins i'm going to be OK.  had my first big salad last week and it was delicious, but when i recreated it the next day i could barely stomach it!  salad is my favorite!  i miss greens more than almost anything else!!


had first incident of majorly unwanted advice from mother-in-law (who is lovely but SO pushy) who insists on an OB hospital birth which enrages me.  mostly because she insisted about 100x in a 2-day period.  i'm trying to come up with creative and respectful ways to say I DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS.  my home birth pals warned me not to talk about it with people but SHEESH.  i'm actually thinking i'm going to shoot for a birthing center in a hospital w a midwife -- the same place featured on the movie business of being born!  my regular OB is great but she's part of the columbia univ. system which has highest c-section rate in NY and they don't have midwives... no thank you!  and i live in student housing which strictly forbids home births.  i'd ignore the rule except i used to work in the housing office!  my mom had 2 (unnecessary, i believe) c-sections in the 70s and i'm just paranoid they're gonna try and cut me because i'm 36 and have fibromyalgia. but for those reasons i think i'd also be more comfortable in a birthing center in a hospital just in case i need anything... else.  over winter break i'm going to read all the ina mae gaskin i can, do prenatal yoga, and swim!  i really want a healthy, natural pregnancy and birth, and i pray that i won't need any major interventions!!


woo, sorry, that was long, i just haven't been on here in forever.  wishing everyone a lovely new year!! stillheart.gif

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